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Magento Certifications: How to Become a Magento Certified Developer in 2023

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Magento Certifications: How to Become a Magento Certified Developer in 2023

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  1. What Is Magento 2 Certification?
  2. Types of Magento Certification
  3. Magento 2 Certification Exam Preparation
  4. Final Say

As a state-of-the-art e-commerce platform, Magento creates new opportunities for digital entrepreneurs worldwide. Online stores, based on Magento 2, can be equipped with all the essential functionalities and beyond to capture the clients’ attention. There are upwards of 250,000 live Magento stores on the Internet. This number doesn’t seem to stop growing—nor does the number of Magento 2 developers in demand.

Due to the high competitiveness among Magento 2 specialists, it’s not always easy to select the best talent. To address this issue, Adobe, the company that acquired the Magento technology in 2018, provides developers with a wide array of Magento 2 certification programs for different types of experts with different skill levels, which demonstrates that all developers’ skills and talents can be appreciated and officially recognized.

In this article, as Adobe Solution Partners, we will overview all the ins and outs of Magento 2 certification, explain the different types and their benefits, and share with you useful resources to get ready for Magento certification. Let’s begin!

What Is Magento 2 Certification?

Magento certification (or Adobe certification) is the process of verifying proficiency in Magento 2 development. It involves the examination of a specialist to validate their skills and knowledge, allow for further utilization of Magento technology to its full potential, and boost the expert’s credibility by matching their portfolio with proof of their abilities.

Magento Certifications

As a rule, the process of the Magento examination constitutes a set of 50–60 practical test questions, which intend to cover multiple aspects of Magento 2 development, such as

It is necessary to point out that the exam is conducted in real time under the guidance of a proctor. The successful passing of the exam calls for thorough preparation and requires hard work, as the majority of questions come with pitfalls—not every developer would have dealt with them before.

However, a coveted badge received after serious effort opens up new horizons for developers and enables them to achieve their personal goals, triumph over challenges, and become rightful members of the broad Magento community. In the next section, we’ll cover all the details of what it means to be a Magento certified developer.

What does it mean to be a Magento certified developer?

As mentioned earlier, being Magento certified means having officially recognized expertise in the field of Magento development by Adobe, a multinational computer software company that stands for changing the world through digital technology. So, why become certified?

Why is certification so valuable to clients?

To reinforce the above statement, let’s put ourselves in the client’s shoes and get a better understanding of why certification matters to employers. Below are a couple of benefits clients expect from masters of the Magento development craft, preferably with certification in place.

Types of Magento Certification

Magento comprises a wide range of Magento certifications to assess the knowledge of Magento specialists in various domains, such as front-end or cloud development. Below, you can find a list of Magento certification types that consists of seven specializations and descriptions for each of them, including their renewed names mapped over to Adobe.

Magento to Adobe

Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert Certification

Adobe Commerce Business Practitioner Expert Certification

(Former Magento 2 Solution Specialist Certification)

An Adobe Certified Magento Commerce Business Practitioner is an expert user of the Magento 2 Commerce platform. This Magento certification type is designed to help developers master the Magento 2 Commerce native functionality, learn how to optimize its out-of-the-box features, identify where it is necessary to apply customization techniques, and simply make the best use of the Magento 2 technology to address unique business needs.

Typically, the exam is scenario-based and has been created for the following audience:

Format of the exam:

You are not obliged to complete training before taking this exam; however, to achieve the most satisfactory outcome, you can rely on third-party resources that we outline further in this article or official Adobe resources:

Adobe Commerce Developer Professional Certification

Adobe Commerce Developer Professional Certification

(Former Magento 2 Associate Developer Certification)

An Adobe Certified Professional Magento Commerce Developer is targeted at aspiring developers who have taken their first steps in Magento 2 development and have accepted the challenge of leveraging the Adobe brand’s power.

Nevertheless, candidates should already have experience with PHP, MySQL, Apache/Nginx, and Linux.

By passing this Magento certification, developers can verify their technical skills and expertise in the following areas:

Format of the exam:

Take a look at the official Adobe resources you can use to prepare for this exam below:

Adobe Commerce Developer Expert Certification

Adobe Commerce Developer Expert Certification

(Former Magento 2 Professional Developer Certification)

This Magento certification aims to validate the knowledge needed to customize Magento 2 in the following areas:

The right candidate for this exam is recommended to have 1.5 years of experience in Magento development, namely in customizing different areas of the Magento 2 platform. The certification also requires the previous use of technologies such as Adobe Commerce 2.4.3, PHP, linting tools, SSH, basic Linux, API validation tools, API client tools, and version control software, such as Git.

