How to Build A Multi Vendor Marketplace Like Ebay Using Magento?

Development Jul 26, 2018

How to Build A Multi Vendor Marketplace Like Ebay Using Magento?

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If you decide to develop a multi-vendor store, you might be inspired by such industry leaders as eBay and Amazon. In this is the case, it is vital to understand the diverse aspects of marketplace development.

In this article, we will discuss:


Current marketplace industry profile

We recommend you read Dinarys’ article to get more information for your future project.

The current marketplace industry profile

The first thing you should understand is that no marketplace was built in a day. To create a multi-vendor store will take time and money, especially if you decide to develop a marketplace from a scratch.

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Still, owning a multi-vendor store is a very prospective business. If you are wondering how much do online marketplaces earn, let us look at some data.

E-commerce sales via large global marketplaces were $1.55 trillion in 2017. In particular, Amazon reported sales of $ 177.9 billion in revenue in 2017.


 Amazon reported sales of $ 177.9 billion in revenue in 2017


If these statistics sound very inspiring for you, read the article to find out how to create a marketplace like eBay with Magento.

How to create an online marketplace like eBay using Magento 2

When websites like Amazon and eBay ventured in a long time ago, they had no alternative but to start everything from scratch. However, with modern e-commerce technologies, the task of developing a multi-vendor platform is not as challenging anymore.

It is important to research several areas before hiring an e-commerce team to make your own multi-vendor Magento store like eBay:


before the development process is extensive market research

1.    Market research

The first thing to do before the development process is extensive market research. To be successful in retail, you need to know and understand your target audience and their needs. As an example, let’s look at Amazon target audience. The website focuses on users in the 18-44 age range. It is vital to understand both future marketplace retailers and shoppers to provide customers the journey and features they expect.


let’s look at Amazon target audience.

You can do it within your company or hire Dinarys’ team to do this research for you.


Cost: From $379.99 to $1 295.00 depending on the project size and industry

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The domain is essential for the multi-vendor store

2.    The perfect domain name

The domain is essential for the multi-vendor store. We can compare it with the physical address. For that, it should be short, touch an emotion and easy to remember. We also recommend you avoid using a domain name connected with existing popular brands and trademarks.


To get a domain name for your future marketplace, you can use one of many web hosting services, including

Our team recommends GoDaddy because this Domain Register Company owns over 59 million domain names and are reasonably priced so it’s not difficult to find one that will suit you.

Cost: From $10 to $15 a year



For multi-vendor marketplaces, we recommend cloud-hosting services

3.    Powerful server

Since you’re planning to create a marketplace, you need to make the right decision on a server provider. Take into account that your future website needs to handle increasing traffic from different geographies. If you want to avoid user frustration on website speed and other inconveniences, your marketplace platform should be robust.

For multi-vendor marketplaces, we recommend cloud-hosting services. A cloud-based hosting is the best option for a marketplace platform since the servers are located on the internet. Users manage and store data without buying a local server.


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Cost: free - $5000 per year depending on your website platform

Most important features for multi-vendor e-commerce marketplace


If you want to create a marketplace from scratch rather than use a readymade script, prepare for a long journey. The development process includes many stages:

The duration and cost of each stage will be determined by your project ideas. Dinarys’ experience in marketplace development shows that such a project might cost from $3.000 to $50.000.

Moreover, the price depends on the features you want to implement in your future multi-vendor platform.  

Here’s a list of most common marketplace platform features:


Cost: from $3.000 to $50.000 depending on the feature list

Now you have an understanding of why the development of an e-commerce marketplace is so expensive and time-consuming. However, don’t panic! Our team has prepared an alternative to make your project live.

In this section of the article, we discuss how to create a multi-vendor marketplace like eBay and not to go bankrupt using ready-made scripts.

how to build a multi-vendor e-commerce website on Magento 2

As we said before, it is possible to create a multi-vendor store using an existing platform and ready-made scripts with basic features for both sellers and buyers.


How to create a marketplace like eBay with Magento platform


In this case, our team recommends the Magento platform, an e-commerce industry leader with 29% market share. Magento is known for its smooth running, but most important, the platform is scalable, secure and highly customizable. To make a long story short, Magento has everything a future marketplace owner can dream of.



over 200,000 e-commerce websites and recently rolled out the Magento 2.0 version

If you still have doubts, here’s  further information.

According to a Magento report, the platform powers over 200,000 e-commerce websites and recently rolled out the Magento 2.0 version.  

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Magento offers users several plans suitable for businesses of different sizes.

The platform provides small businesses with an open-source free Magento 2 Community edition. Medium and large companies can use Magento 2 Enterprise Edition which costs from $22,000.00 to $125,000.00 per year. The final cost is based on the business’ gross sales revenue.


an open-source free Magento 2 Community edition

To turn a website into a two-sided marketplace, you also need a ready-made script for marketplaces.

We believe this is the best option because it has such benefits as:

When choosing a script to develop a multi-vendor store, we recommend viewing reviews by existing users and learning more about the Magento development company. Moreover, you can even contact our team to learn more about their abilities.

