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Choosing a Magento 2 B2B Theme

Jane Vyshnova

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Choosing a Magento 2 B2B Theme


  1. Automating Wholesale Using a Magento B2B Theme
  2. Magento Themes for B2B: Perfect ECommerce Solution
  3. How to Choose a Theme for an Online Store?
  4. Ready-Made B2B Website Design Themes
  5. TOP 5 Magento B2B Themes
  6. Why You Need a Custom Magento Theme for B2B

Constant changes in online retail commerce cannot but affect the conservative wholesale market. The high-tech technological innovations of industry giants such as Google, Amazon or Alibaba have gradually made B2B online trading fashionable, and Magento 2 B2B themes became popular among online store owners.

Choosing a Magento 2 B2B Theme
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Automating Wholesale Using a Magento B2B Theme

Convenience and speed

Purchasing managers are used to ordering products by phone, email, or via in-person negotiations. But the B2B industry is being changed, and the same is happening on the mass product market: customers want omnichannel or at least multichannel interaction when an order can be placed at night without waiting for a manager’s working hours, or canceled in minutes via the website instead of waiting for an employee to take care of it. Some companies have managed to significantly increase profits by using a B2B marketplace theme with flexible order management in a few clicks.

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Time saving

The time that employees spend on phone calls can be spent on finding new customers instead, as well as on cross- and after-sales in the process of personal meetings with the main clients.

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A good Magento B2B theme will help to improve the service. Reducing the number of calls will save time and help to better solve the problems of those customers who can’t order online and still want to call. Integrating the solution with the back office will help achieve omnichannel interaction. Customers will be able to place orders through two channels at once, both online and in the process of personal communication. Others will use mobile clients.

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Sales growth

The opportunity to publicly present all the products, describe their advantages and make the right recommendations will encourage the curiosity of customers and so they will buy more.

Entering new markets

Such a resource helps you reach more potential customers, and not necessarily in the existing market. Since you will now be available 365 days a year 24/7, companies from anywhere in the world will be able to become your customers.

Data-Based Marketing

The data the new resource will collect will give you business new opportunities. You will be able to build more personalized communication, do narrow segmentation, and carry out targeted marketing campaigns.

Magento Themes for B2B: Perfect ECommerce Solution

When introducing online commerce for the first time, many companies are wondering how to create a truly good solution that customers will use. It is not that hard: a Magento 2 theme B2B is simple and convenient for working with wholesale customers. Using Dinarys project experience, we have compiled a list of the most popular B2B e-commerce portal features that allow your customers to quickly start using the solution and experience all its advantages.

Magento Themes for B2B
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Let’s name the main points of contact between the client and the B2B Magento 2 theme - these are the product catalog, personal account, and cart.

How to Make the Client Want to Work in Their Account?

The client’s personal account is surely one of the most interesting and important components of a B2B store. How to make it convenient?

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How to Create a Convenient Product Catalog?

How to Create a Cart that Works?

How to Choose a Theme for an Online Store?

The Magento B2B platform is considered ideal for small, medium, and large businesses. It is used by brands such as Nike, Samsung, Coca-Cola, and others.

The Magento marketplace provides ready-made ecommerce themes with installed layout files, template files, translation files, and skins for each B2B project.

Standard themes provide:

Ready-Made B2B Website Design Themes

Here are the reasons why small and medium businesses choose ready themes:

Despite the obvious advantages, Magento ready themes cannot provide 100% recognition of your online store. Custom themes are the best suited for this.

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TOP 5 Magento B2B Themes

Here are some top themes that contribute to fast sales growth.

Ves Fashion

This theme offers 4 homepage design options. You have access to the built-in style of content, a variety of colors, numerous options, and easy navigation. This is the best solution for a site dedicated to high-tech, fashion, consumer and industrial electronics.

The Ves Fashion theme
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The responsive template loads instantly. Visitors to the online store are attracted by:

The Ves Fashion theme supports the Testimonial, Page Builder, Shop With Brand, and Mega Menu extensions.

You can buy Ves Fashion for $84.


This theme supports:

An online store on Porto works without problems at any resolution of the PC screen, and on any mobile device. You can optionally install the side panel on the left or on the right, on both sides, or completely disable it. The category page displays up to 9 columns of headings.

An online store on Porto theme
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The theme is compatible with most Magento extensions and optimized for SEO.

You can buy Porto for $129.


This theme can be used to sell any product. At your disposal are:

Everything theme
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You can buy this theme for $89.


This theme is designed to work on any device and offers the ability to install and configure your own subtopics in accordance with the characteristics of a B2B business. Here is its advanced functionality:

Black&White theme
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You can buy Black&White for $78.


This theme supports over 50 options for ready-made layouts, and several types of headings. Sahara works on all mobile and stationary devices, it is easily configured and supports such convenient functions as:

Sahara theme
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You can buy a black and white Sahara template for $45.

Why You Need a Custom Magento Theme for B2B

A standard theme solution is not always good for promoting a B2B website. Brand recognition often becomes decisive, so you need to have a unique theme. In such situations, we carry out individual development that includes the creation of a brand design. Typically, our customers ask to further expand the functionality of their B2B commerce cloud custom theme. To do this, we integrate the modules which are necessary to achieve a particular result they are aiming for. The themes we develop are 100% compatible with the plugins of the online store.

Still haven’t decided on a template for your online store? Feel free to contact us and get a free consultation on choosing a B2B eCommerce theme.

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