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Kontakt Home

A semi-marketplace electronics and home appliances online store case study

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Kontakt Home


Kontakt Home is a European online distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances with headquarters in Baku, Azerbaijan. Their online outlet is an eCommerce website with certain marketplace elements.

The client came to us with the issue of the current site being built on WordPress, which is a somewhat outdated CMS that no longer grants reliable website performance at the peak load of 7,500+ requests per second. The site also lacked the ability for suppliers and vendors to add products manually via the admin panel.


Kontakt Home
Baku, Azerbaijan

Project goal

To implement a new online store based on CMS Magento 2 and integrate it with the client’s existing system.


2 Magento developers
2 Backend developers
Magento Team Lead

Project timeframe

August 2020 - Ongoing

Project tasks

  • Build a new online store powered by Magento 2 based on the readymade design, which included:
  • Building a custom CMS functionality frontend using React capacities and Magento as an API;
  • Creating new features from scratch, including
    • admin panel access for suppliers (while the sales are conducted on the behalf of the marketplace, which is an uncommon feature);
    • customizable order management and processing.
  • Adding a number of readymade modules;
  • Customizing a good part of the added modules.
  • Integrate the new online store with third-party tools of the client’s choice, which included:
  • Integrating with the readymade ERP system;
  • Integrating with suppliers’ several 1C frameworks;
  • Integrating with a credit calculator feature.

Client requirements

The major requirements of the client included:

Implement a custom online store design (based on the assets provided by the client);

Build a working online store based on Magento 2;

Add custom functionality created based on React;

Implement new custom features in the updated store;

Connect a number of readymade modules and customize some of them;

Integrate a new solution with the existing ERP, 1C, and loan calculator tool.

Client requirements
The major requirements of the client included:

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Our solution

In the course of the project, we manage to take all the strong sides of the client’s offer and previous website and interpret it into a brand new online store. The one that runs faster and smoother, has higher security standards, and that much more capabilities for all user roles. Magento 2 allows achieving ultimately flexible software with extensive functionality that shows excellent performance. That’s exactly why we went with this engine in the first place.

Our solution

Main page

Main page


Kontakt Home is now presented as an intuitive, high-performance online half-marketplace with complex integrations, custom design, React-powered frontend, as well as seamless integration with the ERP, 1C, multiple major payment systems, and more. Overall, we consider the job done to be a great contribution to revamping our client’s business on the web and securing their online presence.

“The idea of updating our online outlet came after an immediate realization of our site looking and feeling outdated. After the first consultation and some personal research, I saw that the problem was in WordPress and its legacy approaches. The guys did a great job at modernizing our eCommerce, for which I am grateful enough to rate the job 10/10!”


Kontakt Home

Product Owner

Evgeniy Kuralov

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