Online Store

An online store is a trading platform and an online showcase for the presentation and sale of goods for various purposes, representing the company and shaping its image, and capable of accepting applications and payments around the clock.

Functionally, the structure of each online store contains modules:

  • virtual catalog with product description cards
  • baskets
  • personal account
  • one-click order
  • site search
  • feedback
  • viewed products
  • newsletter subscriptions and updates.

Thanks to this, customers of the online store have the opportunity to view descriptions and select products, put them in the basket, place an order in their account, choose a method of payment and delivery, pay for the order. The online catalog should be easy to navigate so that the user does not get confused and can quickly find the products he needs. Therefore, the structure of any online store is formed according to the principle "from simple to complex" and includes numerous web pages that perform informational or practical functions.