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E-commerce Success Stories: Why Migrate to Magento 2?

Daria Diachenko

Daria Diachenko



E-commerce Success Stories: Why Migrate to Magento 2?

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  1. Why Do Businesses Choose Magento 2?
  2. Magento Success Stories
  3. Magento Success Stories by Dinarys
  4. Want Your Project to Succeed?

Building a fully designed e-store and creating one of the top e-commerce success stories are arguably every online entrepreneur’s dream.

Undoubtedly, e-commerce is proliferating and is expected to grow even more in the coming years. Do you want to improve your business performance? Do you wish to substantially increase your sales?

We’re bringing you the best Magento e-commerce success stories to inspire you to bring your dream website to life.

Why Do Businesses Choose Magento 2?

Magento is one of the most popular CMSs for online stores worldwide. This open-source e-commerce platform is developed with the PHP programming language using elements of the Zend Framework and the model–view–controller architecture. An online store on Magento captivates users with its attractiveness and simplicity and developers with its functionality.

With the Magento framework, you can create an extremely flexible, scalable, and easy-to-use full-fledged online store. Its features allow the developer to add almost anything to the site and customize it according to the client’s requirements. In addition, Magento’s development services have the following advantages over other platforms:

Open source

Developers worldwide use Magento for open-source websites to improve program performance, add functionality, and fix bugs. Its open-source software allows you to create a unique and differentiated brand experience. This platform can quickly adapt to broad changes and store owners’ requirements.

SEO optimized

Category and product pages are the soul of any e-commerce site; therefore, Magento uses an effective SEO strategy to rank high search results. Built-in SEO features optimize search engine results and improve website rankings by offering ample options for URLs, sitemaps, meta tags, descriptions, keywords, and more.

Responsive and scalable

Magento’s e-commerce development also provides mobile accessibility; thus, it helps attract more potential customers to the electronic portal to connect anytime, anywhere. Your e-commerce store will always be mobile-optimized. Another reason for the platform’s popularity is its ability to scale and provide a foundation for significant extensions.

Extensions, integrations, and customization options

Magento allows you to integrate different functions thanks to its extensive market for extensions and modules. More than 4,000 add-ons are available to users of this CMS, helping with the growth and expansion of the customers base. For example, to create a unique showcase for their online store, retailers can further customize and expand their sites’ capabilities.

Many third-party plugins found on Magento Marketplace can help increase brand awareness and simplify development and maintenance processes. These add-ons are free from implementation constraints.

Using the Magento web API, users can easily connect to any application or plugin to improve their site’s experience and expand its capabilities. A huge advantage is that many of the components found on Magento Marketplace are free, while others are available at a reasonable price.

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Download speed

Page speed is crucial for attracting and retaining customers. Faster web performance isn’t a suggestion anymore. It’s a necessity if you want to remain competitive in 2022. The first five seconds of page load time have the highest impact on conversion rates. And here, Magento is in the lead. Using a PWA showcase can speed up your site even more and delight your customers with fast loading, grabbing their attention and leading to increased conversions.

10 Reasons Why Choose Magento for Your Business

Magento usage statistics

Drum roll please: These statistics and facts showcase what Magento has achieved in the nearly 15 years since its inception and why this platform has been winning the hearts of online store owners and customers for years.

Over 270,000 merchants choose Magento

Magento estimates that over a quarter of a million merchants rely on this forceful CMS to run their online businesses.

Magento ranks number 3 in the list of the most popular e-commerce software

Magento is the third in the world in terms of usage. At the moment, Magento’s main competitors are Shopify and WooCommerce. Percentage shares of e-platform usage are as follows: WooCommerce – 27%, Shopify – 21%, and Magento – 8%.


Magento processes over $100 billion in gross sales worldwide each year

Imagine that such amounts as $100 billion runs in sales circles through an online store. Isn’t it time to set up your very own Magento e-commerce store and become part of this?

11% of all Magento websites are in the United States

Even though the Magento platform is used worldwide, the lion’s share of the development on this CMS occurs in the United States (64,741 sites).

E-commerce companies credit Magento with a 10–80% increase in their revenues

Forrester Consulting stated that most e-commerce businesses receive a 10–80% increase in their revenues from Magento. This is often due to the large selection of themes for online stores, convenience, and ease of use for smartphone users.

More than 20% of e-commerce stores are switching to Magento platforms

Store owners often migrate to other e-commerce platforms for various reasons. Magento is the third most popular platform that store owners are switching to as they seek to create better user experiences and increase sales.

