• Black Box Guru
    Animation, UI/UX, Web Design
    For BlackBox Guru, the Dinarys team created a website using FlexBox, a bubbling material animation, and custom UI/UX. The customer is a mobile app development, big data and blockchain solution company. The main goal for Dinarys team was to provide website users with innovative UI/UX experience. We think that we have achieved it applying all out knowledge. With the new website design implementation, Black Box Guru stayed satisfied with how the website looks and feels.
  • Colobridge
    Payment system integration, UI/UX design
    The team was hired to create databases, payment system integration and CRM system integration.The customer is a server hardware retailer, located in Germany. The company provides website customers with loyalty programs, online payment and customer support.
  • ICL
    Front-end development, back-end development, responsive design.
    ICL is a company with the main focus on the development of corporate culture. The company improves such spheres, as management, quality, safety, innovation, performance or growth. The client hired Dinarys for such tasks as front-end and back-end development. To make the website looks good not only on desktops but also on mobile devices, the team developed the responsive design for ICL website. Such design increased mobile traffic to the website. At the end of the project, the customer was very satisfied with the result.
  • Artinvest
    UI/UX design, front-end development, responsive design.
    For this project, the team developed a website for a rolled metal company sector from a scratch. The team also integrated a web application to calculate the order cost. Soon website visitors can order rolled metal of right size and configuration. This is a great solution for B2B companies that saves customer time while ordering.
  • Melior Project
    Web design, 3D design, UI/UX design.
    Dinarys was hired to create a website for homebuyers during the initial stages of construction. Without photos of completed buildings, our designers transformed architects’ blueprints into digital representations using 3D modeling. Now customers can get detailed information about the apartments, the overall view and even panoramic view. This might increase customer engagement and make the process of searching for accommodation more comfortable.


  • Amz Expert
    Wordpress theme setting.

    AzmExpert is a great tool for every online retailer, who works with Amazon. Its main service is to help sellers with suspended accounts. The company has successfully reinstated several hundreds of accounts of Amazon online retailers. Dinarys was hired to set Wordpress theme. Despite that this is a simple task, most customers want to skip technical part and to hire a team to set the theme.

  • State Register of Fisheries Water Objects
    Back-end development, Editing of html-pages

    State Register of Fisheries Water Objects is a governmental organization that hired Dinarys for website maintenance. The team did back-end development and editing of html-pages to make website simple to navigate. Dinarys fulfilled all tasks and the customer was satisfied with the result.

  • Freken Bok
    Animation of banners, responsive website, multilanguaging.

    Freken Bok is known for a wide range of household goods. The team was hired to add some features on the website. Dinarys did animation for banners and ultilanguaging. To make the website convenient even for mobile device users, the team developed the responsive design. Now the website looks good on tablets and smartphones.



  • LastBid
    Multilevel filters for product categories, streamlined bidding process, payment gateway integration, marketplace development
    LastBid is a world-class marketplace, which links top auction houses with collectors, connoisseurs and auction-curious newcomer buyers globally. The marketplace is a platform for leading auction houses and private collectors to sell their high-end items, remaining unsold after the offline auction. Thus, sellers regain lost opportunities meanwhile buyers receive a remote access to previously inaccessible objects and collections. The team took part in the development process. Dinarys developed and integrated such features, as multilevel filters for product categories, secure and efficient messaging and streamlined bidding process. The team also integrated safe payment gateway and user authorization with credit card is provided by Stripe.
    Coming soon
  • Project 42
    eCommerce website migration, responsive design.
    Project42 is a London-based group of businesses, presented in 11 countries, including Germany and Western Europe. Electric vehicles are designed and engineered in the UK. This project consisted of several goals, including the eCommerce website migration from PrestaShop to Magento, integration of the customer all warehouses inventory with the online store and adapting content blocks and CMS-pages to a screen-type: mobile, desktop and tablet. During two month, the team re-coded a routing module enabling smooth migration without substantial (positions) losses, integrated all warehouses inventory with the online store, enabling instant/ongoing stock actualization and online display and created a responsive design delivering a seamless customer experience.
  • Talapai
    UI/UX design, front-end development, mobile version.
    Initially, Talapai has had a ready online shop. But the company wanted to engage mobile device users, who are a significant market share that can not be ignored. To achieve this goal, the Dinarys team was hired to create a UI / UX online store design, a mobile version, and front-end development. With improved online shop design, Talapai increased the number of orders from mobile devices and tablets, while providing smooth customer journey from the product page to the checkout page.
  • M2
    Magento 2 e-commerce website prototype, custom online shop development.
    M2 project is a Magento 2 online shop prototype. The team has created a website to show how online shops could look like. M2 has not only main eCommerce features but also blog, goods comparison, call-back option, several payment methods, shipment details, goods availability and one-page checkout. This is our vision of an effective and clear website layout with the informative Homepage and high-converting product pages.
  • Vivat
    B2B system development, front-end development, UI/UX development, back-end development.
    Vivat is a wholesale stationery B2B company. To meet business needs of this client, the team developed an eCommerce website, integrated with 1C CRM system. This approach helps to track orders fulfillment and manage inventory. