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Benefits of Dealing with an E-commerce Development Company

In the modern trading sphere, going e-commerce is no longer an option. It’s a must. A partnership with the right e-commerce development company can bring multiple dividends to your business. Due to our first-hand knowledge in different e-commerce fields, we can help you to:

Foresee opportunities

Foresee opportunities

We are focused on how to avoid potential pitfalls and deliver desired results in a timely and efficient manner.

Attract your target audience

Attract your target audience

Detecting your ICP is only half the solution. You also need to use correct sales channels to reach out to your audience and provide a smooth user experience, attracting potential clients and prolonging their lifetime value. Entrust these tasks to us.

Transform weaknesses into strengths

Transform weaknesses into strengths

Or, turn bugs into features. Many businesses fail to grow because of insufficient technological capabilities. These days, this is often a major obstacle to business expansion. Send us a request to fill all the gaps and help your business make a positive 180-degree change.

E-commerce Industries We Serve

Dinarys has broad expertise in both B2B and B2C business models. Our team offers e-commerce development services in numerous industries, such as retail, fintech, healthcare, education, real estate, food delivery, and recruitment. Depending on the niche you are operating in, the audience of users you are targeting, and internal business nuances, we can build:

Technologies We Use

We conduct in-depth analyses of our clients’ businesses, help them implement their business strategies into a digital world wisely, and deliver relevant e-commerce products that contribute to increased profits and brand recognition. To achieve maximum results, we combine the following technologies:

E-commerce platforms we use

In our e-commerce solution development practice, we stick to modern e-commerce platforms that ensure flexibility and scalability and allow us, and our clients, to balance quality and growth. Among these platforms are Magento, Shopware, SFCC, and Spryker.

Our E-commerce Development Process

In our opinion, the individual approach is key to success. However, over years of dedicated experience in e-commerce, we have formed a basis for the development process, which is divided into three sections.


Discovery phase

Discovery phase:

At this stage, we conduct a profound business prerequisites analysis, which consists of studying existing business workflow, investigating target audience and current market conditions, researching competitors, matching our customer vision with market realities, and detecting potential pitfalls and growth opportunities.


Building a technology landscape

Building a technology landscape:

Technology is what online presence is built upon. During this phase, we create a functionality list, identify a technology stack for your future solution, ensure its technical feasibility, and assess the total cost and time.


Solution implementation

Solution implementation:

In this step, we proceed with transforming your ideas into life. We start with a basic software design, move forward to MVP/product development, and extend with further functionality. The product then undergoes thorough quality assurance to minimize errors in the field. Once we launch a flawless piece of software, the support and maintenance step begins as we assist our clients during the entire software development lifecycle, including the post-launch period.

Enable Growth with Custom Digital Commerce Solutions

Custom development is what can help you make your business distinct from the competition. One-of-a-kind features will diversify your customer journey and tailor it to evolving consumer needs. Apply for our custom e-commerce development services to take your online business to an entirely new level, be number one in your niche, and turn your ideas into reality. We develop enterprise-level custom e-commerce websites for our clients.

Our clients

Since 2014, we have worked on 100+ e-commerce projects of different sizes and specifications. We establish firm and fruitful relationships with our clients and serve not as simple contractors, but as business partners, since our client’s success is what encourages us to improve.

Our portfolio reflects our values and corporate culture. Some of our work is presented below.

Our projects

Want to see more projects built by our company? Please click the link below and view our full portfolio. If you’re looking to build a website or a mobile app, don’t hesitate to contact us!

What our clients say

We've worked with online entrepreneurs from Eastern Europe, Germany and the USA. See what they say about our work:

Why choose us

The crucial points to look for in an e-commerce development agency are reliability and a high level of professionalism. It is not just about the quality of the e-commerce store development services provided, but also how the agency takes into account the specific needs, requirements, and challenges of your company. Apart from extensive expertise and technology proficiency, Dinarys experts are fully dedicated to your project and always strive to find the best solutions for your business goals and estimated budget. Our individual approach to every project is what strongly differentiates us from our competitors and helps us exceed client expectations. Your business growth is our primary concern


E-commerce development is important for any business type and scale. By enabling online sales, you can receive the following benefits:
  • No geographical or time limitations
  • Adherence to modern consumer needs
  • Abundant product descriptions
  • Increased brand awareness
  • Well-structured inventory management
  • Simple, convenient, and safe shopping
The major factors that influence the price of an e-commerce development solution are the platform and plan you choose, whether you use a ready-made or custom theme, third-party integrations (either ready-made or customized modules), and type of contractors (on-site team, freelancers, or outsourcing). Each option has its pros and cons, so you should base your decision on your particular needs. Besides this, you should take into account the preparation that covers business analysis and market research, marketing and SEO activities, and customer support, which can require additional investment.
The market offers numerous e-commerce platforms for building e-commerce websites. At Dinarys, we place a high priority on scalability and flexibility, so we most often opt for CMSs like Magento, Shopware, SFCC, and Spryker.