Most Popular Migrated-To E-commerce Platforms in 2020

Exciting Magento creation facts

We want to tell you some unusual facts about Magento that you won’t find on Wikipedia. The success of other companies is always a motivation to grow and create something cooler and more successful, right? Are you intrigued?

People are searching for the word “Magento” more often than the word “e-commerce” and more often than for their competitors

Looking at Google Analytics, we can see that searches for “Magento” are much more common than searches for “e-commerce” or Magento’s main competitor, WooCommerce. Magento owes its worldwide recognition to accredited and certified developers from 73 countries.

Interest over Time

The most expensive Magento extension costs €25,000

The most expensive Magento extension is the SAP ERP integration, which costs €25,000. This extension allows you to sync all transaction data between SAP and Magento. SAP ERP is an enterprise resource planning software developed by SAP SE.

Magento 2 + ERP Integration

You may be interested in the Magento ERP System Integration article on our blog.

Magento Insights

Which big companies use Magento?

What could be a better indicator of the platform’s success than these popular companies’ choice to use this CMS? For many years, Magento has been an e-commerce platform of many well-known companies. We would like to tell you about some of the most popular.


It is difficult to imagine a person who has never used this product. From 2005 to 2015, Coca-Cola was the most valuable brand globally. The company sells everything from Coca-Cola bottles to clothing, accessories, and collectibles to fans through its e-commerce website using Magento 2. Magento helps Coca-Cola provide its customers with personalized product purchases by allowing them to add their names to bottles and clothing. It also allows Coca-Cola to integrate its website with its dealer network and offer a rewards program whereby customers can earn free soft drinks after a certain number of purchases through Coca-Cola vending machines.

Procter & Gamble (P&G)

P&G, one of the most renowned companies in the world consumer market, uses a Magento website specializing in personal care products. The P&G portfolio includes many well-known care and home cosmetics brands, such as Ariel, Head & Shoulders, and Gillette. The range of products on the P&G website and the number of dealers worldwide make it one of the largest B2B businesses on Magento. In addition, the platform offers unique B2B features: company accounts, shared catalogs, and customized pricing. It also supports integration with ERP systems and multiple source inventories, making it an ideal choice for globally distributed businesses like P&G.

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Tommy Hilfiger

Another well-known brand has joined the list of large companies using Magento: Tommy Hilfiger. Its site has fast loading and presents products at their best. The primary website colors—red, blue, and white—reflect the brand logo and create a nice contrast for the various elements of the website. In addition, the website leverages Magento’s advertising power by offering free shipping on orders over $100 and a $50 discount for every $150 spent.


Nike is another well-known market player. Nike is the largest sportswear manufacturer and the undisputed sportswear market leader. Nike’s Magento website is simple, with no unnecessary details, but the images are bold and showcase professionalism.

As you browse the Nike online store, you will notice a fantastic feature that grabs attention and captivates the buyer. Nike has introduced a product configurator tool to its online stores to improve the customer experience. Customers looking for a specific product, such as unique sneakers, can design it themselves. Each time a customer selects or changes certain characteristics of a product, the image changes accordingly. Even the pickiest customer can generate a unique product design in a few simple steps.


Canon is a renowned imaging corporation that inspires amateurs and professionals across the globe to explore the world by capturing it in photographs.

In 2013, Canon launched a new Magento-based online store allowing users to shop directly from its website. In addition to Canon products, you can find bags, tripods, stabilizers, memory cards, and photography accessories from partner brands. The store is a massive resource for photographers, offering a full range of services and products and explanatory videos and reviews. Another feature that the online store boasts is immediate help for anyone looking to get started with photography. Rather than choosing and comparing cameras, lenses, and memory cards, the buyer can review the cross-sell advisory feature, which offers a recommended set of accessories for the beginner.

Magento Success Stories

Many e-commerce stores have enjoyed overwhelming success using Magento and are making huge profits from their sites.

Seeing how others have turned their ideas into successful e-commerce businesses or grown their existing businesses is extremely valuable. Therefore, we bring you some incredibly inspiring e-commerce success stories to help you take your e-commerce business to the next level.

Omnichannel in 18 Months: The Marie Claire Boutique story

The Marie Claire Boutique has been producing clothes inspired by global European trends since 1965. Fifty years later, the brand has become the third-largest women’s wear retailer in Canada, with over 300 retail stores. However, the brand's online sales did not match its offline success. In 2015, the brand’s owners decided to change this. They wanted to grow into a powerful e-commerce platform and began the 18-month journey of building an omnichannel platform.

