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Top-Rated Makeup Themes for Magento and Shopware

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Top-Rated Makeup Themes for Magento and Shopware

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  1. How to Select the Best Makeup Themes for Competition
  2. Popular Magento Themes for Makeup Products
  3. Popular Shopware Themes for Makeup Products
  4. Final Thoughts

If you plan on opening your own online makeup store, you need to think about choosing some of the best makeup themes. You can use one template or several of them to launch several shops.

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How to Select the Best Makeup Themes for Competition

An extended makeup themes list might rather confuse you. You may want to use several templates at the same time, but it is impossible to have them all. Here are the factors to consider while selecting a perfect template for your purposes:

Those are the basic rules for choosing a theme for your store. Based on these criteria, our experts have collected the best makeup marketing themes for your online store. We focused on Magento and Shopware in this post.

Popular Magento Themes for Makeup Products

More and more customers are switching to mobile shopping. The share of mCommerce in ecommerce is expected to grow by 72.9% in 2021. People prefer using their phones and tablets to make purchases on-the-go. That is why shop owners should make sure that their websites are properly optimized. Otherwise, they risk losing conversion rates and sales because of the poor site performance. A theme may have a greater impact on your income than quality products.

We at Dinarys possess extended experience in building ecommerce stores. Our team specializes in Magento themes and site development. You can learn more about this from our blog. We have developed a list of makeup themes for Magento stores. The price range is from $83 to $99, and some good makeup themes are available at no charge.

Organica Magento Theme

Organica Magento Theme

Organica is the right template for those who want to create online shops specializing in selling eco goods. Since the healthy way of life is extremely popular today, this option is in high demand. Most often, it is used by stores that offer healthy nutrition, skincare, and special dietary products. The highly responsive Magento theme will please the eye of your customers. It has plenty of up-to-date functions to make a store stand out from others. Its main color is green, which corresponds to the main mission of this template. Thanks to the great combination of colors, Organica brings a light feeling to the website. Plus, it allows you to develop an ordered, clear structure so that your customers won’t get lost.

Hee-Young Korean Beauty Store Magento Theme

Hee-Young Korean Beauty Store Magento Theme

The Korean lifestyle is a hot trend nowadays. That is why you would benefit from installing and using the Hee-Young Korean Beauty Store template designed by the Magento team. Most often, stores that sell make-up goodies choose this solution as one specifically created for such products. Everything is done based on the recent beauty trends. If you plan to start a K-beauty business, this theme based on the latest requirements of Magento software will be the perfect solution.



Are you planning to develop and sell such products as perfumes, handmade crafts, clothes, accessories, or even fast food? The special features of this theme include:

This template is developed to grab the eyes of the clients with its layout. It is worth every cent if you decide to invest in it one day. This is a perfect option for quickly boosting sales. Users can customize the colors via the admin panel.

Organic Cosmetics


Is creating and promoting a cosmetics store your primary dream? Organic Cosmetics is a rather clean template. The primary colors include shades of green. Mostly, those are light colors that catch the eye of any customer. The site guarantees an excellent buying experience. Such features as intuitive interface, simple product categories, refined appearance, and instant search make Organic Cosmetics attractive to many store owners. 



This theme designed by Tvlgiao is included in the 12 Themes bundle. The top Elite Magento Author did their best to assist shop owners with attracting as many buyers as possible. The basic features involve:

This option is perfect for those who are working on their first online makeup store. The design is simple, attention-grabbing, and minimalist.



It is a highly responsive, beautifully designed Magento theme. Parna has a stylish, elegant, and sleek design. If you wish, you can easily customize and expand this theme. Those who plan to set up stores in such fields as fashion, makeup, and fragrance will love working with this template. The main functions of Parna include:

The color combination is impressive and very pleasing to the eye. The colors are Pink, Orange, Violet, and Emerald. Besides, any store that you create will be mobile-friendly and well-optimized. After all, it is one of the best makeup themes for phone. Even if the picture of a product is huge, this layout will auto-adjust thumbnail size so that it suits all screens.



The full name is Everest Multi Stores Grocery Outlet Store Premium Magento Theme. These are the options that this template includes:

The attention-grabbing template assists online shops with attracting users around the world. It allows increasing revenues significantly. Unique designs of the best choices are available for you no matter whether you want to launch a superstore, mega store, supermarket, etc.

Also read our list of the best minimalist themes.

Popular Shopware Themes for Makeup Products

DevOps experts have also been testing and using various Shopware themes to build their own sites and platforms for their clients. Shopware is a German open-source platform that focuses on the stimulation of user experience. The platform was established in 2000. It is the place where you can select a theme perfectly designed for sites that sell makeup, fashion items, foods & beverages, home decor, furniture, sports equipment, etc. Many colors are available. The basic color schemes include Red, Yellow, Black, Orange, Grey, and more. 

The TAB10 developers have produced some templates that are always on the list. IKURA, UNI, and GREST are among the preferred themes. Read more about each of these templates to make the right choice.

Grest and Uni

These two simple makeup themes are parts of Shopware Community Edition, which may lead to a small hiccup such as incompatibility with plugins integrated into various editions. Those editions include Pro, Enterprise, and Premium. These might sound expensive, but you only pay around $400 once, and then you can reap the benefits of using all of the cool features of these templates for Shopware stores. 

You might have to adapt some features and customize the templates so that the site functions perfectly. It is possible to make these themes highly responsive and eye-catching. On the whole, it is simple to troubleshoot most of the problems with these templates.

If you strive to create a professional, large-scale store, it’s better to focus on visual appeal and functionality rather than prices. A good Shopware theme is never cheap, let alone free. Both of these templates are flexible and modern, guaranteeing an excellent user experience. Forget about genetic online shops that make customers yawn and leave them without making purchases. Switch to more emotional and diverse designs that will drive your conversion rates up.


This one is among the top preferred solutions for ecommerce make-up and fashion stores. Ikura-based websites are fully mobile-optimized, so users can easily view and navigate them on phones, tablets, and laptops. These templates guarantee highly responsive designs. Ikura is your chance to reap all the advantages of omnichannel ecommerce. This theme is Retina-prepared. You can enjoy minimalistic design and simple navigation that won’t confuse shop owners or customers. 

All the website elements remain sharp and distinct, and that guarantees a top-quality looking shop. If you love customizing themes, Ikura is a great choice. It can be tweaked to fit your preferences and requirements. The recent Shopware version’s options are included in this theme. Potential store owners may count on such features as:

The developers of Ikura provide quality and fast pro support. If you stumble across rough spots, contact the development team and they will answer any of your questions ASAP.

Final Thoughts

From special effects makeup themes to SEO-friendly templates, pros from Dinarys with vast experience in website development have compiled this list of top choices. Hopefully, you will find the right options for your ecommerce store that specializes in selling makeup products. Do not forget the factors you have to consider while choosing the theme and avoid free templates if you want a stunning site with no bugs. Contact us in case you need developers’ help to create a customized website.

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