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Magento Marketing Automation Integration: Best Marketing Software / Marketing Solutions

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Magento Marketing Automation Integration: Best Marketing Software / Marketing Solutions


  1. Marketing Automation Benefits
  2. Magento Integration Tips and Capabilities
  3. Bottom Line

Every business owner may have different marketing needs, but they do agree on one thing - a tool should help increase the turnover or at least raise the product’s popularity. To achieve the best level of marketing automation, simply using a Magento store might not be enough. Here’s where Magento marketing automation integration comes into play.

Magento Marketing Solutions
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With the right extensions and tools, catching the interest of your audience with special offers, campaigns, and newsletters is a piece of cake. Keep reading to discover marketing automation tools and tips that are right for your business.

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Marketing Automation Benefits

Marketing automation is a lovely contrivance for those who wish their emails, social media posts, and ads to be organized and published on a schedule. Such arrangement provides a necessary relief when particular clients’ actions during sales need to be followed by relevant marketing campaigns and efforts. For example, an email after an abandoned e-store cart can lead to a customer’s return and subsequent purchase.

Many business intentions may be doomed without a human touch, but too much of it - and a human error is bound to appear. Routine is at the top of this list. Both productivity and improved time management are the obvious yet highly repetitive advantages of automation, although they remain accurate. Strategy and innovation in business are much better uses of time than the same procedural activities every day.

Best Magento Marketing Software
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Other marketing automation benefits include:

Possible drawbacks may include the need for a bigger budget, a potential complex learning curve, and various employee adjustments. Still, they are easy to fix or overlook due to the advantages mentioned above.

Magento Integration Tips and Capabilities

Magento Integration Tips and Capabilities
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Magento 2 already has default marketing and sales functionalities - promotions, customer engagement, email, and newsletter templates. The integration provides features well beyond these basics.

How to Integrate Magento with Drip

Drip is an excellent choice if you need to elevate your ecommerce brand. The three most used features are subscriber engagement evaluation, workflow regulation, and a visual campaign constructor. Another helpful tool is contact management for livening up campaigns with broadcasts and autoresponders.

How to Integrate Magento with Drip
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Advantages of Drip software:

How to Integrate Magento with Bronto

This marketing platform has the usual campaign features with a few extra post-purchase, loyalty, and VIP clients’ solutions. A bit pricey for small businesses; however, Bronto has professional support with several justifiable features if your revenue allows it.

Bronto opportunities:

How to Integrate Magento with Bronto
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Bronto Magento integration can be a bit complicated. You can go the easier way and choose an extension (although the Magento Marketplace version is missing as of lately) or the latest plugin in the archive here. Perhaps use third-party services and follow their tutorial or an official Bronto Connector.

Using the connector, you can import contact, product, and order data, build a campaign, coupon, and message configurations.

How to Integrate Magento 2 with Unific

Unific allows for the rise of the Lifetime Value of a Customer, meaning the future cash value that a customer will bring to a company during their entire relationship cycle. The marketing influence of such a benefit leads to growth and a justification of the HubSpot investment.

Unific Magento integration advantages:

The Unific Magento integration process starts with using the Unific connector. Before installing the extension, make sure you have an account and one of their three plans - either a free limited, growth (according to orders correlation), or scale for high-volume businesses. After installation, follow the process below.

How to Integrate Magento 2 with Unific
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How to Integrate Magento with Dotmailer

Dotmailer (currently changed to dotdigital Engagement Cloud) is a multi-channel program supporting all B2B or B2C marketing teams regardless of size. Businesses to benefit most from their solutions are those in possession of a significant amount of email subscribers.

Key Dotmailer features are constantly improving - the most prominent are recommendations using AI, segmentation based on behavior, contextual triggered messaging, an account manager, and all-day support on the weekdays.

Dotmailer Magento integration benefits:

How to Integrate Magento with Dotmailer
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Dotmailer Magento extension is usually added free of charge (although dotmailer account has costly monthly plans), using Magento Marketplace as well or by a custom solution. The extension is bundled and can be found by default coupled with Magento installation.

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How to Integrate Magento with MailChimp

MailChimp is mainly known for the meticulous and prompt handling of your business newsletters and emails. This tool does so by tracking and analyzing your clients’ behavioral cues and preferences. Magento MailChimp integration retains the best qualities of both software with effortless precision.

Mailchimp pros:

How to add MailChimp extension in Magento:

How to Integrate Magento with MailChimp
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Read more in our blog What is Marketo? Figuring Out the Leading Automation Tool.

Bottom Line

Marketing campaigns automation does wonders for efficient management as it helps to reduce the time spent on all monotonous tasks. Imagine all boring routines gone away, and you can finally focus on your brand - this is what Magento marketing automation integration truly means.

However, in no way is it a replacement for your marketing or sales department. Automation integration provides valuable assistance to your team in the management and following campaign execution, so use it wisely and with clarity about your company’s goals.

Any questions about Magento marketing automation left? The Dinarys experts are ready to answer them. Reach out, and we’ll get back to you asap.

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