Marie Claire Boutique

The company’s multi-channel retail strategy began with integrating a custom ERP system. This helped to gather all the data on pricing and inventory management. Next, Marie Claire made online purchases possible with the built-in ShipHero extension and organized a pickup from the store using the Buy Online Pick-Up In-Store module. Finally, the company managed to organize fulfillment in all 300 stores—for the first time in the brand’s history. The key to managing this new part of the business was distributing online orders and delivering goods between stores for customer pickup.

In addition to all this, Marie Claire introduced loyalty cards that shoppers could use in-store or online, all thanks to built-in Magento Commerce capabilities.

Thanks to a clear strategy, proprietary digital interface, new opportunities for customers worldwide, and ease of ordering, the results were swift. In the online store’s second year of existence, conversion increased by 40%, and the average order value increased by 30%. Soon, Marie Claire was shipping 1,500 items every week and had grown into a formidable e-commerce fashion house.

How changed the B2B and B2C shopping experience with Magento Commerce (FSD) is a food supplier for chefs and restaurants in America. Its online catalog contains approximately 250,000 items, including many classic food products and environmentally friendly disposable products and consumables. With the introduction of Google Ads, FSD’s client list has grown steadily to include many retailers, restaurants, grocery stores, hospitals, offices, and more.

The online store was built around an API or headless trading model. When creating this type of commerce, a flexible communication process is created in the front-end and the back-end of the website. The API approach makes it easier to inventory goods and manage orders and provides developers with a convenient, flexible approach to customizing the interface.

An analysis of the potential for an FSD e-commerce store using Magento Commerce showed that, thanks to an integrated solution, it was possible to offer all of the following:

Using Magento, FSD now delivers a competitive shopping experience to its B2B customer base and is aiming to achieve even more ambitious business development goals in the coming year.

How Unipart saved money by building a Magento e-commerce store

Unipart is one of the largest UK manufacturing, logistics, and consulting companies for the automotive industry. By creating an e-commerce website, Unipart is helping British motorists manage nearly every aspect of their vehicles’ service, insurance, and legal requirements.

The company launched two products: a website and a mobile application. The Unipartner app allows car owners and fleet managers to maintain their vehicles easily. Consumers receive maintenance and service reminders free of charge, and orders are routed from the mobile app to the Unipart garage of the customer’s choice.

An e-commerce website powered by Magento allows car owners to enter their license plate numbers and locations and select a garage to book service. Then, from their separate internal dashboards, garages can log in to view their customers’ bookings, accept or decline vacancies, and maintain their service prices. Garages can also complete and update their profiles and images.

The website is fully responsive, and car owners can book tickets right on the side of the road on their mobile devices. This enables Unipart to serve customers directly while directing business to its local service partners.


Unipart is a prime example of how digital technology can bring huge sales to the automotive business. The Magento ecosystem has been a huge advantage in meeting customer expectations. Since launching on Magento Commerce, Unipart has seen an increase in online orders and a decrease in phone calls, which has increased efficiency. Website traffic is also up 40%.

As a smart tech startup, Wyze Labs is taking small businesses to the next level with Magento

Wyze Labs is an American company that manufactures innovative home products and wireless cameras, seeking to become “the most customer-centric smart home technology company.” The tech startup decided to use Magento to make online shopping more convenient and efficient at any scale.

After the release of the Wyze Cam, business owners were shocked by what a hit the product was. This resulted in an 8–15x spike in website traffic over the typical baseline. The Magento platform, after developers redesigned the site, successfully coped with such a flow of users. The earlier site took eight seconds to load; the new one loaded in two. The company also ran numerous tests on the server, matching the specifications that users expected to see during peak buying periods. The old Wyze online store could process a maximum of 20 orders per minute. After the redesign, it could process 850 orders per minute smoothly without errors or wear and tear.

The Magento site has been a breath of fresh air for Wyze Labs and has helped it make a massive leap in ordering with new functionality and a high-quality product experience.

How Pierre Fabre created one of the best Magento e-commerce sites

Pierre Fabre Laboratories is a French pharmaceutical and cosmetics company offering a wide range of products for men, women, and children.

Pierre Fabre

Pierre Fabre chose Magento Commerce as a platform for building a website. The company wanted high-performance, detailed, and customizable enterprise-grade sites. Upgrading the site from the Magento 1 platform to Magento 2 led to several successful steps: the quality of online purchases improved, speeded traffic, and the flow of regular customers increased. In addition, the Magento Commerce API backend streamlined order management, shipping, inventory update, fulfillment, catalog maintenance, and pricing for all four Pierre Fabre brands and ensured an efficient workflow throughout the order management lifecycle.

