Mobile app development

Aroma Kava

Aroma Kava partnered with us to develop a mobile loyalty app for iOS and Android.

Aroma Kava

Aroma Kava partnered with us to develop a mobile loyalty app for iOS and Android. The main goals were to eliminate the cost of producing plastic loyalty cards by digitalizing the existing loyalty program and increase the average order value.

About the project

Established in 2012, Aroma Kava is a Ukrainian coffee shop chain with locations in over 45 cities. The company focuses on offering a variety of coffee beverages, desserts, and sandwiches. While they had implemented a loyalty program, offering plastic discount cards to new customers, it proved financially burdensome to maintain.

Aroma Kava wanted to:

Digitalize the existing loyalty program

Increase the average order value

Increase engagement in the loyalty program

Boost customer loyalty and improve customer retention

Inform customers about bonuses, discounts, and special offers

Cut out the use of plastic and minimize harm to the environment

Key details


Aroma Kava



Project goal

Develop a custom mobile app to digitalize the loyalty program



iOS developer

Android developer

QA engineer

UI/UX designer

Project timeframe

6 months

Client testimonial

“Working with this team on our loyalty mobile app was a really surprising experience for me. So were the results of our collaboration. Digitalization of the customer loyalty program significantly impacted our offline business. With the mobile app, Aroma Kava has acquired more customers and increased the average check by 20% since the launch. I personally recommend this team as a reliable developer of iOS and Android mobile applications for your business.”

Alexsander Babaian

CEO at Aroma Kava

Key challenges

During their campaign, Aroma Kava discovered that producing plastic cards was excessively costly, especially given that the number of cards issued exceeded the number of regular customers. The company encountered several challenges with their loyalty program:


It did not succeed in boosting the average value of customer orders.


Issuing plastic loyalty cards did not significantly impact daily foot traffic in shops.


Customers neglected to use their bonus-laden plastic cards, often unaware of their accumulated bonuses.

Solution provided

After thoroughly analyzing the key challenges our client faced, we assembled a dedicated development team. Our objective was to create an app that would be both intuitive and engaging for users. The app we developed includes the following features:


To further enhance customer loyalty at Aroma Kava, we introduced a sign-up feature that offers special bonuses for personal occasions. Customers are prompted to enter their birthdate during the in-app authorization process. This information is then securely stored in the Aroma Kava CRM system, allowing for personalized birthday bonuses.


To help customers locate Aroma Kava coffee shops, we integrated a map feature within the app that displays all shop locations. The app uses mobile device geolocation data to pinpoint and display the nearest Aroma Kava coffee shop, ensuring easy and convenient access for customers.


To cater to customers’ specific preferences and ensure their satisfaction, the Aroma Kava app includes a food and drink menu. This allows customers to check out available coffee drinks and desserts before going to an Aroma Kava location.


The Aroma Kava app features a purchase history function, allowing customers to view a list of their past orders, including the cost of each item and the number of bonuses earned from each purchase. This feature also helps customers track their progress towards earning a free item or reaching the next loyalty program tier.

Push notifications

To enhance customer engagement, push notifications have been integrated into the Aroma Kava app. Push notifications keep users informed about the bonuses they’ve accumulated and provide updates on company news. This feature encourages regular use of the app and reminds customers about their progress towards earning a free item or advancing to the next tier.

Key integrations


CRM and third-party software

At the stage of development, we successfully integrated the Aroma Kava app with the client’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, Warehouse Management System (WMS), and customer loyalty service.

These integrations ensure seamless data synchronization across various platforms, enhancing the efficiency of inventory management, customer engagement, and loyalty program administration.


POS terminals

Integration with Point-of-Sale (POS) terminals allows Aroma Kava’s cashiers and offline representatives to manage promotions and special offers with greater flexibility directly. This streamlines the process of customers applying for discounts and promotions, enhancing the efficiency and effectiveness of in-store customer interactions.


SMS and push notifications

In the final stage, we integrated the platform with a service designed to notify customers about current offers and the status of their bonus accounts. This integration ensures that customers are updated on the latest promotions and aware of their accumulated bonuses, further enhancing engagement and customer satisfaction with Aroma Kava.

Technologies used

Alamofire for HTTP networking

Swift for iOS development

Microsoft .NET Framework for POS

PHP + MySQL + nginx for backend

Firebase for push notifications

TurboSMS for SMS notifications


Our team successfully digitalized Aroma Kava’s loyalty program by transitioning from plastic cards to a mobile app available on both the iOS and Android platforms.

Within just three months of its launch, the app significantly boosted Aroma Kava’s brand presence, becoming the most popular app in the Food and Drink category on the App Store in Ukraine. This achievement was marked by an impressive milestone of over 52,000 active app users, highlighting the app’s widespread acceptance and effectiveness.