Top mistakes in eCommerce retail: part 2

eCommerce Apr 19, 2020

Top mistakes in eCommerce retail: part 2

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Some online retailers have little regard for usability of their online shops, which results in basic mistakes that could cost a lot. But it is never too late to correct them. In the previous article, we have checked several basic mistakes in online retail and in this article, we will add some more to this list.

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It is a common case when an online shop has the wrong page type for listings. Some retailers use infinite scrolling like in Facebook or pagination, but it works not for all industries. So, which type of product listing pages to choose? The choice definitely depends on your products and your target audience. Many online shop users know what they want to buy, so infinite scrolling could annoy them. But in case an online shop deals with an industry like fashion or apparel, users would like infinite scrolling because it gives them the opportunity to discover new products. In other cases, without pages, customers could be lost in the diversity of goods. The best decision is to use the “show more” button instead of infinite scrolling.

If users of your online shop do not see the availability of stock on a product's page, it is necessary to fix it. Unless you sell made-to-order products, it is very important to show the number of available items for 2 reasons. The first reason is to inform your customers that the goods are out of stock. The second reason is to inform customers that there are only a few items left so they are more likely to purchase them and increase the conversion.

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