5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

eCommerce Feb 05, 2018

5 Best Conversion Rate Optimization Tips for Your Ecommerce Website

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Have you ever wondered what the secret of successful ecommerce marketing is and what is eCommerce conversion rate? We are sure you have, and we know the answer. Many successful online business people would agree that a great part of their websites’ prosperity lies in implying reliable ecommerce optimization tactics. Most of them focus on the conversion rate, that is, the amount of your store’s visitors who really bought something from you and brought you actual revenue.

What is a good conversion rate for eCommerce or at least what is an average conversion rate for eCommerce? An average eCommerce conversion rates ranges from 2% to 4%, so, you don’t need any inflated expectations for your online business. Even if your online performance is brilliant, you can still win only around 4%. But, how do you increase website conversion rates even to 4%? This article is the answer.

An average eCommerce conversion rates ranges from 2% to 4%

Website conversion optimization is aimed at attracting more clients to online shops, and all of these customers not only look but actually buy products every day!

But, wait – there's more to add here. There exists also a flip side of such a situation. You have probably tried to imply some of them already, but it has they been as awesome as you have wished? The problem is, there are now too many eCommerce conversion optimization services, tools, and software for improving your online performance. It may be really difficult for an entrepreneur to choose the best one among them.

By “the best,” we mean those which would perfectly suit your site, and nobody else’s. That is why we have prepared several useful tips for increasing website conversion rates. They will help you navigate the dangerous ocean of online sales and find an ideal solution to your problems in terms of eCommerce conversion rate optimization. Let’s have a look:

Tip 1. Keep Your Site’s Style Simple But Seductive

We have already told you what functions are essential for each ecommerce site here. But you need to present them properly, too. You need to change your online store’s UI and UX to make it more enjoyable for your potential buyers to navigate through eCommerce conversion funnel. Only then it will have a tremendous impact on your conversion rate.

Here, we offer you some simple CRO steps to follow:

  1. Does this title make a certain claim?
  2. Does it make a real promise to me, the potential buyer?
  3. Is the offer unique?
  4. Is it valuable – e.g., something I would pay for?
  5. Do I believe it?

For some further recommendations, see our article about successful online store designs.

Tip 2. Put Your Customers Above All Else

Each and every successful entrepreneur’s testimonial will tell you that the secret is always in the people – both in those working in the company and in those buying its goods and services. The best strategy to increase your conversion rate is the correct segmentation of your audience and treating different customers according to their unique interests and wishes.

The best strategy to increase your conversion rate is the correct segmentation of your audience

For that, you should conduct a great deal of testing research and a lot of experimentation. The history of experimentation tells us that some tests succeed and some fail. That’s only natural. Both of these results present a perfect tool to use for growth. Use testing to learn new design possibilities! The more you employ A/B testing and multivariate testing as a necessary part of your business strategy, the more you will drive your decisions by actual data readings rather than by subjective feelings.

All of the known behavioral differences of your clients should be mentioned in your testing criteria. Design tests that are aimed at the right visitors.

Don’t be lazy – it is worth it.

Tip 3. Check The Checkout

Imagine this situation. Your customer is choosing his or her dream product and moving towards buying it. Everyone seems to be satisfied. But wait – there’s a problem; a huge problem called the checkout page. It is difficult to navigate, overloaded with banners and images offering more goods, and is messy in general.

What’s more, you may have a multi-page checkout – and it’s not bad at all if tests have proven that your customers are pleased with it. Unless that’s the case, don’t do it. To increase conversions, don’t place any further advertisements, any external links or confusing images on the page. Those will inevitably distract the attention of your potential buyers and they will stay just visitors. The percentage of abandoned carts will grow, and that is not what you need.

Just keep in mind that the checkout page has only one goal. It turns your visitors into happy customers. That’s it – it shouldn’t perform any other goals or functions. Every single step in the checkout process ought to be well-thought out and specially designed to achieve this very aim. Any additional links, ad images, or website elements that seem alien should be removed.   

Your first step in making your checkout page really helpful and successful may actually be very simple

Your first step in making your checkout page really helpful and successful may actually be very simple. Just remove the navigation from it. Really. We are all well aware that your customers may want to come back for some more products or just delay their purchase. But is that what you really need? You need them buying your things. That is why your ideal checkout page should be, simply:

Instead of navigation, you may add further descriptions of your products and their reviews. Try different templates, see which is the best for your site and use it for your conversion rate!

FAQs is a holy grail of eCommerce conversion optimization

Tip 4. Fix Your FAQs

This is a holy grail of eCommerce conversion optimization. We really hope that you already have this section in your online store. Then you can breathe and relax. Our figures and arguments in this area will only increase your self-confidence and improve conversion rate (and that’s another tip, too!)

Having product FAQs can increase your conversion growth speed rate by 69%! Online shopping can be a difficult process because you never know for sure how the purchased item will look or work. In brick and mortar shops, customers have the opportunity to ask thousands of questions about:

This information is important for them. So, having a FAQ section is a must for those ecommerce entrepreneurs who really care about their customers. There, you may include all the questions you often receive directly from your clients or see in the comments. Try conducting some polls and tests, clearing out what may be wrong and which part of the purchasing process is difficult for your buyers. Don’t forget to place your tips where they can be really helpful for your customers. Answer all their questions and make them return to you! Read more to learn how to increase conversion rate. 

Don’t forget to place your tips where they can be really helpful for your customers

Tip 5. Optimize Your Social Share

You know what era we live in. Social networking prospers and it is necessary for us to use all its possibilities to improve website conversion rates. Recommendations from friends are very influential when it comes to a person’s purchasing decisions. You can encourage even more buyers to share on your site by making the sharing process quick and simple.

Create easy to use social share buttons and test various designs for them. Use different styles and options and test them out to see what works best on your very site. It may take you some time, but it is worth it – anything that can influence the decision to make a purchase is worth trying. Actually, 81% of shoppers say posts from their friends on social media have influenced their buying decision.  

Test different vocabulary, too. You should think of the best way to sound concise but still attract attention. Do such phrases, as “Share the love,” “Tell your friends,” or “Tweet your purchase” lead to more posts? Find out and use the results in your favor!

You can also adjust your timing. When is the most appropriate moment to ask for a review or social share? Is it while your customers are still shopping? Then you can even create live videos and posts on Instagram immediately after a purchase, because everybody loves reporting about their purchases. Or, later, when your customers have already seen what a great product you offer, they can share their experience of using it – creating an additional ad for you!

That’s it?

All of these recommendations on how to improve conversions for websites are only auxiliary. Test and experimentation processes, consulting both your loyal buyers and potential customers, redesigning your online store and segmenting your audience – all of these are effective methods of conversion rate optimization which require a fair share of trial and error. Still, it is necessary to increase conversion rate and revenue and, most importantly, make your clients really happy.

That is why we are here for you. And how you know what is an average eCommerce conversion rate. 

Dinarys, a young agency which already has a massive portfolio, is ready to help you solve all the issues concerning your ecommerce business. Our experienced and friendly team will develop the best methods and techniques of CRO for websites to implement in your business. With us, you will improve website conversion rates on your site and find the most effective software to achieve your goals. Contact us to let your e-commerce business grow!

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