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Beirat Membership Announcement

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Beirat Membership Announcement


  1. Working groups for innovative business and problem-solving

One of the 2017 milestones for Dinary's GmbH have been joining the Händlerbund Advisory Board.

The Händlerbund Advisory Board is the expert panel of the e-commerce industry in Germany.

The aim of the advisory board is to bundle this portfolio of experts in the field of e-commerce and to be a competent partner for politics, consumers and to revamp the economy. Händlerbund under the umbrella organization "Ecommerce Europe" represents the interests of the German online retailers on an international level.

Working groups for innovative business and problem-solving

In working groups, the experts from the Händlerbund Advisory Board have the opportunity to exchange views with the e-commerce sector leaders from the most prominent companies, politics and to develop guidelines for politics, business, and the media.

Dinarys will be proudly joining working groups activities in 2018. We expect to make a positive impact, sharing our expertise and providing value to other Advisory Board members and contribute to ecommerce sector development.

Frequently, during the exchange with other e-commerce players in the working group, innovative business or problem-solving ideas arise. From this, pilot projects can develop, in which new methods are being implemented.

We hope to have a productive cooperation within the Händlerbund Advisory Board and wish a rewarding 2018 to all ecommerce players.

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