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7 Best Music Themes for Ecommerce Stores

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



7 Best Music Themes for Ecommerce Stores

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  1. Why Choose Magento Themes
  2. Top Magento Music Store Themes
  3. Why Choose Shopware Themes
  4. Top Shopware Music Store Themes
  5. Conclusion

Do you like music? What are your favorite genres - classical, rock, blues? All people are different, so it is not surprising that multiple people may perceive one melody in their own way. For one person, the melody penetrates so deeply into the soul that crashing into tears is inevitable while the others don’t feel that touch even remotely.

How about going to the record stores? Love to feel the incomparable vibes of instruments surrounding you - pianos, guitars, saxophones? And the smell of thousands of vinyl records!

But where are these stores now? They have been replaced by modern music websites that have all the essentials yet can be as stylish and convenient to use. And the great thing is that if you are about to manage such a site, you can pick an outstanding music store theme to fit your business.

The ecommerce industry offers a large number of platforms through which you can fully build your enterprise. You may as well single-handedly implement easy navigation, various forms of payment, detailed analytics, etc. Moreover, there are many different themes with stylish designs that look attractive and catch the eye of the visitor.

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Let’s take a look at two of the most interesting, in our opinion, site builders Magento and Shopware. Why did we choose these platforms? They give you everything you need to create a website: from unlimited design options to functional store content.

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Why Choose Magento Themes

According to statistics, Magento is the 3rd most frequently used platform by the total number of websites powered. Such market giants as Coca-Cola and Ford, Warby Parker and Nike use Magento in the core of their online resources.


Magento suits businesses with a variety of business models, from startups to large corporations. This variety is presented in the platform's pricing policy: from a lot of cool free templates to tariff plans of 17 thousand euros per year and above for large businesses.

In order to customize your online store with Magento, you need to understand PHP programming on a certain level. Or, you can hire one or more developers, depending on the volume of work and your budget. We have extensive experience working on projects with both Magento and Shopware and we will be happy to help you figure it out.

Magento has developed a cool feature to speed up the sales turnover - one-click checkout. Ordering can be done with a quick fingerprint scan or face recognition.

Omnichannel communication is one of the most powerful marketing strategies out there. You will be able to establish them with your customers and thereby increase the points of contact with them.

A big advantage over other stores for you will be the use of the visual product search technology, which is available in Magento extensions. Many visitors are looking for a product not by name, but by appearance, and you can help them speed up their searches. Read more on Magento benefits.

Top Magento Music Store Themes

SoundBizarre - Music Store Magento Theme


This theme will not leave anyone who is interested in music, creativity, and art indifferent. It is decorated in dark brown tones with bright red accents that add freshness and keep the eyes from getting tired of this monotony.

The creators of SoundBizarre made sure that the software contains the maximum functionality, which, when creating a store, will take into account any of your wishes. You can add your logo, customize menus, and integrate unlimited widgets.

When a visitor comes to your site, he/she will not be able to take his eyes off the huge slider across the entire width of the main page. You can use it for the newest arrivals and hottest promotions.

A great advantage for your business will also be the Social Sharing module, which helps to attract attention to your site. The Newsletter Pop-up module is interesting because you can acquaint your customers with your latest news and promotions.

SoundMo - Vinil and Audio Products Magento Theme

SoundMo is a SEO-friendly responsive theme for online stores selling vinyl, audio, and music goods. This one will most efficiently help you boost your store’s popularity and move it to the top positions in search engine results.

The theme has Ajax search, Ajax compare, and Ajax wishlist and cart dropdown. What does all this give customers? It is intuitively easy and understandable for the buyer to search for goods and place orders.

Fill the readymade Film slider on the main page with the most important and relevant updates on your products and promotions - this should attract new customers and intrigue existing ones.

It will be easy for visitors to navigate using the Mega Menu on your site. With a large amount of content, you can customize additional pages on the site yourself. The SoundMo theme is customizable to suit your business style or personal preference.

And a great bonus for purchasing any Magento theme is free 24/7 technical support.

Music Store Magento Theme

This is a very stylish theme for record stores selling studio and recording equipment, microphones, audio mixers, headphones, etc. The theme is made in gray, black, and white soothing colors and will appeal to those who love restrained and laconic design.

