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New trends in e-commerce in 2023

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



New trends in e-commerce in 2023

Nowadays there is a tendency to a rising number of consumers who prefer to buy online increases every day. In the USA more than a half of population does online shopping. They are people from 20 to 40 years, who are the most paying audience. Such tendency can be seen in other countries; in particular, in Ukraine more that 50% of consumers prefer online-shops.

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These findings suggest that all retail would move to online-shops very soon. In addition to PCs, mobile devices and tablets can also be used to do online shopping. Convenience, simplicity and timely delivery are the main criteria for modern online shopping.

In this article, you can find current tendencies in e-commerce that will help you to increase sales.

New trends in e-commerce 2021

Personalized content in online is the most widespread trend. Very soon personalized content would be generated for every customer on the basis of previous purchases, geographical locations and demographical groups. Users would see current buyer’s offers based on previous visits of online-shop that may increase their loyalty.

Marketo is one of the Western popular services for content personalization that changes website content for a particular audience and track their further behavior of visitors.

Among Ukrainian projects, DataProm is the most protective service for Big Data analysis. This service helps to improve interaction between buyers and online-shops. Using a mathematical algorithm, DataProm gives the opportunity to study consumers’ demands and to provide personalized content.

One of the services of omnichannel content personalization is Softcube that gaining its popularity among retailers. This service analyzes buyers’ behavior on the website and recommends goods on the basis of a history of purchasing and finds new ways for further interaction.

New trends in e-commerce

Detailed goods description is another important factor for online-shop customers. Consumers are more likely to buy products with full description, photos and reviews. In order to simplify the process of information updating, retailers started to use data aggregation. This technology allows customers to find out detailed information about the product. With data aggregation, retailers update the information about their goods automatically.

TrueFit aggregator is widely used in a footwear industry and collaborates with more than 400 of closing and footwear brands. It offers goods on the basis of customer’s sizes and personal preferences.

trends in e-commerce in 2021

One more trend of the next few years is chatbots. Automated sells agents answercustomers’ questions is the first point of convergence with abrand. With chatbots, retailers have an opportunity to increase the number of platforms used for communication with customers. According to the statistic, customers who used life-chats buy 30% more goods.

ecommerce trends

Additional attention should be paid to the next purchase forecast. This technology grows in popularity in the sphere of e-commerce. By using Big Data, it collects information about user’s profile and activity on the website. With next purchase forecast, sellers could understand client's’ preferences and habits.

By using service ClearFuture, retailers could figure out the possibility of buying of certain good by a certain customer. The service of personal recommendations was created on the basis of analysis algorithm and deep analyze of Big Data.

best ecommerce trends

It is likely that such service as delivery during the day of purchase would become an integral part of e-commerce. Some shops started to use small trade spaces, which works as showrooms, points of goods receipt and changing rooms. Customers have an opportunity to see and to touch products before purchasing in online-shop.

top ecommerce trends in communication

Omnichannel has already become a standard in e-commerce. All retailers, who have not introduced this strategy in their business may lose a significant market share. Nowadays there is no difference for customers between online-shops, shops and shops' profiles in social networks because they interfere with the brand as a whole.

Dinarys company has implemented this technology in such projects as krokodil.com.ua, 101matras.com.ua and sisters.com.ua. For this purpose, our developers have used adaptive web design and OWOX platform.

E-commerce is a fast-growing sphere that reacts immediately to recent tendencies. For that reason, if you want to increase your sales, it is important to be informed about all recent trends.

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