How to Build a Dropshipping eCommerce Website

eCommerce Apr 29, 2020

How to Build a Dropshipping eCommerce Website

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Today a drop shipping eCommerce website is becoming extremely popular, especially among small businesses. This type of e-commerce business has a number of benefits. The main benefit is your online shop does not need to handle or stock items you are selling.

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This is a great way that you can save money on warehouses and online shop managers. In addition, even with limited funds, you still can create a dropshipping website and make it successful.

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The main concept of drop shipping is that you sell items bought from other manufacturers or third-party suppliers. That way, online retailers can focus on customer acquisition while cutting operational costs.

If you’re considering drop shipping as your future business model, read the article below. We will tell you about the main stages of development, and how much setting up a dropshipping website costs.

E-commerce platform to start a dropshipping website

Since drop shipping is quite modern, and specific to types of selling goods, every online retailer should be aware of some particular criteria. You can use a set of simple rules, given below, to choose the right solution for your drop shipping e-commerce website.

When starting a dropshipping website, you should be aware of how many online shops currently use the solution. Below we share the list of top e-commerce platforms suitable for drop shipping business and the online shops powered by them.

Website URL Ecommerce Platform


Eukanuba Shop
Wool Couture Company
Helly Hensen


Miss Guided
Marucci Sports


Nine Line Apparel
For Fans by Fans


6 Dollar Shirts
Negative Underwear



Now you can visit each website and decide what is more attractive to you as your future e-commerce solution. We want to emphasize that all platforms are very popular in online retail, powering thousands of online shops around the globe. Below, you can find more tips on how to start a dropshipping site.

A current market situation of e-commerce solutions

At first glance, it could be difficult to find the best e-commerce platform for your online shop. For that, we decided to chart the market share of the most popular e-commerce solutions.

A current market situation of e-commerce solutions

The statistics below show us that WooCommerce counts the bigger number of users. Then comes Magento, an open source platform and Shopify, a self-hosted solution. The smaller market share belongs to BigCommerce and OpenCart.

WooCommerce counts the bigger number of users

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The Dinarys team wants our clients to know more about how e-commerce platforms work. For that, let's dive into the differences between them. Below you will find a detailed description of hosted and self-hosted platforms.

The main differences between hosted and self-hosted platforms

When clients hire Dinarys for e-commerce platform development, the first thing the team does is state that not all platforms work similarly.

The main difference between hosted and self-hosted solutions

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The main difference between hosted and self-hosted solutions is that the first is more suitable for non-tech persons. If you are experienced in development, the self-hosted platform will be a better option since it gives more freedom to users.

However, there are even more differences. You can find them in the table below.

Self Hosted Hosted
You can choose the hosting server for your ecommerce platform Platform has a hosted server by default
Limitless opportunities for e-commerce website customization The online shop has limited opportunities in customization
To add more features, you need to add plugins and modules manually The platform comes with pre-installed themes and plugins (sometimes)
The platform is free of use


both for personal and commercial goals

The platform has multiple packages and is paid
Often has a great support community of developers and users In most cases, the platform has a small support community, but still provides customer with support
Users have complete control over the platform Helps set up store quickly but don’t grant complete control

In addition, we want to add a little review about each platform, its price policy, pros and cons.

Best e-commerce platforms for a dropshipping business

In our guide about how to start a dropshipping website, you can find additional information that might be helpful when opening a dropshipping online store.

So, let`s start.

28% of online stores enjoy the features WooCommerce

1. WooCommerce

This is not an actual e-commerce platform, but just a plug-in for WordPress websites. However, 28% of online stores enjoy the features WooCommerce provides them with. The main reasons are that it is free and extremely user friendly. The bigger benefit for non-tech users is they can install it and set up a drop shipping website in just a single click.

WooCommerce has a WordPress admin panel, a favorite bloggers platform. In addition, you can add multiple features to an online store by installing modules and plug-ins in a few clicks.

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WooCommerce is popular among designers and developers for creating a dropshipping website. There are tons of e-commerce templates, designs, and manuals on installations.

As WordPress, WooCommerce is a free solution. Still, users should pay for the domain names and some paid designs on the WordPress marketplace.

It is a hosted solution and many famous online shops enjoy using it.

Magento is an open source platform

2. Magento

This is the second most popular e-commerce solution among online retailers. Remember, Magento is an open source platform, so if you are a beginner in e-commerce, you should find something else. However, you can hire an e-commerce team which can set the shop up for you. One Magento benefit is improved customization features. So if you want to surprise your online shop customers, you can consider Magento.

This is an advanced e-commerce platform with a user-friendly backend. However, to set up a dropshipping online store on Magento, you will need to read a couple of manuals or hire an e-commerce team.

The platform has a big community of developers and designers where you can find everything you need. To find out how to use Magento for dropshipping, you can use additional information resources such as YouTube channels, blog stops, and forums.