The theme includes all the main functions, without which it is difficult to imagine a modern online store:

You can also enable an online chat for boosted customer support and constant grip on the frontend processes.

Mixed Taste Magento Theme

A theme made in gray and black colors with rich bright red accents. Visitors will get a special aesthetic pleasure moving through the pages of your site with this one.

The navigation bar is shifted to the left, making it easier to select genres and artists. The theme has such an important feature as cross-browser compatibility, which means that your site can work on all existing browsers and common devices. You will be able to bookmark your site Favicon in front of the page title.

The theme also has a newsletter subscription feature that you can use to spread information about your product or sales. It will be very convenient for site visitors to use the advanced search function as well.

Why Choose Shopware Themes

Who can use Shopware themes to build their site? These can be people starting their careers in business. Professionals who have been doing their business for more than one year and who want to expand it with the help of new technologies. Companies and corporations with their own brands and clearly established requirements. Agencies wishing to stand out from the competition with original, professional design and user-friendly website theme features. We have a useful guide on the top reasons why choose Shopware.

Shopware layouts and templates are used by such well-known companies as L'Oreal, Discovery Channel EU Store, Segway, and Euronics.

You can choose the tariff plan that suits you in terms of the amount and functionality available from Shopware. The free tariff plan is perfect for a startup business. With the growth of sales and an increase in traffic in the online store, you can afford to buy a paid plan with advanced functionality and round-the-clock support.

With Shopware, you don't have to worry about promoting your site in search engines. All themes and templates have SEO and digital marketing features integrated.

If you work with a large number of clients, you'll love the built-in Sendin Blue plugin. Thanks to special triggers or tags, the buyer will receive a message or email at the right time. For example, if a customer has dropped a product in the cart and left the site, they will automatically receive a reminder about it. This significantly reduces the number of unfinished purchases.

Also, using this plugin, you can conduct a survey of your visitors, congratulate them, report personal promotions, and much more.

Top Shopware Music Store Themes

Shopster 6 Theme - Shopware

The beauty of this theme is that it has a color scheme to choose from, from black and navy blue to white and light gray. Not only colors but also the design in this theme is created for the most demanding taste.

The theme can be suitable for any type of business and you don't need to have programming skills to create a new store. But even if you run into difficulties, you get free support and updates for your theme for a whole year.

Like all Shopware templates, the theme is well SEO optimized and compatible with all existing platforms and browsers.

ThemeWare HiFi - Shopware


When you see this theme, you can’t simply stay indifferent to it. It has such well-thought-out design color schemes and the whole image of the site layout that once you get to it, you no longer want to leave until you have examined every page of the store. If you fill such a site with your original and alluring content, then visitors will have nothing to look for from your competitors - you will have everything they need.

The theme has such advantages as SEO optimization, a large number of plugins, cross-browser compatibility. Lots of customization for mobile phones to increase purchases on them, customize checkout headers and sidebars to reduce cart abandonment, etc.

Once you purchase this theme, you get several online courses to help you run your business, for free. Throughout the year, you can receive free technical support and updates as well.

Gravity Theme - Shopware

The theme is made in a concise German style for people who are confident and know what they want from life. The colors of the design are chosen so that visitors are not distracted from the content, but are completely immersed in your proposed products, promotions, blog stories, conversations in online chat, and everything else that the site provides.

If you wish, you can customize any colors, shades without restrictions, and install more than thirty plugins. You don't need to hire a programmer to set up and customize this theme and then download updates and maintain your site. You can do everything yourself or under the guidance of free round-the-clock technical support, which will answer all your requests.


As you can see, each platform has its own advantages, depending on what requirements you have from the theme, whether you can set it yourself, or how big your business is. The theme that suits you and the amount at which everything will cost depends on all this.

Picking Magento and Shopware themes and templates, you make your life easier and you can happily run your favorite business, no matter what area it belongs to.

Choosing a theme from the proposed ones or from the mass of others, of which there is still a huge number, you can create your own unique music store, enjoy the sales process and the thought that more and more people are joining the incredible and exciting world of music.

Creating your own store is not easy for even an experienced entrepreneur, and if you are at the beginning of the journey, we hope that we have made your task a little easier with our article.

And if you need more information on this topic or you need the help of professional programmers, contact us - we will be happy to advise you!

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