Top mistakes in eCommerce retail: part 1

There are some mistakes only a few people know about. Find and correct them in your online store in order to improve the customer journey.

First of all, in order to understand the main idea, it is necessary to know four basic objectives of eCommerce marketing strategy. The first aim is to attract new visitors, then to make more of these visitors your customers. The next points are to increase the average revenue earned per customer session and to create incentives for these customers to return for future purchases.

Aside from attracting new visitors, all other goals depend upon conversion rate optimization, which is an important part of eCommerce marketing. However, there are many mistakes that have a negative impact on conversion rate.

  • The first mistake is not showing the number of items in guest’s card. Many customers use their mobile devices to do shopping. For that reason, responsive design and right analytic tools, which can tag your customers no matter what device they use. Customers are more likely to continue shopping if an online shop shows the number of items in the cart in the header menu.
  • If an online shop`s home page does not have links to products, it is another mistake. In case your online shop has thousands of products, it is possible to link the various category pages and top products.
  • Combining the price sorting feature with other filters like customer reviews or product attributes is another poor idea. Price sorting feature is a great tool for customers. However, combining it with other filters does not give customers the chance to choose what they want. The great way to solve this issue is to provide customers with several different filters.

The sooner these problems are solved on your website, the sooner you can see positive changes in your online store conversion.

In the next article, we will check other mistakes to avoid in eCommerce. 

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