Expanding a Business Workflow Visualization Web App Up to the MVP Version


Having a clear, detailed picture of one’s running business processes is crucial to understanding the underlying specifics, analyzing overall business performance, and optimizing workflows in-depth. That’s why businesses tend to seek workflow visualization solutions that are more flexible, more precise, and more capable in their features and opportunities while service providers are focused on achieving all that with new software creations. Our client is working on exactly such a solution and required a software specialist’s input to implement flexible backlogging functionality and enhance the whole product up to the MVP version.

Our Responsibilities


Improve the architecture of the application


Fix bugs of the current implementation


Create an MVP version of the application for the next stage (sales)


Further refinement of the application



Add documents


Project tasks

In the course of the project, we had to cover a wide range of tasks, including

Clarifying client requirements and planning out the implementation process, which included

Settling with the SCRUM-based workflow.

Grooming, demonstrating, and planning out project development sprints.

Managing the project implementation lifecycle in and out, which included

Exporting tasks to Jira.

Adding requirements appendages when the need be.

Tagging requirement types, etc.

Implementing new features and functionality specifics, which included

Creating from scratch and adding new backlogging functionality.

Adding a range of MVP-focused features and capabilities.

Enhancing the existing software design as a whole.

Client requirements

The major requirements of the client included the following:


Expand and improve the existing web app architecture


Fix all the bugs inhabiting the existing web app version


Develop the web application up to the sales-optimized MVP version


Develop and expand the elaborated MVP further

Our solution

Throughout the project cycle, we implemented a wide range of both minor and major features to achieve a balanced-out, well-performing, full-blown MVP solution. We also did a lot of organization and management work, setting up regular SCRUM-based activities, planning out workflow sprints, and making “on-demand” changes in the course of the adjusted workflow. This took a lot of narrow-profile expertise and in-depth decision-making.

To create a robust-feature solution we've took the following steps:

Regular scrum activities

(to clarify requirements for the sprint, clarify what needs to be changed in the implementation, etc.)

Daily meetings


Sprint demo

Sprint planning

Constant communication with the client in the chat to clarify the details during the sprint

Taking part in the backlog items creation based on our expertise and ideas

Iterative development model

Continuous refactoring and code improvement

Implementation of the features that can be a competitive advantage

Tech stack

Everything working through CloudFormation configurations on the Vue-based client

Amazon S3








The Qlerify web application is still in the process of development, but we have successfully achieved the stage where it is ready for production. Currently, the client is negotiating with investors and showing the application’s demo to various related companies, collecting more tasks in the backlog to be implemented further on in order to achieve the final stages of a high-performance, business-boosting product.

Features that were implemented:

Adding attachments to requirements (both links and files)

Attachments preview in Qlerify

Tags for requirements (requirement types)

Requirement type settings

Filtering and sorting option for requirement types

Export requirements to Jira (including bulk export)

Inbound Jira integration (to read requirement status after export)

Marking requirements as Done

Sub-processes within the workflow diagram

General design improvements

“We are working on a project that requires a pretty massive amount of specialized effort in order for us to achieve something that would truly help businesses become better, bigger, and more competitive. This is exactly why we required a team of experienced professionals that would not only be able to handle the tasks on the agenda but also help us set the right direction for the whole project and come up with efficient ways to go around shifting conditions. And the guys are doing more than we could wish for. Big thanks and kudos!”



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