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Panodyssey wanted to extend their reach and deliver outstanding content right to mobile devices. Our experts worked closely with the Panodyssey team to craft exceptional mobile experiences for self-publishing authors, skilled creators, and avid readers.

Client information

Panodyssey is a French social network designed for self-published authors, professional creators, and passionate readers. It offers an authentic, ad-free reading and writing experience. The platform caters to a diverse audience and ensures the authenticity of texts.

This innovative project marks a transformative shift in the media landscape, ensuring an environment free from fake news and abusive content. Co-funded by the European Union, this innovative project marks a transformative shift in the media landscape, ensuring an environment free from fake news and abusive content.





Project goal

Development of cross-platform apps for iOS and Android


  • Business analyst
  • Project manager
  • UX designer
  • Back-end developer
  • QA engineer

Project timeframe

2023 - ongoing

Client testimonial

The Dinarys team is solid, structured and reliable. The quality of its code and its adherence to the schedule are exemplary. This means that the creative team can rely on a highly professional technical team at the cutting edge of best practice.

Our success is based on the complementarity between Panodyssey creativity and the technological alliance between our engineers and Dinarys engineers and developers.

Together with Panodyssey, Dinarys is developing a European project, CREA Trust AI, with the support of the European Commission's Europe Creative Innovation Lab programme.

Alexandre Leforestier
CEO Panodyssey

Client's challenge

Our team was hired to develop a mobile application for Panodyssey that would enhance the user experience for both readers and creators. The app focuses on providing a seamless, personalized experience free from intrusive advertising.

Mobile experience

Capture the attention of users who prefer reading and interacting with content on the go, enhancing overall user engagement and satisfaction.

Market expansion

Expand the user base beyond Europe to global markets.


Leverage AI to offer a tailored experience for each user in line with their unique preferences and interests.

Solution provided

We have already launched the first version of the app for both iOS and Android users. Here’s what the Panodyssey app is:

For readers

  • Fresh and authenticated content free from ads
  • Access to self-published authors and certified content creators
  • Personalized news feed
  • Discussions
  • Subscriptions to favorite authors and Creative Rooms
  • Activity notifications
  • Lists of favorite publications
  • Personalized reading routine
  • Network of creative people and recognized professionals

For authors

  • Free access
  • Verified account
  • Creative Rooms for organizing an author space
  • Easy archive management
  • Drafts and postponed publishing
  • Collaborative writing
  • Easy social media sharing
  • Statistical and analytics tools
  • Content monetization through a Prime publication space
  • Ability to send push notifications to readers about new and upcoming content

Panodyssey App

Here’s how we powered up Panodyssey

Extensive UI/ UX research

Our team implemented a continuous feedback loop, inviting users to share their experiences and suggestions directly through the app. Gathering real-time insights into user preferences and pain points allowed us to iteratively refine the app’s design and functionality.

Cross-platform app development

The app seamlessly brings the website’s functionality to mobile devices with the help of Flutter, offering users a consistent and intuitive experience across various platforms.

Distributed team processes

We implemented and fine-tuned Agile processes to ensure smooth collaboration with the client’s in-house team, facilitating uninterrupted development of the back-end infrastructure. This approach enabled a cohesive and integrated system, achieved through close partnership and shared expertise.

Panodyssey’s blueprint for digital evolution

As we embark on our journey with Panodyssey, we are filled with optimism and excitement for what lies ahead. Our collaboration is only beginning, yet we have a vision of the project's vast potential for innovation.

We’re committed to standing by Panodyssey as a trusted tech partner, playing an instrumental role in transforming the media landscape.

Let’s take a glimpse at the plans we have to achieve these ambitious goals together:

Global market expansion:

Extend Panodyssey’s reach beyond Europe, targeting a global audience.

Social network transformation:

Evolve the platform into a comprehensive social network, with a focus on readers in the app and authors on the website.

AI integration:

Continue ongoing efforts to implement AI capabilities for an even more personalized user experience.

Community cultivation:

Emphasize growing the community of creators, particularly in France, to establish a strong and engaged user base.

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