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Why Choose E-Commerce Consultants to Drive Your Sales?

Kseniia Hrechyshkyna

Kseniia Hrechyshkyna



Why Choose E-Commerce Consultants to Drive Your Sales?

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  1. What Is E-Commerce Consulting?
  2. The Difference Between Web Consultants and Web Developers
  3. Reasons to Hire E-Commerce Consultants
  4. Advantages of Working With Certified E-Commerce Consulting Companies
  5. What Dinarys Offers as an Adobe and Shopware Solution Partner
  6. Conclusion

The global e-commerce market is steadily evolving, and COVID-19 has only triggered a spike in its progress. The demand for digital sales has risen substantially over the years, alongside the number of online merchants. Global competition is mounting accordingly.

Due to the diversity of digital offerings, online buyers are becoming more and more capricious, even compared to a few years ago. According to the statistics, 58% of consumers will stop doing business with a company if it provides an insufficient shopping experience. So there’s not much sellers can do except live up to the expectations of their clients.

But how to find ways to capture customers’ attention to a company and gain their trust? How to invent brand new strategies that will help you stand out? There is so much uncertainty in these questions.

The answer is simple: hire e-commerce consultants.

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Keep on reading to discover the ultimate reasons to opt for e-commerce consulting services, the benefits of such cooperation for your retail company, the differences between web consultants and web developers, and so on.

What Is E-Commerce Consulting?

E-commerce consulting companies advise business owners on each step of their business life cycle. They conduct in-depth analyses of given projects, create business implementation plans, and develop solutions that will positively impact critical business metrics.

In other words, e-commerce consultants focus on providing various income and growth opportunities.

A typical professional e-commerce expert possesses firsthand knowledge of both business development and IT, masterfully combining them and accelerating the achievement of high-quality business performance.

What Is E-Commerce Consulting

The Difference Between Web Consultants and Web Developers

Although e-commerce solution consultants and web developers are involved in similar occupations—implementing web solutions for online sales— they have different goals and approaches to the development process.

Web developers are responsible for technical task fulfillment. Put simply, web developers are the implementors of other people’s ideas. Their main purpose is writing code and establishing websites with easy navigation, following their clients’ visions.

The catch is that the client’s vision is not always clear and may not conform to fluctuating market conditions. As a result, while a newly minted website may be capable of providing basic customer services, its suitability for a modern user may be questionable.

Web consultants come in to address this question.

Web consultants don’t blindly follow their clients’ visions, as their mission implies concern for the long-term success of their clients’ businesses. If web developers are implementors, then e-commerce consultants are business architects.

Since their work includes a mixture of two variables—business and technology—web experts must stay tuned into tech innovations and business trends. It’s necessary to ascertain that the solution that is relevant at this point will be relevant in the future, from both a business perspective and a technological perspective.

E-commerce consulting companies initiate the development process only when all prerequisites have been determined, and notably:

Unlike web developers, e-commerce consultants consider how to:

In short, e-commerce consultants dive deep into business problematics and tackle the development process comprehensively, while web developers mostly concentrate on the technical parts of each project.

Reasons to Hire E-Commerce Consultants

When you build your online business—especially when you build it from scratch and wish to grow quickly and effectively—applying for e-commerce consulting services is a necessity. Let’s take a look at what these services can do for your business.

Anticipate opportunities and risks

With multiple e-commerce projects under their belts, e-commerce solution consultants are well-trained to explore good opportunities for business and anticipate non-obvious risks. Their sharpened mindset and fixed focus on achieving desired results allow them to take the right measures to enhance business transformation.

Nevertheless, never forget to perform a professional license search to ensure you have found a professional and avoid any kind of deception.

Allow you to delve into more substantial business tasks

By entrusting the task of strengthening your online presence to e-commerce consultants, you will have more time and energy—extremely valuable units for a business owner—to use for your own spheres of expertise.

Know how to attract the target audience using the correct channels

It is not sufficient to merely identify your ideal customers. You should also use the right channels to reach out to them. E-commerce consultants can analyze your target market and harness technologies that will make your brand recognizable.

Transform weaknesses into strengths

The accumulated experience of e-commerce consultants enables them to cover every business area, expose weaknesses, identify any lack of relevant technological capabilities, and fill these gaps with powerful solutions.

Lower business costs

While working on your project scope, e-commerce consultants won’t accept wasteful expenditures and will advise you on how to organize business processes in the most cost-efficient way.

Advantages of Working With Certified E-Commerce Consulting Companies

It should be noted that e-commerce consultants, like any group of specialists, vary significantly in their levels of expertise, market knowledge, values, and business sense as well as the technologies they implement.

How can you ascertain the reliability and competence of potential web consultants? The main benchmark is solution partnership.

All solution partners must have solid knowledge of digital business development, as they work hand-in-hand with leading e-commerce technologies and must know how to unleash the full value of these technologies.

