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E-Commerce Mar 16, 2020

Top 4 trends in email marketing

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Top 4 trends in email marketing

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  1. Mobile commerce
  2. Content marketing
  3. High-quality emails
  4. Data protection

It is not a secret that email marketing is still one of the most important marketing channels for all retailers. However, if you still think that email marketing is nothing more than sending Spam emails, we have bad news for you. The email marketing is the most effective tool for sales increasing and building relations with buyers only in case you know how to use it.

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Many developing technologies are already trends. Let us start with the mobile internet. With this technology people are able to buy goods from their devices. Now it is possible to combine several systems, databases and marketing channels in order to offer each individual a holistic customer experience.

What are top 4 trends in email marketing for this year? Modern consumers expect high quality, relevant information, attention to their needs and data protection. This detonating mixture will surely result in success.

Mobile commerce

More and more consumers do shopping with mobile devices. Online shops for mobile phones and different shopping apps could significantly increase sales. In this vein, the main points are reliable and stable mobile connection, powerful devices, responsive design as well as improved usability of apps and online stores.

Every year the number of people who buy with smartphones drastically increases. The main goal is to do mobile shopping as user-friendly as possible. This could be achieved by emails with responsive design that will take a customer to a suitable shopping cart landing page with mobile checkout system.

How to create emails with responsive design for mobile devices?

First, it is necessary to ensure your emails are error-free. After this step, the email design will automatically adapt to the screen size no matter what device is used by your customer. It is necessary to choose a single column layout, otherwise, with another layout, your email will be unreadable. You need to be certain that the images have a flexible width to fit the screen size. Text under images should not be too small. Links and bottoms should be convenient to press and bigger than on desktop version. Clickable elements should be arranged in such way that a user could reach them with one hand.

Fortunately, responsive design is not an issue anymore. With Newsletter2Go apps there are many templates with responsive design by default.

Content marketing

This is a key point in modern online marketing. With developed targeting technology and more data on customer behavior, people can be addressed anywhere and anytime. The problem with cross-channel marketing is solved. Emails could be customized by using different platforms. For instance, you can take into account your customer’s surfing behavior, shopping history and activity in social networks. With email automation, clients could receive useful information at the right time. Depending on their actions, customers could get customized emails on the basis of their previous actions.

High-quality emails

Emails have become a kind of advertisement, popular among buyers and sellers. The more emails we receive every day, the more demanding we become. If you want newsletters to be effective, they must be of the utmost relevance.

We all know how bothering mass emails with no personalization are. It is a common situation when you subscribed to newsletters and you receive spam emails instead of useful information. In case your newsletter content has become too familiar or was sent to the wrong target group, it could reduce open rates. Just believe that this is not the best way to build strong relations with customers.

How to create emails in right way?

First of all, you need to segment your contacts, for example by their activities. You should not worry if you don't have enough information. Just ask your customers what they want to receive. When you will start to provide useful and interesting information to your customers, open rates would significantly increase.

Data protection

Protection of user’s data is a crucial trend in email marketing. With the new General Data Protection Regulation that will come into effect across Europe, it is prohibited to sent emails to customers without their explicit agreement. However, this is a fair point because if the customers have subscribed to emails, they are interested in your goods or services.

We hope that this information will be useful for you because it is impossible to build strong relations with customers if you do not understand their needs.

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