Vue.js Development Services

Vue.js is a progressive framework for creating user interfaces. Its core primarily solves the tasks of the presentation layer (view), which simplifies integration with other libraries. Dinarys is a Vue.js software development company, staffed by a team of skilled, experienced developers who are experts at working with this framework. So if you are looking for a reputable and experienced Vue.js development company, contact us to discuss the requirements for your highly functional project.

Our Vue.js Development Services

Vue.js is a powerful front-end framework with a JavaScript library. Outsourcing Vue.js development work with Dinarys gives you access to development engineers who provide clients from a variety of industries with end-to-end services for building Vue.js products. We handle every task, regardless of the complexity and requirements of the project.

Create Single-Page Applications and Custom Applications

Developing online solutions using Vue.js involves providing the services necessary to create and program single-page applications in order to offer clients a product with a faster response time and increased performance. Custom applications can also be built by outsourcing Vue.js development. Our comprehensive Vue development services include comprehensive consulting, process planning, final development, maintenance, and support of the Vue.js application.

Third-party Vue.js integration, modernization, and migration

Our team of professional developers offers seamless third party integration of Vue.js products. Transferring programming services to Dinarys enables our clients to use the full potential of this modern framework. In addition, our modernization and migration services enable our customers to easily add new features through Vue.js outsourcing, and our developers focus on optimizing the implemented functionality to improve performance.

Creation of web applications and CMS

Web application development is another useful service that our company provides that is profitable for our clients. Through our bespoke programming services, our clients can optimize their business by delivering high-quality UX design to end consumers. Vue.js outsourcing supplies clients with the professional creation of modern CMS solutions that effectively meet the needs of the target audience of customers and increase brand awareness.

Support Services and Consulting Services

Our Vue.js development agency experts provide comprehensive consulting services for this framework. Through Vue.js development outsourcing services, our staff collaborate with customers to ensure that they receive not only end-to-end productive programming solutions but also full service and support. If you have any questions about the framework, feel free to contact our consultants, who will be happy to help.

Our Vue.js Development Process

Our developers follow a defined and streamlined service delivery process when engaged in Vue.js development that consists of several key steps.

Requirements analysis and project planning

At this stage, our employees identify the customer’s requirements and the conditions and priorities for the project. Then the developers determine the appropriate interaction model and provide the client with the estimated cost and timing of the project. Upon receiving the client’s approval, the project is initiated.

Project initiation and development

At this stage, the project is outsourced for Vue.js development by an experienced team of software engineers who perform the work in accordance with the contract, project conditions, and customer requirements.

Quality analysis

After the code is written, the testers and quality assurance experts conduct extensive testing to identify any bugs or glitches. If overlays are found, the product is sent back to the developers, who make the necessary changes to ensure the high quality of the product is delivered to the client.

The project launch

After eliminating any shortcomings found, the project is delivered to the client in accordance with the schedule and poured into production. Even after the launch of the project, we continue to monitor updates and their quality so that your project always remains competitive in the market.

Technologies we use

To provide you with quality Vue development services, we staff our company with the most qualified certified developers who have vast experience in developing the best e-commerce solutions on the market, thanks to the baggage of knowledge and technologies that we improve upon every day. Our approach to development is based on positively impacting business-critical metrics. We use design thinking tactics and an Agile software development methodology and the technologies listed below in our work.


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript


  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)


  • Yii2
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue


  • Magento
  • Shopware
  • Spryker
  • SFCC
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Percona
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Any private cloud


  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose


  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • Teamcity
  • Circle CI
  • Travis CI
  • Bitbucket Pipelines


  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Consul


  • RabbitMQ
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Kassandra
  • Redis
  • Elk Stack
  • Memcached


  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Traefik
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Benefits of Choosing Our Vue.js Development Company

Vue.js has many features and uses that can benefit businesses in every industry.