While developing a marketplace, do not forget about mobile device users. Mobile commerce is widespread today. In addition to a mobile-friendly layout, customers enjoy using ready-made scripts since they also include ready to go apps. If you want to build your custom application for the future marketplace, you can hire Dinarys. Their team can develop from scratch a perfect and convenient app based on your requirements.

Magento multi-vendor marketplace extensions

Now, let’s talk about the most popular extensions to turn your Magento 2 online store into a marketplace. 

This extension empowers Magento 2 websites with two-sided marketplace features. Sellers can take full control of many important fields such as their products, shipments, sales, credit memos, invoices with support from a Seller Cpanel. In another aspect, Customer can judge seller’s service by giving reviews, rating anytime and enjoy a shopping experience in your marketplace.


Price: $399

This extension for multi-vendor marketplaces has flexible features. Thanks to this extension, the Vendors can display and sell their products. In addition, the store owner is easy to manage all the vendor products and their sales. 



Price: $299


With this module for Magento 2, users can manage effectively the stock, shipment, profile page, etc. It allows the vendors to insert various products types such as Simple, Configurable, Virtual and Downloadable. All the templates and themes supported are compatible with responsive web designs.


Price: $349

The Cost to build a multi-vendor marketplace like eBay

If your business plan requires custom development of a future marketplace, expect to spend from $10,000 to $100,000. The price of building a multi vendor platform from scratch depends on your requirements and features. Since modern customers expect a lot from a marketplace, with all modern features, the price could be even higher – $150.000 or higher. At the same time, the cost to build a Magento website like eBay using ready scripts will be much lower. Practice shows that you can receive an excellent website with up-to-date features from $15 000 when using Magento Community edition.


The estimate on e-commerce marketplace development in hours


UI/UX design, user interface

from 30 to 40 hours

Web application development and deployment scripts

from 20 to 30 hours


User authorization and security

from 60 to 70 hours

Seller and buyer profiles features

from 70 to 80 hours


Product listing

from 160 to 170 hours


Booking or wish list

from 60 to 70 hours


Payment and Payout integration

from 80 to 90 hours


Seller rating and customer review

from 60 to 70 hours



from 20 to 30 hours

Browsing content

from 80 to 90 hours



Based on the table, the development of a custom two-sided platform marketplace from scratch can reach 690 hours of development. Based on our experience, the team delivers the working project in the minimum 3-4 month.

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The price of development services may vary from one company to another, the ability of the developer and designer, and the geographical location.


NOTE! Research shows that Ukrainian specialists are the least expensive when compared to other experienced developers. The same amount of work could be done ten times cheaper  a Ukrainian team than by a USA e-commerce development team. Take this into account when looking for an e-commerce agency for two-sided platform development.    


With this in mind, if you hire a team with the hourly rate from $25 to $49, the project cost will be $25.000. The same project scope developed by an American e-commerce team could cost $190,000.

The benefit of using M2E Pro for a Magento website

The following information might be useful for an online retailer, wishing to increase the number of sales channel while managing products from the Magento website admin panel.

Let’s take a closer look at what M2E Pro can offer current online retailers.

What is most notable about M2E Pro is that this Magento solution helps owners of e-commerce websites sell products on popular marketplaces like eBay and Amazon. Your products will be listed on the marketplace and results in the increase in sales by reaching a wider target audience. Using this extension, you can list products using a third-party solution or manually. At the same time, M2E Pro allows retention of order history and product ranking.


reasons to include M2E into your online retail strategy


In order to increase sales, online retailers manage several Magento websites at once. However, this strategy is very time-consuming. If you want to avoid missed orders and other related issues that may have a negative impact on your brand and sales, use M2E. This extension helps online retailers in connecting several marketplace accounts and e-commerce websites to a single sales channel, managed from the Magento admin panel.

Here are even more reasons to include M2E into your online retail strategy. M2E Magento extension helps to automate:

If you want to save time on routine tasks and to focus more on your strategy and business goals, we have even more perks for you. M2E supports not only manual product listing but also third party listing. If you want to list your goods elsewhere, the extension will also list them in the Magento e-commerce website.

If you are ready to push your e-commerce business to the next level, consider M2E Magento extension as a solution that will drive your sales. Are you interested? Contact the Dinarys team for M2E integration of your existing online store or receive a consultation on e-commerce website development services.


It is impossible to estimate the cost of multi-vendor store development without technical requirements. Some Dinarys customers hire the team for custom e-commerce platform development. However, this option could be too costly for average businesses. If you want to make your own multi-vendor Magento store like eBay, you can use Magento platform with the Magento multi-vendor extension to start your business. This way you also receive a marketplace mobile app to enhance mobile device users.

How could Dinarys team be useful for your business?

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Most often, our clients hire us to increase sales in an existing online shop by improving the customer journey with modern technologies.    

Nevertheless, there are even more services available; including business analysis, website design, mobile apps development and technical support.

If you need a professional consultation on your e-commerce project or you have the new project in mind, fill in the contact form. Our team will get in touch ASAP.

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