Dinarys review on Shopware platform. Why you need it in 2021?

Shopware Apr 23, 2020

Dinarys review on Shopware platform. Why you need it in 2021?

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Please, tell us about yourself and your agency

Hello. My name is Jane Len. I am a CEO of Dinarys, the e-commerce agency in Ukraine with a subsidiary in Berlin.

Jane Len, CEO of Dinarys, the e-commerce agency in Ukraine with a subsidiary in Berlin

What services does your agency provide?

Here at Dinarys, we provide full-cycle e-commerce development. Our main ideology is to understand customer needs and pains in order to come up with the relevant solution.

It is a common practice when our clients contact us to add some technical features to their website. Still, they have no idea, why using these features and what they want to achieve in the end. The main goal of Dinarys team is to make a comprehensive industry analysis, to develop customer profiles and to bring more value to the e-commerce business. With wide experience in e-commerce, we have ready solutions for most of the issues, online retailers face with.

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If the customer hires us to develop a brand-new e-commerce website, the team mostly focuses on the budget and business requirement to offer the best platform for a particular business. Most of our clients are very demanding, especially when the project includes marketplace development. We understand this concern since this is a significant investment in the future business.

Our company consists of many departments, in particular, of mobile development. We use our capacities to increase the customer conversions. Thus, we offer responsive layout and mobile app development for e-commerce business since mobile traffic brings about the half of modern e-commerce website profit.

Most often, our customers want their website to be user-friendly to save budget on oncoming updates. Moreover, for wholesale customers it is vital to integrate an e-commerce website with a CRM system to track orders and to manage inventory.

For individual retailers, we offer the improvement of the customer journey and up-to-date features to satisfy the demand of modern shoppers.

What are the most popular requests on e-commerce website development? Are your customers mostly B2B or B2C?

My team works with both B2B and B2C customers. It is great to have experience in both, retail trade and wholesale. It is interesting to deal with new challenges. Moreover, different types of businesses with different requirements keep the team sharp. Dinarys finds Shopware suitable for the both segments, since they received with feature-rich B2B SUITE a great e-commerce website at a decent price.

When talking about B2B in Ukraine, I mean particular needs of our clients. Nowadays, B2B customers want their website to be as convenient as for B2C. The most common features are

For B2C it is more complicated since the platform will influence the business in the future. For instance, if the platform has limited content capabilities and no opportunities for online shop scaling, the customer, who what to develop the business, will be unsatisfied with the result.

Our customers often concern about the total cost of the e-commerce website ownership. Online retailers want to have all the modern and useful features for the e-commerce website. While other platforms offer plugins and modules at an additional cost, Shopware has many built-in tools for business and marketing.

Since your team works with different platforms like Magento, why have you decided to become a Shopware partner?

Dinarys has customers from abroad and from Ukraine. Local customers have big expectations for their future e-commerce website. But in some cases, they have a limited budget not only on development, but also on technical support stage. Dinarys became a Shopware partner to provide local online retailers with e-commerce platform of German quality at a decent price. Here in Ukraine, something that is made in Germany represents something very reliable, something you can use in a long team run. For instance, even Magento does not always satisfy our customers in terms of content and product management. Our customers are very satisfied with a large variety of Shopware basic features and user-friendly interface. Moreover, when customers claim the Magento e-commerce website to be too expensive in maintenance and complicated in maintenance without technical specialists, we have a ready solution for them, I mean Shopware platform. When any difficulties arise, there is no need to search for the solution in endless developer forums. Shopware provides users with technical support in a short period of time, which is a game changer when we deal with business and the probability of sales decrease.

At first, your customers treated Shopware with mistrust, but with time they noticed that platform has more out-of-box features to compare with other e-commerce solutions. For 18 years, Shopware powers mostly Germany, Austria and Switzerland online shops and provides customers with excellent technical support. Moreover, online retailers have an amazing opportunity to scale their business with this flexible platform.

What are the most popular requirements of e-commerce platform from your customers? Does Shopware satisfy them?

The most common thing our customers want from their future online shop is a user-friendly admin panel. Not every online retailer can afford to hire a content manager to add new products to the website. That is why they enjoy using Shopware. The simple drag and drop menu enables users to add pages to their web store.

What is more interesting, Shopware has the flexible charging for technical support.

Being a Shopware partner, how do you evaluate the platform representatives engagement?

I have noticed that Shopware workers are extremely helpful, especially in providing information about the platform to our customers, who are still in doubts. One big USP of Shopware is to be very personal on every level. Therefore, I was glad to attend the Shopware Community Day and to talk to the developer, sales representatives and to the management. That was a really pleasant experience and I still have good memories of this event.

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