Native App Development for a Large Electronics and Appliance Store Chain

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About the client


About the client

Foxtrot is a well-known Ukraine-based chain of electronics and home appliances stores that has been providing Ukrainian shoppers over the years, gaining a loyal audience of customers. Founded back in 1994, this is one of the oldest large store chains with leading market positions.


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Even a well-established retail provider must timely scale and improve in line with the growing demand and satisfaction standards among customers. Foxtrot is a more than successful chain of big stores that holds firm positions in the Ukrainian retail markets. Still, the company required an efficient way to attract more customers, increase usual customer satisfaction rates, and boost sales.

For this, the ultimate goal arose to create brand new native applications for the two top mobile platforms right now (Android and iOS) with a smooth user experience, thorough functionality, and inviting UI design. The applications that would efficiently stimulate loyalty in a number of user segments at once.





Project goal

Create two native solutions that would help attract more customers, stimulate brand loyalty across customer segments, and boost sales.


3 iOS Dev
2 Android Dev
1 QA
1 PM
1 Backend Dev

Project timeframe

Release date: 29.10.21

Business Metrics


Customer retention


Increasing revenue


Customer lifetime value


Average order value

Project features

In terms of native app development, we had to implement a number of separate Android and iOS features, which included

Authorization/registration screen:

Detailed filling forms for new user registration and regular user authorization into an individual cabinet

Intuitive mobile navigation elements:

Drop-down lists, interactive boxes, buttons, links, etc.

Consistent main screen:

The main hub for product categories and other store sections

Interactive product catalog:

Smooth product category transitions, product cards, and descriptions

Product screens:

Consistent product descriptions, product purchasing buttons, products comparison system, one-click purchase opportunity, etc.

Shopping cart:

Intuitive shopping cart environment

Ordering system:

Interactive ordering opportunities

Personal cabinet:

Personal user profile capabilities

Navigation menus:

Intuitive product listings, app navigation map, and fast access to various sections

Client requirements

The client issued the following underlying requirements for the final native apps:

Flexible registration and authorization via

  • Phone number
  • Social media (Facebook, Google, and Twitter)
  • Apple ID in the iOS app

Reinforced cybersecurity:

  • Single-device user authorization
  • Restricted user data access
  • 10-minute authorization code existence

Connected external interfaces:

  • REST API connection for backend data exchange
  • Multisearch connection for barcode search capability
  • Interkass payment gateways integration
  • PrivatBank and Monobank payment system integrations for buy now, pay later and installment purchase opportunities

Foxtrot business rules:

  • User data processing compliance
  • Data processing allowances based on Foxtrot’s formal offer
  • Special offer conditions
  • Loyalty bonus system

Proper usability:

  • Only unique product comparisons


  • App connection to the bigger Foxtrot system through a proper API



Main Page and Catalog

Main Page and Catalog

Product page

Product page

Our solution

In the long run, our team of mobile software developers and specialists has managed to implement two smoothly performing native solutions with whole sets of retail opportunities that make the lives of Foxtrot customers easier. The resulting apps are well-protected, fast running, intuitive solutions with convenient product categories and app sections, all the required retail tools (like product comparisons, one-click orders, and such), and sturdy connection to the large Foxtrot retail system.

The applications should give a significant boost in user satisfaction rates. Intuitive navigation helps focus on particular consumer goals without being hindered by cumbersome elements or confusing UI elements. All in all, Foxtrot now has rapid apps created in line with the times.





Product comparison

Product comparison


After the full project completion, the client received two full-blown native applications with retail tools and features to satisfy both the most demanding customers and completely non-tech-savvy users. The streamlined performance and smoothness of the overall user experience are forecasted to most positively stimulate further customer demand in terms of the Foxtrot user audience.

“It was a breeze and a delight to work with guys that know how to do their work best. The most appreciated moments were thorough consultations and clarifications in the workflow process. We also had strict requirements which eventually were most properly handled. As a whole - this is the work well done and we are already seeing some major results of this work.”



Product owner

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