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Dinarys is the ideal choice for your product catalog app development needs. With years of experience developing successful, customer-driven apps, our developers have the expertise to create an innovative application that meets all of your requirements. We specialize in creating intuitive user interfaces and optimizing workflows to make it easier for customers to find and purchase the products they need. Regardless of the size or complexity of your project, our team is dedicated to delivering a tailored solution that meets your individual needs.

Our Product Catalog App Development Services

At Dinarys, we specialize in product catalog app development services to help businesses maximize their digital presence and ensure an optimal user experience. Our experienced software developers have extensive knowledge of the latest technologies and trends for creating applications that manage complex product catalogs. We focus on creating customized solutions for each client, and we are confident that our product catalog app development services will provide your business with the tools you need for success. We offer the following product catalog app development services:

Custom app development

Custom app development

Our team has the expertise to develop a product catalog application that is tailored specifically to your business needs. We use cutting-edge technologies and the best coding practices to ensure maximum reliability, scalability, and efficiency for your application.

Mobile app development

Mobile app development

Our mobile app developers are experienced in both native and hybrid mobile app development. We create apps that are optimized for all platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows devices.

Integration services

Integration services

Our integration services help you seamlessly integrate your product catalog application with existing systems, such as ERPs, customer relationship management software, and marketing automation tools.

Maintenance and support

Maintenance and support

We provide ongoing maintenance and support for your product catalog app to ensure that it operates smoothly and efficiently. Our team is available 24/7 to handle any issues you may encounter.

Our Product Catalog App Development Process

At Dinarys, we understand the importance of having a product catalog app that is easy to use, efficient, and secure. Therefore, our team of experienced developers takes extra time and effort to create customized applications for our clients. Our process includes the following steps:

Our Product Catalog App Development Process
1. Analysis and Requirements Gathering

1. Analysis and Requirements Gathering

Before beginning the development process, we take the time to understand the client’s needs by conducting a detailed analysis of the business requirements and goals for the product catalog app.

2. Design and Planning

2. Design and Planning

After we understand all of the necessary requirements, we begin planning the product catalog app design. We are experts in user experience design, so we create a design that maximizes usability and efficiency.

3. Development

3. Development

Once the client approves the designs, our dedicated developers start programming the application. We use up-to-date technologies to ensure that the product catalog app meets the client’s requirements.

4. Quality Assurance Testing

4. Quality Assurance Testing

Before releasing the product catalog application, we conduct thorough quality assurance testing to ensure that there are no bugs and that all features work as intended.

Our Technologies

At Dinarys, we use the latest technologies to develop product catalog app solutions tailored to meet our clients’ individual needs. Our team of experienced engineers and software developers leverages cutting-edge tools and technologies, including the following:


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript


  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)


  • Yii2
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue


  • Magento
  • Shopware
  • Spryker
  • SFCC
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Percona
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Any private cloud


  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose


  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • Teamcity
  • Circle CI
  • Travis CI
  • Bitbucket Pipelines


  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Consul


  • RabbitMQ
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Kassandra
  • Redis
  • Elk Stack
  • Memcached


  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Traefik
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Benefits of Our Product Catalog App Development Services

At Dinarys, we believe in empowering businesses to reach their maximum potential. Our product catalog app development services provide companies with an innovative way to showcase their products and services. We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions that can help you create an easy-to-use platform for your customers. Some of the key benefits of using our product catalog app development services include the following:

Our Product Catalog App Development Process

Increased Efficiency

Our intuitive platform allows you to upload and manage product listings easily with just a few clicks. This helps streamline the process and saves you time in the long run.

Improved Customer Experience

Our app provides an immersive and informative experience for your customers. We ensure that your app is user friendly and optimized for search results.

Comprehensive Solutions

Our product catalog app development services ensure that you have access to a comprehensive suite of features, such as product filtering, real-time product updates, and more. This allows your customers to find what they need quickly and easily.

Why Choose Us?

