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What Is PIM?

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What Is PIM?

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  1. What Is PIM Software?
  2. Pros and Cons of PIM Solutions
  3. Best PIM Software for Magento 2
  4. Conclusion

Delivering compelling product experiences is a crucial success factor for any business, whether you are selling to consumers or businesses. To make an informed purchase decision, your customers expect to find comprehensive, current, and reliable product information across all digital touchpoints and platforms.

Businesses that can't correctly manage and collaborate on product information miss out on sales possibilities and lose market share. Product information management (PIM) software aids in standardizing the ever-more complex requirements for product content.

In this article, we will dive deeper into the idea of PIM solutions, explain how PIM systems work, and suggest the best PIM software for your Magento 2-based e-commerce store. Let’s get started!

What Is PIM Software?

Product information management (PIM) is the practice of managing and improving product information across all of your selling platforms. All product material and digital assets, such as pictures, videos, personalized representations, product classification, and more, are included in this process, which is also known as PIM software.

PIM software, in turn, controls intricate product data and digital assets from a single location. This makes it possible for brands, producers, distributors, and retailers to collaborate using a single source of information.

When a company's needs for product data increase and the previous method of handling data is no longer sufficient, a PIM system becomes necessary.

What kind of data is in a PIM system?

You can enter, enhance, and synchronize a variety of product data using a PIM, including but not restricted to

Who needs a PIM system?

There are lots of PIM system users. In actuality, PIM systems affect every department throughout the value chain, and many departments actively use them. Broadly speaking, some PIM system users are

How do PIM systems work?

In order for businesses to provide consistent, accurate, and high-quality product information to their customers, PIM solutions streamline internal procedures. As a result, brands provide superior omnichannel and customer experiences, which eventually result in higher revenue.

With a PIM tool, the system maintains one master profile for all the data related to a product. Product data from external systems or sources can be imported into the PIM platform by designated users or a system administrator.

The PIM tool enables users to add marketing copy or digital assets to product data, alert collaborators to take action, and deliver updated exports with the most recent product information to e-commerce partners, print publishers, websites, and other channels.

As a result, the PIM system now has structured product information that system users can readily alter to provide exports for different publishers and syndication platforms that are channel-specific.

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Pros and Cons of PIM Solutions

The benefits of using PIM for e-commerce organizations are

Although PIM solutions address numerous e-commerce management issues, you may still face certain challenges:

Check out how we helped the client develop a data management hub running on Pimcore. Read the full case study. 

Best PIM Software for Magento 2

Magento 2 can serve as the most effective e-commerce development platform for your company's needs. It is quite scalable and can easily store and handle hundreds of items. Here is a list of the best PIM software solutions to integrate with your Magento 2-based website:


You're undoubtedly prepared to optimize the way you manage your e-commerce store now that you understand what PIM is, the function of a PIM system, the types of information it can handle, and the benefits of adopting PIM for your online store.

To ensure benefits for your digital commerce solution, we'd like to assist you in implementing a PIM solution. Choose our e-commerce consulting services, and let's talk about how to make a PIM system work for your company!

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