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E-Commerce Apr 05, 2020

What is a chatbot and why do you need it

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



What is a chatbot and why do you need it


  1. How do chatbots will improve your business?

Chatbots attract many eCommerce retailers that make this service an integral part of digital marketing strategy. It is a versatile tool that answers customers’ requests and completes tasks. At first glance, chatbots seem to be very complicated, though with right preparation and guidance they can become an indispensable tool providing our clients with necessary information and monetizing your profiles in social media. This article contains the description of chatbots benefits and why you should use them.

How do chatbots will improve your business?

Chatbots are the service that mimics the process of communication and interaction with clients. Chatbots will help you to have a decent representation of your company on the Internet and to set apart from a faceless mass. They will also help you to build an emotional bond with customers.

How do they work?

There are bots, which functions are based on rules and bots that use artificial intelligence. The main difference between them is that function based chatbots have much more limited functions and they respond to specific commands, unlike AI chatbots. To create an effective function based chat bots is a great deal for developers. AI chatbots are more dynamic.  They don’t require specific commands and respond to language.

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What benefits do chatbots have?

The number of messaging application users has surpassed the number of users of social media. That way chatbots offer a more practical way to reach your audience. They were created to allow customers to get answers through the applications they use the most. Moreover, chatbots will help you to:

Chatbots is the new stage of your online shop. Dinarys team will be glad to help you not only to develop an online shop but also to integrate chatbots. Fill the form below and we will contact you.


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