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Dinarys in 2023: Breaking New Ground and Setting the Stage for Tomorrow

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Dinarys in 2023: Breaking New Ground and Setting the Stage for Tomorrow

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As we wrap up another fantastic year at Dinarys, we're super excited to share the awesome stuff we've achieved and to give a massive shout-out to all our incredible clients. You guys have trusted us with your business challenges, and we've rocked it together! 

We're absolutely buzzing to tell you about our latest big win: Dinarys has landed a spot in the top 50 companies on the Clutch 1000 List! This is a huge deal for us and really shows how hard we've worked to be the best in the digital commerce game.

A year of significant milestones and client successes

This past year has been marked by significant milestones for Dinarys. We have not only expanded our portfolio with dozens of new and exciting projects but also achieved two new BigCommerce certifications, reflecting our commitment to upholding high industry standards and embracing continuous learning.

Our journey this year has been enriched by a diverse array of projects, each tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients. These projects have not only demonstrated our expertise and adaptability in the dynamic world of ecommerce but also contributed to the numerous awards and recognitions we have received, including the esteemed award from Clutch.

Looking forward to 2024 

We're not just stepping into the future – we're leaping into it with some seriously ambitious projects on the horizon. Our tech team is all geared up for a massive upgrade in our skills and tools. Think of it as a tech supercharge that we can't wait to show off. 

At Dinarys, our passion drives us to push boundaries and think outside the box. Every project is an adventure, and every challenge is a new opportunity to excel. We're not just building solutions but developing e-commerce experiences that resonate and make a difference in the market!

Jane Vishnova,
CEO at Dinarys GmbH

But wait, there's more! This upcoming year, we're not just leveling up our tech game. We're also teaming up with some amazing new platforms. These aren't just any partnerships – they're game-changers, set to boost what we offer and take our services to the next level. We're talking about fresh, innovative ideas that'll really shake things up and expand our reach.

So, stay tuned because Dinarys is about to bring some really cool stuff to the table!

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