E-commerce Consulting Services

E-commerce Consulting Services

Are you considering upgrading your e-commerce website? Are you thinking about creating a new website to advertise your products or services online? If so, our services are just right for you. An effective e-commerce strategy provides digital platform choices, site audits, cloud readiness assessments, and cloud upgrades. Most importantly, a good e-commerce strategy helps you attract and retain customers. Dinarys E-commerce Consulting Services can help you achieve your goals.

Our E-commerce Consulting Services

Whether you're a new startup looking to create an e-commerce roadmap or a well-established organization trying to increase productivity and maximize profits, our e-commerce consultants can help you.

We use technical workshops to understand the unique needs of your business and its overall digital state to provide personalized e-commerce consulting support.

Here are some of the e-commerce consulting services we provide our clients to increase their profitability with minimal interruption.

Business Process Consulting

Business Process Consulting

  • Analyze the existing business model
  • Identify the business requirements
  • Assess market readiness
  • Define omnichannel opportunities
  • Optimize infrastructure needs
Business Process Consulting

Design and Planning Support

  • Analyze the target audience
  • Develop an inventory and pricing strategy
  • Plan and design e-commerce and an IT roadmap
  • Define and design the user journey
  • Identify system integrations
  • Design customer experience management strategy
Business Process Consulting

E-commerce Technology Consulting

  • Identify technology solutions to accomplish e-commerce objectives
  • Recommend the appropriate e-commerce platform
  • Choose an optimal and cost-effective cloud server solution
  • Identify channels for customer relationship management
  • Conduct usability and performance testing of existing e-commerce solutions
Business Process Consulting

Operational Consulting

  • Supply chain management system
  • Procurement and production planning
  • Order management and distribution
  • Marketing Automation
  • Personalization of customer experience
  • Data management and analytics

Our E-commerce Consulting Process

Our e-commerce consulting services will provide you with a ready-made project strategy that includes a description of detailed functional requirements and the server architecture, parameters of servers and system software, a business process map in Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) notation, a scheme for integrating systems and services, a description of flow integration, and details regarding control points and a hierarchical structure of work. In addition, we provide you with an assessment of the resources and a timeline for project implementation.

Business audit

Business audit

  • We analyze the current situation, including internal and external business processes, market best practices, competitor information, and the consumption context.
  • We interview the members of the working team to identify target customers.
  • We evaluate the current competitive advantages of the company and help make the organization more competitive.
Business audit

Marketing audit

  • We describe user portraits by segments.
  • We create a customer journey map and a user story.
  • We analyze user behavior and conduct a UX\UI audit to identify the bottlenecks in the website.
  • We check the menu structure and directory structure for compliance with basic SEO requirements.
Business audit

Technical audit

  • We check the technical operations of the website.
  • We conduct an information security audit.
  • We complete an interface audit.
  • We conduct a code review.
Business audit

Design audit

  • Checking the pages of a website or application
  • Checking logos and all branding
  • Writing style guides
  • Comparisons between the original design files and the current version

Our Technology

We conduct an extensive analysis of each client’s business to help them successfully implement their business strategies in a digital world and deliver relevant e-commerce products that increase profits and build brand recognition. To maximize results for our clients, we utilize the following technologies:


  • PHP
  • HTML
  • JavaScript


  • Kotlin (Android)
  • Swift (iOS)


  • Yii2
  • Laravel
  • Symphony
  • React
  • Angular
  • Vue


  • Magento
  • Shopware
  • Spryker
  • SFCC
  • Shopify
  • BigCommerce


  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL
  • Percona
  • MariaDB
  • Oracle
  • MS SQL


  • AWS
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Digital Ocean
  • Any private cloud


  • Kubernetes
  • Rancher
  • Docker Swarm
  • Docker Compose


  • Jenkins
  • Gitlab
  • Github
  • Teamcity
  • Circle CI
  • Travis CI
  • Bitbucket Pipelines


  • Ansible
  • Puppet
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Consul


  • RabbitMQ
  • Apache Kafka
  • Apache Kassandra
  • Redis
  • Elk Stack
  • Memcached


  • Zabbix
  • Nagios
  • Traefik
  • Prometheus
  • Grafana

Benefits of Our E-commerce Development Consulting

If building an e-commerce website has become so affordable, then why shouldn't every business person just start an e-commerce website and start making huge profits? The answer is that an e-commerce business is more than just having a website. It's about taking orders, fulfilling orders, delivering them to customers, managing a website, coordinating with delivery services, and above all, maintaining sales levels despite huge competition from competing e-commerce sites.