Magento has several plans, including even a free one. Other paid plans have many features for big businesses. If you do not plan to open a huge marketplace for drop shipment, you can use a free option.

Magento has its own hosting and is used by many e-commerce leaders.

Shopify is one of the best platforms for dropshipping

3. Shopify

Many users think that Shopify is one of the best platforms for dropshipping. Currently, the solution host over 500,000 online shops, including dropshipping sites. This platform suits even beginners. So even you can create a dropshipping website without technical knowledge.

Shopify platform has a convenient admin panel. Moreover, the platform provides users with pre-field pages like Return Policy, Shipping Calculator, About Us, Privacy Policy and Shipping Information. Managing a dropshipping online store with Shopify is extremely convenient since the platform provides user support by e-mail, phone, and online chat.

The platform has three paid plans ranging from $29 to $299 per month. If you are looking for advanced services, chose Advanced Shopify.

Users love BigCommerce because of its simple set up process and convenient interface

4. BigCommerce

This hosted e-commerce solution powers over 50,000 small online shops, together with more than 2000 online shops of enterprise size. Users love BigCommerce because of its simple set up process and convenient interface. Unlike Shopify, BigCommerce does not charge any additional fees on transactions.

Still, the platform has even more benefits, including extremely quick and simple set up process, online support, and customizable layout.

There are 3 packages of BigCommerce platforms. The most affordable cost just $29. But if you need more advanced features from your website, use the one that costs $250. BigCommere also has an Enterprise version, but to receive an estimated cost, you need to contact platform support.

Dinarys comparison of e-commerce platforms for dropshipping

The team analyzed all features of every platform and we are ready to score each with points. Our favorites are Shopware (information will be added to the table soon) and Magento. In the table below, you can see more details.

Comparison Table

  WooCommerce Magento Shopify BigCommerce OpenCart
Usability 9 10 9 9 9
Support 9 9 10 10 9
Price 10 10 7 7 10
Points 28 29 26 26 28

Dinarys recommendations

When setting up a dropshipping website, you can use any of the reviewed platforms. But remember, the choice should be made according to your business needs and future goals. Moreover, we prefer working with hosted solutions because they allow online retailers to customize an e-commerce website in the best way. The team thinks that custom design and modules may increase conversions and bring more sales, unlike standard features and templates.

Pay attention to the platforms that have auto-dropshipping plugins like Dropified and AliDropship. With this tip, your management processes will be much easier.

How to build a dropshipping website with order automation plug-ins

Many owners of dropshipping businesses often get over 1000 orders each day. It would be extremely difficult to place all of them on AliExpress.

This is when order automation can help.

Below we will tell you about the most powerful tools for order automation for Shopify.

MailClimp allows drop shipping websites to building e-mail lists

1. MailChimp

Price: free - up to 2000 customer contacts

MailClimp allows drop shipping websites to building e-mail lists. The tool works for free on up to 2000 contacts, and then the price may vary.

The tool gives users the ability to segment customers on the last purchase, all orders, and the country.

Another option when using Better Price is to offer free shipping to customers who ordered over $XX

2. Better Shipping

Price: $14.99

This app allows for adding different shipping rates on different products. The shipping rate is extremely important if you want to avoid shopper frustration.

Another option when using Better Price is to offer free shipping to customers who ordered over $XX. The secret is that free shipping makes customers spend more, and brings more profit to your online store.

Abandonment Protector is extremely useful for dropshipping businesses

3. Abandonment Protector

Price: $8

With this tool, you can increase your conversions and bring back customers who left your website after adding items to the shopping cart. This is extremely useful for dropshipping businesses. Potential customers will receive a notification via email that they have uncompleted purchases. To send a reminder, you just need to select customers who were very close to buying.

Final thought

Now you know all the details on how to make a dropshipping website. When starting a dropshipping business, it is very important to select the right platform that will suit your business plan. Moreover, it should suit your budget because not every platform is free. When choosing a free of charge platform remember that you still need to pay for a domain, additional features like an extension or a plug-in for dropshipping, and the design.

For instance, to run a drop-shipping website on Magento, you need to spend the additional budget on an e-commerce team to set up and maintain your online business.

For that reason, Dinarys offers Magento as a solution for drop-shipping model. With this in mind, the final decision should be based on your industry and future goals.

Starting a dropshipping website with Dinarys

Every beginner in online retail should have a tutor to achieve success. That is who we are. We can do industry analysis and customer profiles to develop a website that 100% fits your target customers. This is an important step of e-commerce website development because it will influence the design, features, and customer journey. Moreover, we can create the website design to reflect the values of your business and brand identity. To achieve success, you need to know your competitors and their e-commerce solutions. When making an industry analysis for our clients, we check potential competitors to get insights on what works in that particular niche.

With our creative mobile team, we can make a responsive design for your online shop or even a mobile app, so your future customers can make purchases from their mobile devices. To receive a consultation or an estimation of your dropshipping online store cost, fill in the form.


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