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Large-scale professional kitchen equipment online store support.


The restaurant business is all the rage right now, in the era of the pandemic and (in certain places) post-pandemic quarantine restrictions. The demand for food ordering currently boosts the market saturation with the demand, business opportunities, and competitiveness all at the same time. Savvy businesses resort to technology and faster, more efficient methods of staff, business, and supply management.

Thankfully for many restaurant businesses out there, there are specialized outlets like NBS that provide expert-grade equipment for kitchens in cafes, restaurants, and diners of all sorts. To serve customers at the highest quality level, the client (NBS) required our specialists to add a number of improvements to make their eCommerce website smoother and more failproof.


Lancaster, California

Project goal

To implement additional eCommerce modules focused on security and delivery system improvements and support the project all throughout.


1 Magento developer

Project timeframe

November 2020 - Ongoing

Project tasks

  • Analyze the workflow of the existing eCommerce in major working cases, which included:
  • Inspecting the existing website in and out;
  • Working out user patterns and analyzing them;
  • Discussing all the analyzed workflow cases with the client;
  • Making changes based on the approved workflow scenarios.
  • Test out the mobile version of the site for bugs and errors, which included:
  • Conducting several iterations of manual and automated tests;
  • Composing a detailed report on the detected bugs and errors.
  • Implementing new extra modules for expanding and reinforcing the website functionality, which included:
  • Adding the Address validation module;
  • Adding the Fraud module;
  • Adding the Shopping module along with some other minor features;

Client requirements

The client set forth the following requirements for the project:

Analyze the running website and indicate common workflow scenarios;

Create and add to the website a bunch of new modules, including the ones expanding security and delivery system capabilities;

Test the mobile version of the site and suggest solutions to issues found;

Provide thorough project management and support during the collaboration.

Our solution

Throughout the project, we had to quickly get in-depth familiar with the readymade system, inspect its workflow cases, and conduct some major integrations and tests. The preliminary workflow analysis helped us indicate that the new eCommerce modules to be created and added to the website are fitting and truly in place with the expanded online store.

Then we set out to develop three new modules - Address validation, Fraud, and Shopping. Each bringing major aspect reinforcement to the table, the integrated modules were followed by through mobile website testing to help the client grant an all-around website optimization.

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The newly-developed and installed Address validation module ultimately helps avoid and prevent many wrong address deliveries (a typical situation for any delivery service or restaurant working with one). The Fraud module is there to help quickly track and block suspiciously-looking orders. In turn, the Shopping module allows for a more convenient way of managing delivery methods. Combined, these modules grant a new level of both security and order processing performance, helping client restaurants and other food establishments complete orders faster and leave much more satisfied with the smooth service.

“With the recently rising demand, we didn’t know where to go to properly scale our online commerce capabilities in the most proper manner. We decided to hire this team according to recommendations from some trusty people. And we didn’t regret it a bit. We still have some work to do on our mobile website, for which I think we’ll turn to these guys once again.”



Leo Faria

Do you have a running eCommerce store that cannot decently hold up to the demand anymore and needs proper scaling? Let the real professional expand your online and mobile commerce based on the best practices.

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