Responsive, secure, and flexible

The framework simplifies the process of getting set up and starting to code, which means the minimum viable product is created much faster than it is with other frameworks. As another advantage of this framework, it is surprisingly stable and flexible due to its component structure.

Ease of use and reduced time to market

Using Vue.js is relatively easy compared to working with other frameworks. Even a basic understanding of HTML and JavaScript will get you started with Vue. The efficient building process for Vue.js products and the ease with which the framework can be used enable you to bring products to market more quickly.

Two-Way Data Binding and Improved Performance

Vue’s two-way binding feature ensures fast-paced and error-free application creation. Vue.js is a high-performance framework that provides features for memorable user interface (UX) in single-page applications as well as user interfaces (UI).

Why Choose Us as Your Vue Software Development Company

Dinarys is a Vue software development company with highly qualified specialists who have practical experience working with the most modern and revolutionary projects. Our Vue.js developers have the specialized skills and experience to bring your ideas to life in an e-commerce environment. When you choose Dinarys, you choose to work with a team of experts that has accomplished the following:


projects launched for US and European customers


years of experience


years of growing DevOps Expertise

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

A unique approach to implementation rooted in design-thinking tactics and Agile methodology

Our Case Studies

Successful projects provide the best evidence of the quality of our Vue development services, and we are proud to be a part of each of them. Check out our Vue.js case studies and contact us for a consultation.



The challenge:

RacePro is a car modification and accessories e-commerce website. Right now, e-commerce is the #1 sales channel for commercial businesses globally. From small flower vendors to huge shopping chains, every store must have an online outlet today. That is why our client—a vendor of car modifications and parts—had to build a B2B/B2C platform to go online with the company’s offerings. Ultimately, we needed to build, set up, and optimize a full-blown e-commerce solution that would combine traditional capacities and B2B opportunities (based on the client’s goal to service both regular customers and car repair shop owners).

Our solution:

Dinarys selected a traditional e-commerce solution creation route, starting with the basic architecture and adding the “meat to the bones,” in other words, working on the design and adding functional elements. The design was fully customized, with hi-def animations and other special features, while we used a ready-made administration system, saving a lot of project time. We also implemented a complex order and return management logic that optimizes the user experience and boosts the business workflow efficiency.

What Our Clients Say About Us

Jacky Yang

Jacky Yang

Director of Technology, SanMar

“Being an apparel company that distributes a wide selection of branded items, we decided to create a new website for the retail business of the company. Dinarys provided us with positive references from previous clients, so we had no doubt they have enough dedicated expertise to address our project and pain points. As a result, Dinarys has helped us expand our business and automate our process significantly. Everything has gone smoothly so far! We are completely satisfied.”

Leo Faria

Leo Faria

Founder at NBS

“With the recently rising demand, we didn’t know where to go to scale our online commerce capabilities most appropriately, properly. We decided to hire this team according to recommendations from some trusted people. And we didn’t regret it a bit. We still have some work to do on our mobile website, for which I think we’ll turn to these guys once again.”

Carlos Kuk

Carlos Kuk

Founder at RacePower

“An e-commerce store opening is always a major step of any business in the direction of further extension and growth. That’s why we were very careful when choosing specialists to handle the creation of our own e-commerce. To put it plain and simple, it was a total pleasure to work with the company we eventually went with. No deadlines were broken, no excessive situations took place. The whole project was a breeze, and now we have a great, smoothly running online shop.”


Vue is actively supported by a team that includes staff and volunteers from around the world, with Evan Yu as the project leader. Vue development is mostly sponsored and has been financially stable since 2016. Anyone can become a sponsor for Vue.js.

Dinarys will give you a choice from among our team of Vue.js developers, who represent a vast range of qualifications and diverse backgrounds. After your interview, you can choose any developer you prefer with whom you share a common language.

If you have a web interface or a single-page application, Vue.js is the perfect solution for you. It can also be used to develop desktop and mobile applications thanks to JS-based HTML extensions that work in tandem with the Electron framework, making it an extremely popular front-end tool.

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