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Pimcore data management hub for internal needs

Client Information

Bizol is a global company specializing in high-performance motor oils, lubricants, and car care products.

With a strong commitment to quality and innovation, Bizol has established itself as a trusted brand in the automotive industry.

The Client’s Challenge

Bizol’s extensive range of motor oils and car care products required efficient management. Their existing system lacked the necessary flexibility and scalability to accommodate their ever-expanding product catalog and QR codes.




Berlin, DE Deutschland


  • Pimcore Development
  • Integration with existing 3rd party solutions
  • Unified data management hub
  • Digital Ocean integration for data storage and delivery


  • PM x 1
  • BA x 1
  • Pimcore developer x 1
  • Pimcore DevOps x 1

Project Workflow

Developing a project with Pimcore involves several stages and steps to ensure a successful implementation.

Here’s a step-by-step workflow we followed while working with Bizol:

We clearly defined the project’s objectives, including what Bizol wanted to achieve with Pimcore. Our BA collected and documented specific functional and non-functional requirements for the project.
We designed the database schema and data models to accommodate the product catalog and other data. We chose DigitalOcean for media data storage, management, and delivery.
Our Pimcore developer configured the development, staging, and production environments needed for Pimcore installation and setup.
Recognizing the importance of a clear data structure, the team conducted an additional Business Analysis (BA) session to refine the data model. This involved a deep dive into the organization’s content, helping to categorize, structure, and prioritize data for migration. Collaborating closely with PimCore engineers, the team meticulously mapped the source data fields to align with PimCore’s data structure. This alignment helped prevent data loss and ensured that relationships between various content elements were maintained.
We documented the technical aspects of the project for our client and deployed the solution to the production environment. Then, our tech experts integrated the solution with the existing websites.


Our Pimcore development services have empowered Bizol to overcome their previous challenges and achieve the following benefits:

Streamlined product management, resulting in faster time-to-market for new products.

Improved data structure for efficient content management.

High-quality, accurate, and consistent content in the PimCore system.

Effective handling of a large volume of content without performance issues.

Enhanced brand consistency through efficient digital asset management.

Improved data management thanks to Pimcore and DigitalOcean.

From streamlined product management to enhanced brand consistency, we’re ready to elevate your digital presence.
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