This is where e-commerce consulting services come into the picture, which provide a variety of services for managing an e-commerce business. And here are the benefits of consulting:

Convenient and interconnected mechanisms for interacting with customers

Through our marketing optimization, we use effective customer interaction mechanisms in the development of your website to build trust with your potential customers, develop long-term relationships, and increase profits.

Smart retail and supply chains

We use Magento or Shopware to build online stores and to combine artificial intelligence, advanced digital marketing platforms, and IBM e-commerce solutions to help you gain valuable insight into every customer touchpoint across your enterprise.

Maximum productivity and flexibility.

We provide the flexibility to reduce the time to market while building long-term customer relationships.

Why Choose Us?

The business of the largest companies certainly impacts the world around us. The development of this business in the future will affect the lives of many people. We understand that identifying and implementing internet solutions for your business is an important responsibility, and we want to collaborate with you to improve the future of your business. Our success depends on the success of our clients, and teamwork ensures the best results.

Dinarys takes a structured approach to problem-solving. We rely on thoughtful opinions and best practices that have been carefully analyzed.

We have accumulated a wealth of experience by working with companies in various fields, including large financial and industrial enterprises and foreign and international businesses.

As part of our continuous professional development, our Magento developers and designers regularly attend seminars and constantly update their methodologies. We conduct internal audits and appraisals of our employees on an annual basis. These efforts allow us to provide services of the highest quality. We also use a flexible, multifactor pricing system that considers the specific needs of the client. Choose Magento web designers and Dinarys developers. You won't regret your choice!


projects launched for US and European customers


years of experience


years of growing DevOps Expertise

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Adobe Solution Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

Certified Google Cloud Partner

A unique approach to implementation rooted in design-thinking tactics and Agile methodology

Our Case Studies



Audit services for a RecruTech company

  • Analyzed the client engagement process and identified areas for improvement

  • Run excessive research to gain insights into industry benchmarks

  • Provided actionable recommendations and compiled a roadmap

Read a full case study Expertry

What Our Clients Say About Us

Leo Faria

Leo Faria

Founder NBS

“With the recently rising demand, we didn’t know where to go to scale our online commerce capabilities most appropriately, properly. We decided to hire this team according to recommendations from some trusted people. And we didn’t regret it a bit. We still have some work to do on our mobile website, for which I think we’ll turn to these guys once again.”

Carlos Kuk

Carlos Kuk

Founder RacePower

“An e-commerce store opening is always a major step of any business in the direction of further extension and growth. That’s why we were very careful when choosing specialists to handle the creation of our own e-commerce. To put it plain and simple, it was a total pleasure to work with the company we eventually went with. No deadlines were broken, no excessive situations took place. The whole project was a breeze, and now we have a great, smoothly running online shop.”

Sergey Kondratyev

Sergey Kondratyev

Founder Goddess

“A full redesign of our online store seemed a very daring idea at first, but we couldn’t walk past it, and it was great to have seasoned professionals work on such an important – even essential – task for our business. It was great to have a fully transparent working process and get the results we were expecting, a real satisfying professional collab.”


Our e-commerce consulting services usually start at $30/hour for low-level to mid-level work and $50–200/hour at the expert level. You may pay an hourly rate or a flat project rate depending on the work. The larger your business, the more valuable the advice of an e-commerce consultant may be!

When choosing an e-commerce consultant, consider these three factors:
  • Reputation
    Before you hire a professional e-commerce consultant, make sure you read the consultant's online reviews.
  • Experience
    Pay attention to the company’s past work. Ask if the company has worked on projects that are similar to yours and pay attention to the company’s reviews.
  • Price
    Choose an e-commerce consultant by using a price-quality ratio because we all know that cheap does not mean capable.

Several factors affect the cost of consulting services, and it all depends on the problem you have and the amount of work performed. The price is based on your individual project and specific problem.

Let professionals meet your challenge

Our certified specialists will find the most optimal solution for your business.

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