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MedExcess is an American project that combines an online marketplace and a network community dedicated to the distribution of healthcare supplies, medical equipment, management systems, and tons of other stuff for the purposes of medical organization and performance.

The website has an extensive customer base, servicing clinics, hospitals, medical personnel, research facilities, manufacturers and distributors of medical products. And we were lucky enough to work on the project’s online platform.


Huntsville, Alabama, USA

Project goal

Build a high-performance, smooth-running online marketplace platform for convenient distribution and purchase of medical goods by third parties (vendors and buyers).


2 Back-end Magento developers
2 Front-end Magento developers
Magento tech lead

Project timeframe

November 2020 - June 2021

Project tasks

Build a new website based on custom functionality, which included:

  • Implementing an MVP phase, which required:
    • Build a basic multivendor marketplace from scratch;
    • Add OTP passwords;
    • Add 1-step checkout;
    • Add multifiltering;
    • Add separate orders;
    • Add tenants verification.
  • Implementing Phase 2 to add custom features, including:
    • Barcode scanner;
    • Product request;
    • Super tenant personal profile;
    • Geolocation targeting;
    • Tenant network, etc.
  • Integrating readymade inventory management and expiration date tracking tools provided by MedExcess;
  • Enabling tenants to buy medical products via a single account on the platform;
  • Reinforcing security so that only approved and verified tenants could sell medical products on the platform.
  • Meet legal standard requirements, including:
  • PCI requirements;
  • HIPAA requirements;
  • GDPR-compliant requirements.

Client requirements

The client’s major requirements included the following:

Plan out and create an authentic online marketplace solution;

Implement a number of custom and readymade commercial features for it;

Provide a high level of user and system security;

Integrate features for convenient navigation and platform use for international business customers;

Make the new platform compliant with international commerce regulations.

Client requirements

Business Metrics


Customer lifetime value


Customer acquisition cost


Returning customer rate


Checkout time


Business process automation

Our solution

Our solution

Considering the size, complexity, and responsibility of the project, it was only logical to kick off the whole thing with an MVP version of the marketplace.

That was what we started with, outlining the basic architecture and supplying it with a bunch of readymade integrations alongside customer features and pieces of functionality. The main focus was commercial user experience - that is, to provide smooth and convenient shopping/distribution processes for vendors and buyers.

Our solution

Main page

Main page Main page


Category Category

Product detail

Product detail

Buyers profile


My account

Buyers profile


My orders

Buyers profile


Address book

Buyers profile

Tenant profile



Tenant profile


Order history

Tenant profile



We implemented a high-performance online marketplace/network community, granting hassle-free, intuitive user experiences for all involved parties - vendors, buyers, and platform admins. All orders can be efficiently processed without going far, with handy tools such as a barcode scanner and 1-step checkout while buyers can find exactly what they need in no time using multifiltering and order separation.

“It was a very responsible project and we were thinking for the longest time who exactly should take on it. We needed someone reliable and savvy enough to implement a whole new online marketplace without stretching the project over extensive timeframes and overloading tasking. And that’s what we got with these guys - nothing more, nothing less, which is, in our humble opinion, nothing short of perfect.”




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