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High-Efficiency Monitoring Services for eCommerce - Tools & Methods

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



High-Efficiency Monitoring Services for eCommerce - Tools & Methods


  1. 3 eCommerce Quality-Defining Aspects
  2. Website Monitoring Services - What We Offer
  3. Conclusion

Have you ever implemented monitoring services for your online store? In fact, such a service could help you increase customer satisfaction tenfold and improve the overall user experience of your eCommerce website.

Monitoring Services for eCommerce
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How do you understand whether the developers “squeezed” the maximum out of your site performance or if it could use further optimization? In fact, there are three key aspects to consider when figuring out the question - “what is monitoring service?”. It’s speed, interface, and accessibility. Let’s analyze tools and approaches for improving each.

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3 eCommerce Quality-Defining Aspects

The following are some of the best practices of implementing an eCommerce website regulatory monitoring service.

1. Speed monitoring as a service

First off, you need to analyze the page load speed of your online store. If the page latency comprises more than 3 seconds while the rendering takes more than 1 second, you can easily expect to get a large bounce rate. So, let's find out what exactly needs to be checked in the context of monitoring service performance.

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2. Manual process monitor service

The properly built interface decides how convenient users would find it to use your online store. Thanks to an objective assessment of this aspect, you can reduce the number of users who prematurely leave the site in the long term.

Manual process monitor service for store
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3. Availability condition monitoring services

The site’s availability (accessibility) is characterized by how fast and easy users can access it from any browser, any device, any location, and at any quality of Internet connection. Here’s what your quality-protective monitoring service should be capable of helping you keep at a high level of accessibility.

Website Monitoring Services - What We Offer

Our company gives you a package solution of advanced monitoring services for eCommerce solutions, which includes:

Ultimately, after the implementation of our DevOps monitoring service, you get a detailed code audit report that indicates your project weaknesses and gives suggestions to upgrade your code according to the latest practices. Contact us right now to find out the price of our monitoring service.


Monitoring as a service benefits are pretty obvious, granting the predictability of resource operation, reducing the number of malfunctions, and boosting overall user satisfaction. You may as well try conducting such monitoring without third-party help, but it’s always best to employ professional monitoring services for the ultimate results.

Professional monitoring services for ecommerce shop
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Different resources have different requirements, so defining the crucial metrics should be an individual task. Drop us a line and we’ll help optimize your project based on our experience in the best way possible.

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