The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Mobile App Development

Application Development Aug 02, 2020

The Ultimate Guide to Healthcare Mobile App Development

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Healthcare Mobile App Development
The technology is continually evolving; new devices, features and techniques appear almost every day, making the world better. The same is happening in the healthcare industry, which has managed to distance itself from the standard concept of waiting rooms. We can see that the demand for innovations is rapidly growing. Modern consumers of the health industry want to receive more than a standard coverage. This is where healthcare mobile app development helps take a step away from the conventional approach to relationships between doctors and customers. Let’s learn more about building secure mobile apps for healthcare, calculate the average cost to build a healthcare app, and read more about the main trends developers can follow in this niche.

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Healthcare App Design: Overview of the Main Tips for Inspiration

What is a healthcare app development? It is the process through which an application - in this case, a healthcare app - is created for mobile devices. The app pursues a few goals: it helps users control their medical conditions, sets fitness goals, plans hospital visits, etc. Today, the need for such apps is increasing.

Here are a few questions you should ask yourself before building a healthcare app:

You should always keep these points in mind to make sure you build a high-quality product.

Here are a few design guidelines to inspire you:

Overview of the primary healthcare app features

The primary healthcare app features
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Healthcare quality app development is something that became extremely popular in recent years. However, the success of any application depends on a set of features it offers. The main goal of a healthcare web app is to make the life of patients and the functioning of hospitals easier. Here’s a list of the main options any healthcare tracking app needs to have:

Besides these options, you can also add an AI Integration option, communication tools, a reminder option, blockchain integration and a patient privacy option.

Healthcare App Ideas That Might Inspire You

The healthcare industry is attractive for aspiring entrepreneurs. This statistics shows that Google Play hosts more than 43,000 healthcare apps. This means that the idea to build a healthcare app has already occurred to many people. It is good because it’s in demand, but you will also be dealing with competition.

Here’s an overview of the main ideas that you can use to launch a successful startup.

Healthcare app trends

As you can see, leading a healthy lifestyle is easier today than ever. But if you want to join the market leaders, you need to follow the latest trends in this niche. According to statistics, this industry is going to gain popularity further. Here’s a list of the main trends to follow in 2020:

If you want to stand out from the crowd and get profit from your startup, you should always keep the latest trends in your niche in mind. 

How Much Does It Cost to Build a Healthcare App?

As a healthcare app development company, we’ve had experience with different projects in the field. Nevertheless, it is difficult to make predictions regarding the exact healthcare app price because a lot depends on the functionality of the app and its range of features. However, bear in mind that approximately 500 hours are needed to design a full-fledged healthcare app. The development process takes roughly 1200 hours, the testing takes 300 hours. There are also lots of minor processes or healthcare app problems and bugs that will take some time to solve. Therefore, the total time of development goes up to 2000 hours or even more. The cost to build a mobile app for healthcare varies from $40,000 to $100,000 as the average hourly rate of developers’ work ranges from $25 to $50 per hour.

Why healthcare apps?

The main purpose of such tools is to make the experience of healthcare more satisfying for everyone. They are essential for the healthcare system because they can easily improve the experience of both patients and doctors. It goes without saying that healthcare apps are here to stay. These tools can significantly enhance the healthcare services, making them faster, cheaper and more comprehensive. Overall, leading a healthy lifestyle is extremely important today. Therefore, investing in such tools is a good idea.

Overview of the main healthcare app benefits

For you to make sure that you have chosen the right niche to invest in, here’s a list of the main healthcare app benefits:

Overall, we can see that healthcare apps are excellent tools that provide accurate services to doctors and patients. The whole world is going online today, and the same is happening to the medical industry. These apps have become the need of the hour! Therefore, investing in such tools is a great idea.

If you are currently looking for a professional development team that can help you turn your ideas into reality, feel free to contact us. We’ll gladly provide you with a free consultation.

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