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How to build rapport with online shop customers via Newsletters: part 3

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



How to build rapport with online shop customers via Newsletters: part 3


  1. Autoresponders
  2. Personalized Marketing
  3. Storytelling

Let’s imagine that after two previous articles, devoted to this topic, you became infected with the idea to build relations with your visitors via newsletters. First of all, you should make sure that your online shop was made for users, but not for robots and search engines.

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After email list building and audience segmentation, there comes a time for newsletters automation.


Newsletters automation is a great solution not only for professional marketers but also for communication with online shop customers. Most services for newsletters automation have a comprehensive user manual and you should just choose the task for autoresponders. For instance, it can be greetings for new subscribers. If you are still unconvinced about benefits of newsletters automation, this list is for you:

Personalized Marketing

The rapport with online shop customers requires personalized marketing. It helps to build strong relations and to increase the conversion rate.

such letters are customizable and based on the sign-up page subscriber data. According to Bain and Co. consulting firm, repeat customers spend 67 percent more money than new customers.

The segment of repeat customers increases the profit of every online shop. For that reason, you should treat them in a special way. For instance, you can offer them special offers via newsletters.


Storytelling in newsletters increases engagement and it is also a sales driver. How to become a storyteller?  There should be a hero, who faced with obstacles that left a reader with a moral.

In order to create such newsletters it is necessary to answer these questions:

Make several newsletters with a short story about your personal experience and you will find out, that this is a really effective tool for building rapport with online shop customers.

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