Deutsche Telecom Case Study

Deutsche Telecom Case Study

Our client is Deutsche Telecom’s Croatian subsidiary that had dedicated telecom apps in need of dockerization

Project details

Our team launched the newly-made Docker containers based on OpenShift, improved and integrated the CI/CD processes for technologically diverse development teams

Tech stack

Tech stack

Our team selected the best solutions to tackle the customer challenge and implement the required changes into the existing process

We mainly worked with the help of the following software:

Our Workflow

We tuned our workflow to ensure an efficient and transparent process focused on delivering the best result

Project results

Our team started by implementing the software architecture to enhance with a bunch of other features. For the maximum convenience of interaction, we have supplied the software with integration automation capacities, a system for managing the GitLab code repository, and an open-source solution for deploying Jenkins.

On top of that, to make further work on the project painless and simple, as well as to allow for the reuse of separate project blocks, we’ve helped implement multipurpose processes that are easily customizable. This approach allows reducing the number of routine tasks for developers by 30-40%.

Client testimonial

Client testimonial

“The guys certainly managed to convince that the idea of creating an efficient multipurpose piece of software isn’t a utopia. It took them a couple of months to finish the product that can be easily customized according to my specific needs. The reusable code part is especially great and I thank the experience of the team for making such a grand work.”

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