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Budu Sushi

Budu Sushi, a newly established Asian food restaurant in Odesa, Ukraine, offers an extensive menu including sushi, sashimi, salads, desserts, and soft drinks. Despite its appealing menu and quality service, the restaurant faced significant challenges including a lack of customers, insufficient customer loyalty, and an almost non-existent digital presence. Our task was to transform these challenges into opportunities.

About the project

In 2022, launching a restaurant like Budu Sushi without a digital presence was a significant oversight, as it meant missing out on a substantial segment of customers who prefer ordering takeaway via their smartphone or tablet. Recognizing this gap, the owner of Budu Sushi decided to digitalize the business and tap into the online ordering market. To achieve this, a user-friendly website was essential.

The website needed to not only showcase the restaurant’s menu but also allow customers to place orders online and pay using convenient and secure methods. This digital transformation aimed to help Budu Sushi broaden their customer base, enhance customer convenience, and keep pace with contemporary dining trends.

About the project About the project About the project


Budu Sushi



Project goal

Develop a custom ecommerce website to boost online order volumes


Business analyst

UX designer

PHP developer

Project timeframe

6 months

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

“Thanks to the professionalism of the Dinarys team, my restaurant has a strong online presence. I am delighted with the results of their work. I can recommend this team to anyone who wants to create an online ordering website and has no idea where to start.”

Client testimonial

Artem Kitaev

Product Owner at Budu Sushi

Key challenges

In undertaking the digital transformation of Budu Sushi, several key challenges were identified:


Defining a clear digital strategy

The project’s initial concept was vague, necessitating the development of a well-defined digital strategy that aligned with the restaurant’s business goals and customer needs.


Designing a user-friendly UI/UX

We needed to design a user-friendly website that efficiently guides customers through menu selection, order placement, and payment, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable online ordering experience.


Integrating online ordering and payment systems

Online ordering and payment systems needed to be robust, reliable, user-friendly, and secure while providing a range of payment options.


Clear menu presentation and easy management

The digital menu needed to be attractive and easily navigable, with the backend system allowing for real-time updates and management of menu items, prices, and special offers.


Optimizing for mobile devices

The website needed to be fully optimized for mobile devices given the predominance of smartphones and tablets in the target market.

Key challenges
Solution provided

Solution provided

The primary goal of this project was to develop a food ordering website powered by essential e-commerce functionality like order management, a shopping cart, a product catalog, online payment, and marketing capabilities.

Detailed product roadmap

In the initial stage, we created a project vision that met the business’s needs and customers’ expectations. Budu Sushi’s vision is to provide customers with a convenient and straightforward Asian food ordering experience.

The primary objective of the website is to streamline the ordering process, alleviate the burden on the call center, and significantly increase the volume of online orders. Consequently, we carefully curated a selection of the most practical and contemporary features for the website.

Detailed product roadmap

Loyalty program

We designed and integrated a customer loyalty program that rewards repeat customers. This involved creating a system that tracks customer orders, allocates loyalty points, and offers redeemable rewards or discounts.

The program was seamlessly integrated with the online ordering system, encouraging customers to consistently choose Budu Sushi. This strategy is aimed at increasing customer retention and fostering long-term relationships with patrons — an essential aspect of sustaining business growth in the competitive restaurant industry.

Loyalty program

Facilitating franchise opportunities through the website

To further stimulate business growth and expand the presence of Budu Sushi, a feature for promoting and selling franchise rights was integrated directly into the website homepage. A dedicated section was created to inform potential franchisees about the opportunity, highlighting the benefits and responsibilities of owning a Budu Sushi franchise.

Additionally, an intuitive contact form was implemented, allowing interested parties to easily submit their contact details and inquiries. This not only opens avenues for scaling the business but enhances the brand’s visibility and appeal to entrepreneurs looking to invest in a thriving restaurant chain.

Facilitating franchise opportunities through the website

Technical details

Technical details

PHP, MySQL, and Apache (Yii 2 framework) to power the back end

Technical details

React to develop the Budu Sushi front end

Technical details

CRM integration for keeping order information and calculating bonuses

Technical details

LiqPay integration for online payments


Our team successfully digitalized the offline restaurant business by developing a food ordering website. Currently, the website brings Budu Sushi an average of 130 online orders each week.