Format of the exam:

To get ready for this exam, you can take the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development Course as a first step, and then proceed with the Magento 2 Certified Developer Study Group.

Adobe Commerce Architect Master Certification

Adobe Commerce Architect Master Certification

(The former Magento 2 Professional Developer Plus)

This certification is designed for senior Magento 2 developers/architects with 2 years or more of experience in dealing with different areas of the Magento 2 platform and leading Magento development teams, and with the ability to make key decisions on Magento projects.

This certification verifies skills in customizing Magento in the following areas:

Additionally, this certification type validates the capability of forecasting the effect of customization and the understanding of core mechanisms in the core areas, such as quote operations or product price calculations.

Format of the exam:

To get excellent results in this certification, you can take the Fundamentals of Magento 2 Development Course.

Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert Certification

Adobe Commerce Front-End Developer Expert Certification

(Former Magento 2 Front-End Developer)

This certification predominantly focuses on theming components and user interface modification best practices. This Magento certification type is intended for Magento 2 front-end developers with 1.5 years or more of hands-on experience in Magento development who fully understand the Magento 2 basics and are familiar with the following:

Successful completion of this exam verifies that a Magento 2 front-end developer knows how to build and customize Magento 2 themes together with layouts, templates, JavaScript, CSS, and other front-end components, and how to use the admin panel to implement design-related system configuration and change the appearance of particular pages.

Format of the exam:

If you are considering applying for this type of Magento certification, pay attention to the Adobe Commerce Essentials for Developers to accelerate your exam preparation.

Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer Expert Certification

Adobe Commerce JavaScript Developer Expert Certification

(The former Magento 2 JavaScript Developer)

This Magento certification focuses on the development of new JavaScript modules and the customization of existing ones. It validates whether a specialist understands the fundamentals of the Magento JavaScript framework, the purpose and lifecycle of UI components, and areas of application, and is able to leverage the components in a coherent way.

This exam is suitable for developers with at least 1 year of dedicated experience in Magento JavaScript customizations.

Format of the exam:

To complete the exam successfully, consider the JavaScript Development in Magento 2 (instructor-led) course as the first step.

Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer Expert Certification

Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer Expert Certification

(The former Magento 2 Cloud Developer)

This certification is directed at the deployment, testing, and troubleshooting of the Magento Cloud environment. By passing this exam, developers can demonstrate that they know how to make use of cloud platform functionality to streamline the performance of an e-commerce application.

The Adobe Commerce Cloud Developer Expert Certification targets Magento developers/architects with 6–12 months of experience in Adobe Commerce Cloud development.

Format of the exam:

To complete the exam successfully, make use of the Magento Commerce Cloud for Developers Course.

Magento 2 Certification Exam Preparation

Exam preparation is an integral part of getting certified. Apart from the official resources offered by Adobe, the market represents various alternative ways to prepare for certification. Fortunately, the Magento community consists of thousands of proficient Magento developers who are involved in the evolution of Magento and actively share their knowledge with others.

Here are a few tips from the Dinarys experts on how to successfully pass your certification and continue to broaden your specialization:

Dinarys, an Adobe Solution Partner, periodically holds webinars through the series “Dive into Magento”. As developers with vast experience in delivering up-to-date Magento-based solutions, we strive to enrich the Magento ecosystem and assist Magento developers in passing the certification process and increasing their competitiveness in the market.

Additionally, we recommend making use of the following resources that might benefit your exam preparation:

Final Say

Because of the high level of competition within the Magento development community, it has become harder for specialists to capture the attention of clients and ensure that they are the right person to assist them with their e-commerce business development needs. Therefore, to become a truly demanded developer, it’s necessary to officially verify your competence and get Magento 2 certified.

At the same time, a high concentration of Magento expertise has positive effects. Greater access to valuable information can allow developers to sharpen their skills and conquer new heights in the complex yet rewarding direction of pursuing a career in Magento development.

As part of the Magento network, Dinarys not only creates solutions for e-commerce businesses but also shares knowledge on Magento 2 development. Contact us to learn more about the Magento certification types and find out how to get registered for an exam and pass it successfully.

As we like to say, “You can always create a better Magento world”.

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