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Magento CRM System Integration: How to Integrate

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Magento CRM System Integration: How to Integrate


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  3. Customer Service CRM Magento
  4. Magento CRM Integration Extension
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CRM Magento relationship is the epitome of skillful management of customer needs. SUch integration unfolds many opportunities, including product advertisement,keeping track of listings, proper organization of business contacts, and customer acquisition. The latest Magento 2 CRM integration makes for the company’s successful handling of current and future clients, and cuts out any wasted time and potential. 

Magento 2 CRM Integration

Magento 2 CRM Integration
Image Source: scnsoft.com

With customer data and purchase history provided by Magento, you can add relevant customizations to your online store and enhance customer engagement. Moreover, additional benefits from Magento CRM integration include:

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Customer Service CRM Magento

By uniting Magento 2 with CRM, customer service takes it up a notch. Best integration perks and features contain:

Magento CRM Integration Extension

Magento CRM Integration Extension
Image Source: onilab.com

For a correct Magento integration with CRM, one would need either an integration service or an extension to organize an actual data flow through an API. It both synchronizes the client’s information and makes it fully automated. This extension can be customized or the one already existing on the market can be used. You can discover more about several popular ones later on in this article.

Salesforce Magento 2 Integration

Salesforce Magento integration is currently at the top of the list since Salesforce became a leader in this field. The primary focus of this cloud-dependent CRM is analytics and subsequent marketing automation. The company holds two Cloud Computing solutions, Sales Cloud and Desk.com, both of which manage and organize customer relations. Salesforce Magento extension grants effortless installation opportunities, a comfortable and innovative interface, and a lack of expensive training. 

Regular benefits of Magento Salesforce CRM integration cover:

HubSpot Magento Integration

HubSpot CRM Magento extension is an opportunity for companies to have a supreme marketing and customer organization. To a great degree, HubSpot Magento 2 integration is an excellent choice, and not only because it’s free of charge. It also gives a chance to monitor email engagement, has an option of limitless amount of users, evolved integration data, and re-engaging opportunities with cards and orders reactivation.

The example of shared data is shown below:

HubSpot Magento Integration
Image Source: ecosystem.hubspot.com

Pipedrive Magento Integration

Magento integration with Pipedrive leads to automatic online orders and familiar UI in the process. User friendly interface has tools to create, analyze, and monitor sales information and subsequent visual reports. Pipedrive itself lets you record every bit of information about the deal to prioritize pertinent activities.

OroCRM Magento

OroCRM Magento integration is a bridge that helps Magento provide an increased flow of manageable customer data. Nearly 33% of businesses have over 100,000 records in their databases. It may be helpful to integrate OroCRM into your store if you:

Zendesk Magento

The Zendesk Magento integration can incorporate such Zendesk features as Chat, Support, and Zendesk Sell. The Zendesk Magento extension unites all the benefits of Magento 2 with customer support and prediction capabilities, data filters, mapping in order to sync different structural information. It also has a recurring synchronization feature that follows only essential and important changes without unnecessary overloading.

Vtiger Magento Integration

Vtiger Magento Integration
Image Source: magenest.com

With Vtiger Magento extension installment you get the access to some interesting support features - auto reminding systems, visualized sales channel, and deal engaging triggers. There are other pros of this integration:

SuiteCRM Magento Integration

The SuiteCRM Magento integration helps to:

NCR CounterPoint Magento integration

To ensure a smooth running of their front and back offices, both online and brick-and-mortar businesses use NCR CounterPoint. Through NCR CounterPoint Magento integration, they can have regularly synched centralized order management with minimum resources. Take a look at an integration “loop”:

NCR CounterPoint Magento integration
Image Source: retaildimensions.com

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Magento integration

Dynamics CRM Magento integration inserts a flexible system into your CRM to help preserve such essential data as interactions history, possibility of keeping track of potential deals, and sales automation. With Magento Microsoft Dynamics CRM integration, you can gain a surprisingly predictable and manageable system, especially with their client card addition and many analytical reports.

How to Integrate Magento with Avalara Accounting Software

How to Integrate Magento with Avalara Accounting Software

Image Source: appnovation.com

For a seamless Magento integration with accounting software, the Magento Avalara integration extension has the following features:

QuickBooks Magento

This integration supports connection to your QuickBooks account to manage and immediately synchronize the  information even more productively.  There is no need to manually check previous orders. The system will do it for you, as it simultaneously updates customer lists.

How to Integrate Magento with Zoho CRM

Magento 2 Zoho CRM integration connects an invaluable tool for eCommerce owners with a sales funnel and a meticulous marketing approach. Zoho CRM Magento extension is a helping hand between an online store and important Zoho CRM sections, such as Orders, Contacts, Accounts, Leads, Products, Campaigns, and Price Book. 

How to Integrate Magento with Zoho CRM
Image Source: store.magenest.com

To proceed with Zoho CRM Magento 2 integration, you need to:

  1. Create an account on the Zoho website and sign up for the CRM

  2. Use your new API credentials (ID and Secret) to set up the Connector - starting with ID > Secret > Token > Endpoint > Save Report

  3. Establish previously mentioned data synchronization, manually or automatically

  4. Then start Field Mapping management > Save Mapping

  5. View report afterwards to keep up with  data’s progress

How to Integrate Magento with Veeqo Inventory Management System

Veeqo is truly an all-in-one mixture of software, marketplaces and point of sale systems that help retail to control orders through various channels, from inventories to warehouses. It also supplies you with analytics and reports, has automatically controlled daily tasks, status updates, and helps for physical store interconnection.

Infusionsoft CRM Magento

To avoid manual data flow alignment, integrate these two for specific product and price synchronization capabilities, order and shipment statuses and updates, and interactions automation. By implementing  Infusionsoft into your Magento store, you can connect any event, product, order, or customer you need.


Manual import is definitely a thing of the past which can stay there with the innovative CRM Magento 2 combination. Every inch of important customer information, such as relationship status, purchase history, and buying patterns, is accessible at everyone’s convenience. Make your employees’ lives easier by providing them with all the information to help make the most suitable decisions possible.

Need integration experts’ help? Make sure to contact us to get a consultation or a free project estimate.

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