Outsource People 2017

Hello everybody! 
Today we want to share the amazing news! This year
Dinarys will lead the e-commerce session at Outsource People conference, that will be held from 13 to 14 October in Kiev. 

This year we will tell you how to sell e-commerce solutions, highlight current e-commerce trends and what is new on the e-commerce market.

We will look through the sources how to add business value to the customer. How to sell not only the development of an online-shop but also other components of the business, that means extra money for outsourcing companies.  

The main topics are:

Web analytics – the tool that shows changes, as well as a source of new sales. It also helps to create a new value and increase the level of trust.

Cloud technologies are a source of narrow competence, which can become a specialization for a service company.

Also, our guests from Germany will talk about the peculiarities of working in the German market and share their network. :)

We are waiting for you in Africa hall on October 14!
With promotional code Jane :) you can get a 10% discount on tickets. 

You can buy tickets on the Outsource people website

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