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Baby Clothing Stores Online: How to Start

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Baby Clothing Stores Online: How to Start


  1. Business Relevance
  2. Market and Competitor Assessment
  3. Target Audience Analysis
  4. Range of Products
  5. Choose the Type of Baby Clothing Shop Online
  6. Business Plan for Baby Clothing Store
  7. Financial Calculations
  8. How to Start a Baby Clothing Line?
  9. How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Baby Boutique
  10. Instructions for Opening an Online Store
  11. Website Creation
  12. Baby Clothing Online - Case Study
  13. Create Custom Boutique for Children Clothing with Minimal Cost

How to start a successful online children's clothing store? Opening baby clothing stores online does not start with the purchase of the first batch of products or with the first order. This should be preceded by a thorough analysis of the business niche.

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Business Relevance

The birth rate may be slightly declining in recent years, but still, more than a million babies are born every year. And these are only newborns - there are still babies, preschoolers, schoolchildren, and teenagers. Their parents can be the target audience of your baby clothing online store.

Baby Clothing Stores Online
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It is also useful to study statistics for your own and neighboring regions. You can run an online business within your location before venturing out to nearby regions.

Market and Competitor Assessment

To assess the potential market for selling children's clothing through the internet, you can start by simply entering "baby clothing shop online" in Google and studying the search results. Then repeat the same operation for your region. The direct competitors of your future shop online baby clothing will be the websites included in the TOP-10 search results for key queries.

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It is important to collect results for individual product segments, for example, "baby products", "baby outerwear", etc.

Take the time to study the top online baby clothing stores and the useful features they implement in their websites.

Target Audience Analysis

The target audience of an online children clothing store is moms. This demographic has the following features:

Don't be limited only to the characteristics of "mother" - create the most detailed portrait you can come up with. For example:

One baby clothing online shop can have several target audience groups. It is important to write out a similar description for each of them to better envision what product categories they are interested in and what type of advertising will work for them.

Range of Products

The success of a business is highly dependent on the range of its products. Every group of products is offered by a huge number of suppliers, and it often turns out quite hard to find the most suitable ones among them.

Stores can choose one of the following strategies:

The first case requires fewer expenses, it is easier to set up advertising campaigns, but such an online baby clothing shop is highly dependent on seasonality and other factors (for example, the demand for school uniforms will be predictably minimal in winter and reach its peak by August). The second strategy makes the shop baby clothing online less dependent on such factors but requires high costs for advertising, your own warehouse, staff, etc.

baby clothes online shop
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In a broad sense, the range of a children and baby clothing store online can be divided by age groups:

Choose the Type of Baby Clothing Shop Online

An online store of clothing implies choosing between two business schemes:

Both have their benefits and risks. In any case, an online store owner should choose a supplier thoughtfully. Mothers cannot wait long too long for shipping - the child will simply grow out of the purchased clothes.

Business Plan for Baby Clothing Store

Besides the fact that you may need to find an investor, it is also extremely necessary to draw up a plan for yourself, even if you invest your own funds in the opening of the store.

An online store baby clothes business plan must include:

Financial Calculations

This is the heart of any business, and a shop online baby clothing is no exception. When drawing up a financial plan, it is important to include the following points.

Initial Investment

The initial investment is relatively small for a baby clothing store online. This includes:

If you plan to open an online store with a wide range of product groups, you need to immediately include warehouse rent and staff recruitment. In this case, the costs will be higher.

Running Costs

This is the amount needed to maintain your online children's clothing store on a monthly basis, including:

Income from the Sale of Children's Clothing

To become the best online store for baby clothes, you need to set an optimal margin for various categories of products:

How to create Business Plan for Baby Clothing Store
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It is also important to consider the months of peak demand and decline. On average, it is quite possible for a small baby clothing online shop to reach a monthly income of $2500 or more within three to five months.

Profit Calculation

The profit of an online store is difficult to calculate in advance since this figure depends on the business turnover. However, this market can be defined as growing, since the number of parents who don't want to spend time on constant shopping trips, but still dress their child comfortably, efficiently, and stylishly is growing every day. And although new online stores of baby clothes are also constantly opening, the demand is not yet fully satisfied.

Profitability and Payback Period

Depending on the characteristics of the product range and the target audience, the payback period for an online shop of baby clothing is six months to one and a half years on average. It depends on the quality and relevance of the products, website, and advertising, favorable terms of purchase, and, of course, your reputation.



How to Start a Baby Clothing Line?

If you are thinking about starting a baby clothing line- it's a great idea! Baby clothes are always in demand, and there's a lot of room for creativity and innovation in the market. There are a few things you'll need to do to get started. Here are some tips you should follow :

Do Some Market Research

Before you start designing or manufacturing any product, it's important to understand who your target market is and what they are looking for. What types of baby clothes are currently popular? What do parents look for when shopping for baby clothes? What price point are they willing to pay? Answering these questions will help guide your decisions about what to produce and how to price your products.

Choose a Niche

There are a lot of different types of baby clothes out there, so it's important to choose a niche that you can focus on. Do you want to make organic baby clothes, stylish clothes for hipsters, or affordable clothes for budget-conscious parents? Once you've decided on a niche, you can start to focus on designing and manufacturing products that will appeal to your target market.

Find a Manufacturer

Unless you're planning on making all of your clothes by hand (which is certainly an option!), you'll need to find a manufacturer who can produce your products for you. There are a lot of different options out there, so it's important to do your research and find a manufacturer that will be a good fit for your business. Consider things like price, minimum order quantities, turnaround time, and quality control.

