Ecommerce Marketplace Development

Marketplace development includes a portal and mobile app for multiple vendors. Build the best E-commerce Marketplace with Dinarys.

Ecommerce Marketplace Development

Online marketplaces are highly demanded ecommerce solutions that enable one to make double and even triple the profits as compared to a traditional online store. Apart from promoting your own products, you can also host other vendors on your marketplace platform, which we can develop for you based on our vast field expertise and experience.


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Get A Feature-Rich Marketplace That Satisfies Customers

We create marketplace solutions of various formats, scopes of complexity, and overall purposes - you just tell us what exactly you are looking for. An online marketplace is a platform you can use to connect numerous third-party vendors across the web and boost your commercial profits. We can develop a marketplace solution of the following formats:



P2P & C2C

Auction marketplace


Crowdfunding platform

Marketplace Development Features

  • Sign in / Sign up
  • Registration via social networks
  • Smooth user-friendly interface
  • Reviews and Ratings
  • Listing management
  • Dispute resolution
  • One-click re-order
  • Dashboards for admin with statistics and analytics
  • Push notifications
  • Landing pages for customers and sellers
  • User profile and personal data upgrade management
  • The process of reservation / order for customers
  • Search + filters
  • Payout
  • Payment option
  • Customer service features
  • Multicurrency and multilanguage
  • Real-time inventory updates
  • Affiliate program
  • Communication functionality
  • Shipping and tracking
  • Commission management
  • Dashboards for seller

What Up-To-Date Marketplace Platforms Should Be like?

SEO - friendly

User - friendly




Quick to load

Have PWA by default

Our Industry Expertise

We have first-hand expertise in creating high-performance online marketplace solutions across all related industries, including the following:


The most traditional and widespread marketplace solution. There, you can sell products and/or help other vendors or even regular people (P2P and C2C) sell their products on the “shelves'' of your platform. Here, B2B, B2C, and multivendor platforms can be most relevant to create for your ecommerce. We can help you build and set up a sturdy, extensive marketplace to be used by multiple shops.


The marketplace format can also be beneficially used to organize various fundraisers, crowdfunding campaigns, and distribution of financial services. A sturdy marketplace architecture is great for sustaining massive numbers of crowdfunding efforts. At the same time, the convenient and simple way of transacting payments adds up to the smooth user experience.


A travel marketplace can be created to efficiently, massively promote tours your agency and agencies of your market peers provide. Looking at the prominent successful cases, you may as well implement a platform that collects and distributes flying ticket options from different airlines. With more in-depth research, more innovative formats can be thought out.

Real Estate

Similar to travel marketplaces, a real estate marketplace can be efficiently used to gather realty offers and opportunities from different providers working all over the world. You don’t even need to necessarily have a business of your own in the sector where you create a marketplace. The main goal may as well be to provide a convenient environment for other providers to work.


This field remains very relevant and demanded obvious reasons. And collecting service options of various healthcare providers is a very profitable, potential-rich idea. We will help you set up a reliable healthcare marketplace platform that will help save lives without downtime.

How We Work

We usually come up with unique approaches and workflow formats for every other project to keep things individual and authentic. But the essential stages that take place in terms of almost every project include the following.

Discovery Phase

The initial stage of gathering requirements, settling deals and agreements, planning out further workflow, and conducting preliminary business research.

Marketplace design

The technical kick-off of the marketplace creation where designers outline the basic software architecture with the essential interface and visual design elements.

MVP/Product development

The stage at which the design wireframe is added up with software features and working functionality - only the most basic stuff if we’re talking about MVP and full-on functionality if it’s about a complete product.

QA & Testing

The essential stages of polishing up the product and making sure it serves its purpose just right and runs smoothly in the field.

Deployment and support

We also help you properly deploy a finished product in the required operational environment and provide further support to tackle moments that occur only after the product launch.

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Our Case Studies

We develop high-quality custom ecommerce websites for our clients. The main purpose of our experts is to provide first-rate services considering all the requirements and your business needs. Some of our works are presented below.


LastBid is a two-sided marketplace dedicated to conducting fashionable auctions intended for mass-scale participation. Our major task was to create a universal platform that can be used by fashion houses that require a virtual venue to conduct auctions.

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MedExcess is an online marketplace and a network community aimed to distribute healthcare supplies, medical equipment, management systems, and other stuff for medical organization and performance. The project task was to create a high-performance, smooth-running online marketplace platform for convenient distribution and purchase of medical goods by third parties, namely vendors and buyers.

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Let’s create an ecommerce marketplace together

To create an outstanding marketplace for your business it is important to choose not only seasoned professionals with appropriate skills, experience, and technologies knowledge but the team that will delve into the business problems and objectives of the company.

Having vast experience, keeping only best practices and industry standards, Dinarys experts always do their best to follow all the requirements for marketplace platforms and meet the clients' needs. We always strive to find the best and the most optimal solution considering the purposes of the business.

As a result, our customers get an excellent and high-quality ecommerce marketplace that is secure, scalable, manageable, SEO- and user-friendly. So, let the professionals help you with online marketplace development.