Shopware Development Services

Shopware Development Services

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German Jewelry store

German Jewelry store


Fully rebuild the existing online shop to achieve the best presentation of the company products and develop a custom configurator thus giving the customer an opportunity to design their piece of jewelry.

What we did:

We designed and developed a website with a smart product display. To give users a user-friendly way to design jewelry, we created a custom configurator using the X-config CIM software. Now the products can be filtered according to their listing properties, allowing users to display the products belonging to the category of interest.

Fashion company based in Austria

Fashion company based in Austria


To build a fully-functioning online shop and receive a new sales challenge. The main priority was to achieve the flexibility to meet the anticipated customer demand and expand their website along with business growth.

What we did:

We advised our client to choose Shopware 6 for its flexibility of customization and freedom to grow. We fully developed a new website in 6 months, took care of individual client customizations, and integrated the necessary third-party systems. As a result, the company received a modern online shop with smooth UX and powerful featured. At this point, we continue the ongoing development of the website.

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Dinarys knows how difficult a project can be for you. Therefore, we want to support you in the early stages of your project. We have answered some popular questions regarding Shopware. You can familiarize yourself with them below.


Worldwide experience in e-commerce development has enabled Shopware to become an excellent platform for sales and applying the best trading strategies. The API approach is ideal if you need to combine several systems to meet the needs of your customers. With a flexible approach, you can freely choose: responsive storefront, PWA or implement something completely different for a specific target group. There are no restrictions on freedom of action and opportunities. With its sophisticated multi-language, multi-currency system and rule-based tax models, Shopware 6 also extols you over your competitors. A comprehensive API allows you to automate repetitive tasks, freeing up time for you for more important tasks. Thanks to the consistent use of common frameworks, Shopware 6 is friendly to developers and is enjoyed by a large community, which is reflected in a large and ever-growing ecosystem.
Each project and its tasks are individual, as is your business. Therefore, we recommend that you contact us to discuss the details of your specific project and agree on the optimal solution.

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If you have already developed a site for Shopware 5, you can wait to upgrade from Shopware 5 to 6. The community guarantees support over the next few years, as well as security updates. However, with expansion of the Shopware 6 market, many companies are migrating to this newer, open source version. We will be happy to help you upgrade to the Shopware 6 platform as it may be difficult to migrate the Shopware 5 project to 6 due to the new architecture; which was necessary to solve the problems of modern global e-commerce. Therefore, you may need an experienced team, for example, Dinarys , which will save you time and money.
This question cannot be answered generally as it depends on many factors related to your requirements. Leave a request for consultation and we will be happy to help you find the best option.
It completely depends on what you want to achieve. Basically, we believe that many systems are suitable for implementing a project for online markets. As such, Shopware 6 is very broad and flexible in this regard, and therefore, in our opinion, provides the right basis for many tasks.
In order for you to have time for more important things, your business processes must be automated. Therefore, the Shopware platform supports hundreds of modules and extensions that can solve almost any problem. Cant find what you are looking for? Then our experienced programmers will create for you an individual Shopware plug-in suitable for your store.
Shopware 6 was created from scratch. A completely new technological base provides an ideal foundation for the future of e-commerce. However, the highly acclaimed Shopware 5 platform does not stop offering modern technology and an integrated ecosystem for your business. Shopware 5 comes with an innovative responsive template right out of the box. This template is in line with current trends and gives your customers advanced functionality for shopping. Unlike other platforms, the Shopware store administrator can make decisions on how to change the page view for customers depending on the device (mobile phone, tablet, desktop).
With the tremendous growth and development of information technology, we wanted to provide our users with a sustainable solution that could stand the test of time. We believe that Shopware 6 provides a completely new technical base that offers more flexibility, less complexity and is well prepared for the challenges of the technological world.
The flexible core of Shopware 6 can keep up with online business changes. Shopware is a modern modular system. You can start with the Community Edition, and then, depending on your new requirements, purchase new plug-ins or develop them from scratch. This architecture is ideal for the consistent development and scalability of a business.
Shopware 6 has a flexible architecture, which greatly facilitates the work of developers. It is also high-performance, standards-based, and easy to maintain, so you don’t have to focus on special knowledge about Shopware.
The main advantages of Shopware 6 are: excellent scalability, improved performance and it is perfectly prepared for internationalization.

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