Marketplace is an internet platform where sellers and buyers find each other and interact with each other.

Such platforms have very different specializations - from universal marketplaces with goods for all occasions to industry-specific service marketplaces. For example, financial, insurance or consulting.

Depending on the specific site, both companies and individuals can act as sellers.

There are several main differences between online stores and marketplaces:

  • The number of sellers and goods on the site

An online store usually sells products from one or more brands. The marketplace features products from many vendors, often from many categories. In this sense, it is similar to a large online hypermarket.

  • Communication with offline

Many online stores have an offline presence. Marketplaces typically do not have such representative offices, but there are points of delivery of goods.

  • Audience and geography

Marketplaces tend to spend a lot of attention and resources on attracting users. Therefore, they have more audience and traffic than online stores. In addition, developed logistics allows marketplaces to work with a wider geography.

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