Create a Branding Strategy

Once you have your products designed and manufactured, it's time to start thinking about how you're going to brand and market your business. What name will you use for your clothing line? How will you logo look? What type of image do you want to project? Answering these questions will help you create a strong branding strategy that will make your baby clothing line stand out from the rest.

Launch your Website and Start Selling

Now that you have everything in place, it's time to start selling your clothes to the world. The best way to do this is by launching a professional-looking website where parents can browse and purchase your products. Make sure your site is easy to use and navigate, and be sure to include high-quality product photos and descriptions.

Starting a baby clothing line can be a lot of work, but it can also be a lot of fun. By following these tips, you'll be well on your way to success. Dinarys helps you get started by providing high quality, innovative and affordable clothes for babies. You focus on the design and we'll take care of the rest! Contact us today to learn more.

How Much Does It Cost To Start An Online Baby Boutique

If you wonder how to start an online baby clothing store, you should know that the costs are relatively low. Certainly, it all depends on many factors. You may choose to start the business with lean expenses or bring a large team and surely spend more money.

We have defined two well-spread cases for “pre-opening” costs of starting an online baby boutique and calculated the expenses you should expect for every one of them:

In case you need an estimation of how much your baby clothing website would cost, make sure you contact us - we’ll gladly provide you with the numbers.

Instructions for Opening an Online Store

To open a baby clothing online shop, you need to first of all search for suppliers of children’s clothing. An online store owner has two options:

In the latter case, it will be much easier to return the goods if a defective batch arrives, and you will not have to wait several months to receive the ordered batch. On the other hand, foreign goods may be more in demand for those groups that value a unique look (like teenagers).

All suppliers that an owner of an online baby clothing shop can work with are divided into two groups:

It is necessary to request copies of certificates from any supplier. Also keep in mind that orders for seasonal items such as winter outerwear are best placed in advance.

Website Creation

Now that you have a plan, it’s time for the technical part. The step-by-step algorithm for creating an online children clothing store website is as follows.

Creating and designing the website is the last stage before the business launch. You have to register a domain, choose hosting, and create the store on your own, or entrust it to professional developers.

Menu and Navigation

The visitor should be able to operate the website as easily and quickly as possible. A long and convoluted catalog reduces conversions and scares most potential buyers away. Divide the menu into a moderate number of logical categories (no more than 6-7 items at one level). It is better to design the buttons in a single style.

For easier navigation, provide a convenient and understandable filter system that allows finding the desired product in just 1-3 clicks. Use correct filters for the following parameters:


The design of an online store for children’s clothes should be moderately bright, without boring dull tones. On another hand, "childish" graphics are unnecessary. Large companies in this field prefer minimalistic design, simplicity, and functionality. When creating designs, use photos of children and happy families.

The header should be kept compact: don't overload it with illustrations that don't carry practical meaning. Leave only the necessary elements: corporate logo, name, contacts, opening hours, shopping cart, search, log in/personal account, delivery information.


Here are some recommendations to follow when filling your website:

Take the time to create a blog section, where you analyze actual problems that interest parents. For example, the right choice of clothing for gardening, sports or outside walks, popular colors and prints in children's fashion. Offer an effective solution in the form of a link to a specific product, post the links to articles in social networks, add an e-mail newsletter.

You should also create a separate FAQ block. On this page, answer popular questions, describe the process of ordering, payment, delivery, return, and warranty.

Product Cards

A detailed description and high-quality photos are not enough for children's clothing. In practice, things often may not correspond to the specified age. Since all children have different bodies, consider the following when composing product cards:

Reviews are also an important part. Real-world recommendations that describe the benefits and advise the appropriate size of the item always contribute to the purchasing decisions. Encourage customers to leave reviews in return for small bonuses and discounts.

Online Store Baby Clothes Website Promotion

Without promotion, no one will know about the existence of your online children's clothing store, so don’t try to save on advertising. Here are the best traffic sources:

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Baby Clothing Online - Case Study

To give you a real-world example, we’d like to describe one of our projects - Montresor online store (Israel/USA). The website was originally developed with Shopify.

Project Description

The Mon-Tresor-Bebe website is an online shop for wholesale customers seeking baby wear and gifts that provides users with information about the company, the ability to browse through a catalog and purchase necessary products.


The website was developed on the Shopify CMS where orders cannot be edited and payments are managed in installments. The customer had a requirement: changing to a new platform with the capabilities to manage orders, invoices, payments, and shipments.


Migrating all data (users, products, articles, gallery, orders) from the current website on Shopify to the new one on Magento 2.

What We Did

Create Custom Boutique for Children Clothing with Minimal Cost

The children's clothing market is extremely saturated with suppliers, therefore, the best online store to buy baby clothes is always focused on expanding the sales market and increasing the turnover. Therefore, pay a lot of attention to studying supply and demand in the preparatory stage.

How to start a baby clothing store? Opening an online store in this niche does not require large investments. At first, you can just get by with a personal computer and telephone. The only thing that you have to invest in from the moment of launch and on a regular basis is the website and advertising.

As for technical tasks such as creating and promoting a website, it is best to contact professionals. Our developers know all the nuances of creating and promoting online stores of any format. Our experience allows us to implement the most needed features in your online baby clothes store and help you start profiting as soon as possible.

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