E-commerce development
E-commerce development approached Dinarys seeking to enhance their existing e-commerce platform. The goal was to refine the user experience, integrate additional features, and elevate the overall customer journey. We rolled up our sleeves and partnered with Can to help them win against competitors and elevate the shopping experience for their customers.

About the

Established in 2001, the online store was poised for a transformative redesign. Recognizing the need for modernization, we focused on overhauling the existing solution, incorporating innovative features, and significantly enhancing the website’s UI/UX.

Embracing this challenge, the Dinarys team partnered with to ambitiously position as the industry’s most user-friendly online store in Ukraine.





Project goal

eCommerce website redesign and development of new features


  • PM
  • Back-end developer
  • Front-end developer
  • QA engineer
  • UI/UX designer

Project timeframe

6 months



  • The project’s scope encompassed a comprehensive overhaul, including UX and visual design enhancements, development of new functionality, website speed optimization, and significant SEO improvements.
  • One notable challenge was the outdated CMS, which was no longer supported by its developers. This added some time to search for innovative solutions to successfully integrate the new design and required functionalities.
  • Despite these hurdles, the team skillfully navigated these complexities, ensuring the website not only received its much-needed facelift but also enhanced operational efficiency and user engagement.

Solution provided

To address challenges posed by the outdated CMS, the team employed a strategic approach. After thorough research and analysis, we chose a more modern and flexible CMS that aligned well with the website’s current and future needs. This new platform facilitated seamless integration of the redesigned UX and visual elements while allowing for the easy addition of new functionality.

The team also implemented advanced speed optimization techniques and SEO strategies to elevate the website’s performance and visibility. Through these targeted solutions, the team not only revitalized the website’s appearance but also significantly boosted its efficiency, usability, and overall market competitiveness.

E-commerce development


The website now boasts a refreshed, contemporary aesthetic, enhanced usability, and increased conversion rates. A standout feature is the innovative custom PC configurator, designed to streamline and simplify the ordering process. The result is a website that not only looks modern but also delivers a highly intuitive and user-centric experience.