At Dinarys, we pride ourselves on our expertise in developing applications for product catalogs. Our team of experienced developers understands the unique requirements for product catalog apps and can help you create a user-friendly, efficient platform that will boost your business in no time. Using our advanced features, such as the options to search, sort, and filter products and to create customizable product pages, you can showcase your products in the most effective way possible. Additionally, our comprehensive analytics and reporting features enable you to monitor user behavior and make well-informed decisions about future product launches. Our record of experience includes the following:


Projects launched for US and European customers


Years of experience


Years of growing DevOps Expertise

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

A unique approach to implementation rooted in design-thinking tactics and Agile methodology

Our Case Study




Even a well-established retail provider must quickly scale and improve to meet increasing demand and higher customer satisfaction standards. Foxtrot is a highly successful chain of big stores that holds a firm position in the Ukrainian retail market. The company required an efficient way to attract more customers, increase customer satisfaction, and boost sales. The ultimate goal of our work was to create new native applications for the top two mobile platforms (i.e., Android and iOS) and to provide a smooth user experience, thorough functionality, and inviting UI design that would efficiently stimulate loyalty in several user segments.


After we completed the project, the client received two comprehensive native applications with retail tools and features that satisfy the most demanding customers as well as those who are not tech-savvy. The streamlined performance and smooth user experience are expected to positively stimulate additional customer demand for the Foxtrot user audience.

Feedback from Our Clients

Carlos Kuk

Carlos Kuk

Founder RacePower

“An e-commerce store opening is always a major step of any business in the direction of further extension and growth. That’s why we were cautious when choosing specialists to handle the creation of our e-commerce store. To put it plain and simple, it was a total pleasure to work with the company we eventually went with. No deadlines were broken, no excessive situations took place. On the contrary, the whole project was a breeze, and now we have a great, smoothly running online shop.”

Jacky Yang

Jacky Yang

Director of Technology, SanMar

“Being an apparel company that distributes a wide selection of branded items, we decided to create a new website for the retail business of the company. Dinarys provided us with positive references from previous clients, so we had no doubt they had enough dedicated expertise to address our project and pain points. As a result, Dinarys has helped us expand our business and automate our process significantly. Everything has gone smoothly so far! We are delighted.”

Johannes Gibbels

Johannes Gibbels

Founder at Antik Wein

“Our company specializes in wine trading, and we needed to redesign our website, so it could completely correspond with our message and transfer the values of our business. The guys from Dinarys not only helped to put our plan into action but also gave us several effective recommendations on the website’s functionality and our further development in general. Now we are fully satisfied with the improvements we notice every day. Appreciate our collaboration, Dinarys!”


Dinarys ensures that it includes all essential information when developing a product catalog. A comprehensive product catalog should include specific descriptions, product images, pricing details, specifications, customer reviews, ordering options, and delivery information. Including product-related content, such as videos or 3D models, vastly improves the user experience and engagement. At Dinarys, we understand the importance of keeping product catalogs up to date with accurate and current information that attracts customers. Our solution allows for the easy management of product catalogs by providing useful features, such as bulk editing capabilities, automated synchronization with other systems, real-time notifications, and updates when information changes. With our product catalog solution, businesses can easily keep their customers informed of the latest information and increase customer retention and conversion rates. Dinarys provides a comprehensive solution that allows businesses to create an engaging product catalog experience quickly and effectively.

In addition to essential product information, Dinarys also provides custom forms that capture additional data from customers. This is especially useful for businesses that require more detailed information about their products to customize them for individual customers. For example, a business may use custom forms to collect data, such as size and color preferences, additional personalization options, or delivery preferences. With our solution for custom forms, businesses can easily capture and store important customer data to provide a more personalized experience and better serve their customers.

Dinarys provides an advanced product catalog solution that is easy to use and highly customizable. Our experienced team of developers can create the perfect product catalog app for your business that considers factors such as cost, features, scalability, security, and more. The cost of developing a product catalog app varies depending on the complexity and size of the project but typically ranges from $5,000–$25,000. Ongoing maintenance and support services are available at an additional cost. With our product catalog solution, businesses can easily create a comprehensive and engaging shopping experience for their customers at an affordable price.

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