Thanks to all of the above and the introduction of video content and unique elements on the way to custom flow, website performance increased by 30%, orders increased by 10%, and conversions increased by 20%.

Magento Success Stories by Dinarys

Dinarys is an Adobe Solution Partner. Partnering with Adobe is a great opportunity to leverage our company’s technology to provide our customers with the most effective products and solutions.

The Adobe Solution Partner Program is specifically designed for digital marketing and technology integration services companies based on Adobe solutions.

The partnership is also a great incentive for us, encouraging us to create more sophisticated projects on the Magento platform. And we have significant expertise in this area. We would like to share two success stories of creating projects on Magento with you.

Kontakt Home

Kontakt Home is a European online distributor of consumer electronics and household appliances with headquarters in Baku, Azerbaijan. Its online outlet is an e-commerce website with certain marketplace elements. The client came to us because its site was built on WordPress, a somewhat outdated CMS that no longer offers reliable website performance at the peak load of 7,500+ requests per second. The site also lacked the ability for suppliers and vendors to add products manually via the admin panel.

Project goal

Implement a new online store based on CMS Magento 2 and integrate it with the client’s existing system

Our solution

In the project, we managed to take all the strengths of the client’s offerings and previous website and integrate them into a brand-new online store—one that runs faster and more smoothly and has higher security standards and more capabilities for all user roles. With our Magento 2 development services you can get flexible software with extensive functionality that provides excellent performance. That’s exactly why we went with this engine.


Kontakt Home now presents an intuitive, high-performance online half-marketplace with complex integrations, a custom design, a React-powered front-end, and seamless integration with the ERP, 1C, multiple major payment systems, and more. Overall, we consider the job an outstanding contribution to revamping our client’s business on the web and securing its online presence.

What the client says

“The idea of updating our online outlet came after an immediate realization of our site looking and feeling outdated. After the first consultation and some personal research, I saw that the problem was in WordPress and its legacy approaches. The guys did a great job at modernizing our e-commerce, for which I am grateful enough to rate the job 10/10!”

Teymur Abdullayev
Deputy Director

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MedExcess is an American organization that combines an online marketplace and a network community dedicated to distributing healthcare supplies, medical equipment, management systems, and much more for medical organizations and operations. The website has an extensive customer base, serving clinics, hospitals, medical personnel, research facilities, manufacturers, and distributors of medical products. We were lucky enough to work on the project’s online platform.

Project goal

Build a high-performance, smooth-running online marketplace platform for convenient distribution and purchase of medical goods by third parties (vendors and buyers)

Client requirements

The client’s major requirements included the following:

Our solution

Considering the project’s size, complexity, and significance, it was only logical to kick off the whole thing with an MVP version of the marketplace. So that was what we started with, outlining the basic architecture and supplying it with several ready-made integrations alongside customer features and pieces of functionality. The main focus was the commercial user experience, and we sought to provide smooth and convenient shopping and distribution processes for vendors and buyers.


We implemented a high-performance online marketplace/network community, creating hassle-free, intuitive user experiences for all involved parties—vendors, buyers, and platform admins. All orders can be efficiently processed, with handy tools such as a barcode scanner and one-step checkout, while buyers can find exactly what they need in no time using filtering and order separation.

What the client says

“It was a very responsible project, and we were thinking for the longest time who exactly should take on it. We needed someone reliable and savvy enough to implement a whole new online marketplace without stretching the project over extensive timeframes and overloading tasking. And that’s what we got with these guys—nothing more, nothing less, which is, in our humble opinion, nothing short of perfect.”

Keith Lizut

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Want Your Project to Succeed?

Drawing inspiration from the success of other companies is always an incentive to grow and create even more incredible projects.

You need to create a unique identity and differentiate your brand from the competition. This is undoubtedly challenging, but it is possible. Dinarys can offer you boxed or custom solutions for your online store or marketplace, no matter what you offer. We guarantee the most effective product that will meet all of your and your users’ expectations.

It’s time to create your own e-commerce success story! We have a lot of ideas for the implementation of great projects together! Contact us for further discussion.


With the advantages of excellent SEO optimization, responsiveness, and flexibility thanks to a wide selection of additional features, add-ons, and themes, the Magento platform significantly boosts the success and prosperity of your business.

Here are the most famous companies using Magento as the CMS for their company websites: Ford Motor, Coca-Cola, Procter & Gamble, Olympus Corporation, Jaguar Land Rover, HP, Tommy Hilfiger, and ASUSTek Computer.

The approximate minimum price for creating an e-commerce online store on Magento is $15,000. This price is only for basic functionality. To develop a full-fledged functional product, you may need additional ready-made or custom features.

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