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multi-brand online make-up store case study

Technology stack


Goddess is a popular European online store of cosmetics where numerous brands offer their products within a centralized web marketplace. Having been operating in the market for quite some time, the client decided it was time to upgrade the store.

The ultimate solution was to redesign the whole website. In order to accelerate the performance and efficiently expand the functionality, we went with Magento 2 for a full redesign based on the standard Magento theme Luma 2 (which we additionally customized).




Project goal

To redesign an existing eCommerce website based on the Magento 2 powers (Luma 2 theme), with the necessary functional customizations implemented along the way.


BE Dev
FE Dev

Project timeframe

April 2019 - March 2020

Project tasks

  • Conduct migration from Magento 1 to Magento 2, which included:
  • Implementing the migration itself;
  • Implementing the delta-migration.
  • Add new functionality to the website
  • OnePage Checkout with custom fields, which required:
    • Adding custom online shipping method “NovaPoshta”;
    • Adding a courier timeframe field with live updates;
    • Moving discount fields and other checkout fields;
    • Adding custom fields validation.
  • A courier timeframe field on the checkout, which required:
    • Implementing custom field logic on checkout;
    • Implementing configuration on admin panel;
    • Implementing a script with live updates and advanced logic for retrieving timeframes.
  • A new localization in the required language.
A courier timeframe field on the checkout, which required:

Client requirements

The main requirements of the client included:

migrate the existing eCommerce resource from Magento 1 to Magento 2;

expand the functionality of the website through OnePage Checkout and numerous custom additions;

add a courier timeframe field on the checkout page for the ultimate convenience of customers;

implement custom field and admin logic;

conduct full-regression testing of the resources along with raw testing of each involved module;

add new localizations for target demographics of website users.

Client requirements
Main page

Main page

Main page


Throughout the project, we migrated the website along with all the data it held to the Magento 2 foundation, researched the top modules to fit the updated site, customized the fitting ones to the required extent, and added many new possibilities.

Now, users can conveniently check courier timeframes right at the checkout, enable live updates, and simply enjoy a fast, smooth, high-performance overall online store.


Catalog Catalog Catalog
Catalog Catalog Catalog

Product card

Product card

Shopping Cart & Payment

Product card


The ultimate result of our work is a heavily individualized Magento 2-powered online store with custom OnePage Checkout, new user and admin capabilities, new localization, and revamped overall performance. In the long run, this should expand the traffic rates of the website and boost client’s regular profits.

“A full redesign of our online store seemed a very daring idea at first, but we couldn’t walk past it. And it was great to have seasoned professionals work on such an important, even essential to our business task. It was great to have a fully transparent working process and get the results we were expecting. A real satisfying professional collab.”




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