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E-Commerce Mar 02, 2021

Join Our Telegram Channel Dedicated to Magento Tips & Tricks

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Join Our Telegram Channel Dedicated to Magento Tips & Tricks


  1. Who will enjoy our Telegram channel?
  2. How frequently will you receive updates?
  3. What’s next?
  4. Ready to join?

Breaking news!

We launched our own Telegram channel, dedicated to Magento, one of the most flexible and scalable solutions used by thousands of e-commerce entrepreneurs all over the globe.

Magento development is our core expertise and we want to make our own contribution to the extensive Magento community. We are excited to share our wealth of knowledge with those who strive to succeed in the Magento ecosystem.

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Who will enjoy our Telegram channel?

The Dinarys team knows how difficult it is sometimes to decide what’s real anymore in the endless flow of information, putting an extra effort into searching the web.

From now on you have instant access to the Magento Tips&Tricks channel that will serve you as a pocket Magento helper, ready to assist you any time.

The channel was created for everyone who does business with Magento: web-store owners (experienced or potential), Magento developers, or even online buyers who are passionate about shopping on Magento-based websites.

How frequently will you receive updates?

The Dinarys team delivers regular updates on the major Magento trending topics, including emerging technologies on the Magento platform, Magento how-tos, links to useful resources, interesting statistics, and bright examples of successful companies powered by Magento.

Also, you may take full advantage of our chat, reaching a large audience, raising your concerns, or just exchanging experiences.

What’s next?

In the nearest future, the Dinarys experts will hold Q&A sessions, where you will have the chance to interact with certified Magento developers and ask them a question on Magento development issues. Follow the channel updates not to skip announcements of the upcoming Q&A sessions.

Ready to join?

Look, it’s very easy. Just click on the channel’s name “Magento Tips&Tricks” and then click the “Join” button. Voila, you are an honorary member of our channel!

In the meantime, you can visit our Magento blog section, where you can also find answers to your questions related to the Magento platform.

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