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Mon Tresor Bebe

Baby stuff wholesale website redevelopment case study.

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Mon Tresor Bebe


Mon Tresor Bebe is a French children’s wear and gifts wholesale website that lacked the flexibility of orders and payments.

Former Shopify CMS core didn’t allow users to edit orders and manage payments in installments. It was best to migrate to a platform with more features for managing orders, invoices, payments, and shipments. We decided to migrate the store to Magento 2, customizing about 50% of lacking functionality on our own and adding the retail sales functionality in the second phase of the project.



Mon Tresor Bebe

Project goal

To revamp the functionality of an online wholesale store by migrating it to a more versatile platform, implementing custom redevelopment of major parts, and expanding over the retail sales functionality.


2 Magento BE developer

Project timeframe

October 2019 - April 2021

Project tasks

Add new functionality to the existing website, namely, the following features:

  • Order management features - manual coding of the payment method, delivery, and the products editing features, which are absent in a standard Magento functionality, including:
    • Order editing functionality - change products qty, price, create, update, and delete products;
    • An ability to modify order status, payment method, and billing-shipping addresses.
  • Invoice management - more invoiced items can now be edited with the following features:
    • Invoice editing;
    • Invoice totals recalculation;
    • Fix the issue of all attached shipments being removed when an invoice is removed;
    • Fix the issue of a system restricting an order from editing if an invoice has an unmodified status.
  • Users moderation from the Admin panel, which is absent in a standard Magento functionality.
  • Custom reports for the admin.
  • Synchronization with the QuickBooks CRM system.
  • Shipment management - the standard Magento functionality allows to edit the number of user shipments and add tracking numbers (invoices) to them while we also added the following features:
    • Shipments editing;
    • Shipments creation from an invoice;
    • Fix the issue of a system restricting an order from editing when the shipment has an unmodified status.
  • Payment in installments for users, which is absent in a standard Magento functionality.
  • Catalog PDF export functionality.

Migrate all data (users, products, articles, gallery, orders) from the existing website running on Shopify to a new solution powered by Magento 2.

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Client requirements

The client ultimately required to:

Migrate all the data on users, products, orders, etc. from the former website to a new, more capable resource;

Сreate and prepare the new resource based on the Magento 2 powers and a good share of our own custom input;

Сreate and prepare the new resource based on the Magento 2 powers and a good share of our own custom input;

Enable payments in installments, exporting of PDF catalogs and synching up with QuickBooks.

Client requirements

Main page

Main page

Our solution

We kicked off the project with thorough research of several third-party paid modules which could help us efficiently expand the former functionality. Having found the proper module, we customized it in-depth, adding our 2 cents to the default Magento 2 core as well, to fit our goals. A lot of custom work was done all in all.

Our solution





Product detail

Product detail

Shopping cart

Shopping cart


In the long run, we managed to implement a store with unique functionality and an authentic user experience that cannot be found anywhere else in the market. Mon Tresor Bebe has become an ultimately convenient, versatile place to shop with all the features and tools necessary to make user’s time hassle-free, simple, and intuitive.

“We hadn’t realized the true scope of work when we set off to migrate and upgrade our online store. Thankfully, it was all okay to handle for the guys who explained every step of the project in detail, outlined the importance of each step, and helped us achieve exactly what we desired without going far.”


Mon Tresor

Assistant manager

Sarah Samet

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