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Best Jewelry Ecommerce Themes to Jumpstart Your Business

Jane Vyshnova

Jane Vyshnova



Best Jewelry Ecommerce Themes to Jumpstart Your Business

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  1. Most Popular Jewelry Themes: Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing
  2. Best Jewelry Themes Shopware
  3. Best Magento Jewelry Themes
  4. Drop Shipping Jewelry Themes
  5. Final Thoughts

COVID-19 epidemic and resulting restrictions and disruptions had put a damper on many offline businesses. Urged to stay home as much as possible, shoppers increasingly turn to online retail. According to Statista, the number of online shoppers is predicted to reach 2.14 billion people by the end of 2021.

If you are set to run an online store dealing in jewelry and/or fashion accessories, you have to decide on plenty of things beforehand. One of the most important among these is the visual representation of your shop.

Source: mjgabel.com

You may already know that designing a website's UI from scratch would require quite a sizable funding. If your store is based on Magento or Shopware, two of the most popular ecommerce platforms, there is a better solution - using ready themes.

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Having many years of experience with ecommerce development, our team tries and tests a multitude of design templates and methodologies every month to provide the best possible advice to our customers. If you feel like you have some difficulties while developing your online store, you may get in touch so that we can provide you with expert aid. From a simple Aurum jewelry theme to SEO-optimized complexes rife with helpful functional modules, we have studied and implemented many items present in this review.

Most Popular Jewelry Themes: Things to Keep in Mind when Choosing

There are too many templates out there to pick the right one for your online business at a single glance. How should you know which one to choose?

Source: athemes.com

Decide on your business goals and note down the features your site would require to achieve them.

Make sure that the theme of your interest works equally well on all types of devices as you never know for sure which one is preferred by the specific customer.

Best themes can be altered to some extent. Make sure that you can adjust the coloring scheme.

You may start by renting a template but do not forget to upgrade your subscription down the road. It is better to pay for a complete package so that you can access all the advanced features like analytics to help make your store even more successful.

Now, let us provide brief reviews of our pick of best jewelry ecommerce themes.

Best Jewelry Themes Shopware

Shopware is often cited among the most customizable website engines on the market. From the smallest "Buy" button to addons implementing the most unusual features - everything is subject to changes and tweaks. The official repository by itself offers hundreds of ready templates with varying functionality and focus. Moreover, dozens of websites provide alternative marketplaces containing a wide variety of free and paid templates. Shopware's flexible business model allows both buying and renting the described themes. Read more about Shopware 6 in our blog post.

Of course, the list includes themes aimed at online stores offering accessories and other fashion apparel. So, what are jewelry themes for Shopware we recommend?

Source: athemes.com

Premium Flat

The best thing about this theme is that it provides a lot of freedom in customizing and colorizing page headers and footers. It also offers the capability to create a sticky navigation panel. Administrators can extend the menu, adding new elements. The page with product details is easy to customize as well. However, this theme comes without branding features.

Price: €99 or €5.99/month.


If you are looking for jewelry themes SEO, this user-friendly and highly responsive solution might be the most suitable for you. While it might seem a bit expensive, the included SEO features are worth the money. This template was created by Orangebytes, one of the leading Shopware developers, and offers a flat and intuitive design that fully corresponds to the needs of contemporary customers.

No matter the sphere of the trade you are dealing in, Titan will help make your goods look stylish and outstanding. Developers spared no effort in hashing out the smallest details. The adaptability to mobile devices is also top-notch. Compatible with a great variety of browsers and systems, Titan guarantees error-free performance on any device. The relevant ranking factors and analytics will help administrators to bring their stores to the top quickly.

Price: €339 or €34.94/month.


Clean, minimal, and adaptable, Ikura is our favorite Shopware jewelry theme. This one is for users who look for Retina-ready solutions. Mobile-friendly, highly responsive, and functional, the solution is all about stylish looks and efficient operation.

Probably the most eminent among Ikura's advantages is omnichannel marketing capabilities. Other notable features include:

Finally, you may easily add customer support functions to your shop.

Price: €349 or €29/month.

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Best Magento Jewelry Themes

With rich functionality available even in the basic package, open-source code, high extensibility, and dozens of ready templates, Magento is, probably, the most accessible ecommerce platform today. Now, let us look at our top preferences for Magento-based website owners who plan to sell trinkets and accessories - Magento jewelry themes.

StarBella: elegance Magento responsive jewelry theme of our choice

For a jewelry business owner that strives to succeed, it is critical to get Magento responsive jewelry themes to attract wider audiences. In our opinion, StarBella is the best Magento jewelry theme on our list. This ultra-responsive theme guarantees that your store's interface would appear consistently across the screens of modern gadgets despite the specific resolution. StarBella elegance Magento responsive jewelry theme provides a wide selection of color combinations and layouts while all the subpages can be customized.

Price: $54.


This template is highly responsive and works well on computers, tablets, mobile phones, and other gadgets. This Magento 2 jewelry theme is notable for its simple-to-customize administration panel and has plenty of alternative layouts to choose from. An organic design goes hand in hand with the preferences of many eco-oriented customers.

Price: $79.


This premium template is a perfect choice for store owners who have a variety of luxurious items on offer. One of the best Magento 2 jewelry themes in terms of performance, it provides visitors with fast live search and allows displaying goods in a most effective and elegant way.

Jewelrus allows modifying almost every element of its design - fonts, colors, layouts, banners, etc. Users can create complex dropdown menus and add showcase carousels to make navigation maximally intuitive. A wide assortment of filters allows sorting the entire catalog whichever a buyer desires. This is one of the most recommended jewelry themes Magento.

Price: $99.

GoMage Jewelry Store

Browsing Magento jewelry themes free? Look no further! This minimalistic responsive template offers austere design and functionality not far behind the best jewelry themes Magento of a premium segment. This template is properly documented, optimized for search engines, has three predefined coloring schemes, and can be installed even by a beginner.

Drop Shipping Jewelry Themes

Dropshipping trade has certain specifics differentiating it from traditional ways of making business. Thus, a dropshipper would need a template that takes such differences into account. Let us provide a shortlist of drop shipping jewelry themes for Magento.

  1. Sahara - responsive Magento 1 & 2 theme, $59;

  2. Macy - the jewelry theme, $84;

  3. Parna - responsive multi-purpose Magento 1 & 2 theme, $84;

  4. Elegance - responsive Magento jewelry theme, $84.

Final Thoughts

A company dealing in the jewelry trade has to keep a respectable appearance in every aspect. Whether it operates in B2B, wholesale, online, or offline retail sectors, several or even all of the above, a certain image has to be created at every step of interaction with the customer. Of course, this includes online services and websites. For enterprises that do not have a dedicated web development department, which are the overwhelming majority, the easiest way to online presence would be one of the ecommerce platforms such as Shopware and Magento.

In turn, for the webshop to project the image of your jewelry brand - luxurious and respectable - you would need to install the best Magento jewelry theme or best Shopware jewelry theme, depending on your choice of platform. Among hundreds of existing templates, it is hard to choose a single one most suitable for your case, but those included in this review will not disappoint you, being responsive, user-friendly, and multi-functional.

In case you need developers’ help don’t hesitate to contact us to receive a professional consultation or a project estimate.

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