Additionally, working with certified e-commerce consultants will positively affect your business because they:

What Dinarys Offers as an Adobe and Shopware Solution Partner

As a progressive e-commerce consulting company and a certified Adobe and Shopware Solution Partner, we are passionate about growing our clients’ businesses and making them bloom. Our team has extensive expertise in various business areas, including real estate, food delivery, healthcare,fintech, recruitment systems, and so on.

Our approach to e-commerce revolves around transforming visions into full-fledged digital solutions.

E-commerce problematics we will readily address

In our e-commerce practice, we constantly rise to many challenges, which only refine our experience and increase our wealth of knowledge. These challenges include:

What our e-commerce consulting services include

We strive to keep each business variable in view to make sound choices for our future course. Generally, our e-commerce workflow can be divided into three blocks:

In-depth business prerequisites analysis

Assessment of the most significant business prerequisites is a fundamental aspect of point-by-point online presence development. Thus, we typically start with:

Drawing up a technology landscape

E-commerce is predominantly, if not solely, based on digital technologies.

Once all business data have been collected and processed and our client’s vision has been matched with ours, we proceed with building a technology landscape in alignment with complex business needs and scaling perspectives. At this stage, we:

Solution deployment and maintenance

Once again, it should be noted that we not only analyze but also create. At the creation step of the development process, we start to transform an idea into a complete product, and our workflow consists of:

Our values

As global commerce partners, we pursue a value-driven approach in our practice.

Distinct culture

We’ve built a distinct corporate culture that stands for originality. We systematically support and encourage initiatives and treat every teammate’s way of thinking with close attention. This allows space for inventions and creative license, positively affecting the working environment and thus the projects we work on.

Successful partnership

Each participant on our team engages entirely in the working process, establishing credible relationships with both teammates and clients. From this perspective, the Dinarys company is not merely a simple contractor but also a business partner that makes every effort to facilitate long-term, fruitful cooperation for both parties.


We’d like to replace the simple words support and maintenance with care, as we are passionate about our creations and care about all steps of business progress. Our clients’ profit is what inspires us to greatness.

Technologies we work with

We always make sure that each of our clients receives the most prospective solution at a decent price. To do this, we use the following technologies:

  1. Magento 2;

  2. Shopware 6;

  3. Spryker;

  4. SFCC.

Our successful study cases

Since 2014, we have significantly deepened our expertise and worked on 100+ exciting e‑commerce projects with specific pressure points and challenges, which we have solved in a one-of-a-kind manner.

Here are some examples of our most successful projects.


Montresor is a wholesale web store for baby clothes and accessories.

The main challenge was insufficient website performance, as Montresor was previously based on Shopify. This CMS didn’t provide the store with sufficient functionality, and it sabotaged the realization of the client’s vision of a proper e-commerce journey for buyers as well as all further business expansion.

The key problem was the inability to manage orders, invoices, payments, and shipments.

Our solution implied migration to Magento 2 (a platform with much better prospects for scaling up) and several third-party module integrations. Additionally, we implemented advanced custom features over ready-made modules and default Magento code.

Results. Eventually, we achieved a high-performing online store with unique functionality that was not available elsewhere on the market. This allowed our client to improve their business KPIs and set their next business objectives.

Antik Wein

Antic Wein is a German premium wine store that sells the oldest wine in Europe, as well as champagne, wine accessories, and food.

The main challenge. Given that our client was an international retailer, he required a website with a strong capacity. However, the capacity of the store’s former e-commerce platform (Shopware 5) proved to be a major problem due to its inability to cover a wider European audience. Thus, we found that it made the most sense to carry out replatforming, redesign the website, and add all the necessary functionality following current business and market needs.

Our solution. We successfully transferred data from the existing website to the more innovative Shopware 6. Then, we focused on redesigning certain website features and developing others from scratch.

Results. The current website (based on Shopware 6) looks and feels more refreshed and modernized. Its navigation is more intuitive, which lends convenience to the shopping experience of online buyers. Now, Antik Wein’s customers enjoy enhanced search capabilities with more detailed filters (e.g., “by color,” “by region,” “by year,” and “by price”). Due to such renewals, our client can reach the market in a more targeted way and attract wine connoisseurs from all over Europe.


Times are changing. Stakes are growing higher and higher. Nowadays, progressive retail companies would rather opt for e-commerce development than pure web development.

This course certainly opens up better horizons for sustainable business performance, as e‑commerce development allows merchants to bring immense value to their efforts and rest assured that their investments will be recouped.

Therefore, applying for e-commerce consulting services is critical to adjusting a business in alignment with new realities.

Dinarys is a solution partner with years of dedicated expertise in multiple fields of e-commerce. We know exactly how to shape your digital experience and possess a well-established workflow, so you can get immediate, visible results from a partnership with us and rely on our support throughout the entire business lifecycle.

Contact us if you have a project in mind or if you seek ideas for business improvement.

The Dinarys team guarantees your digital world will never be the same!

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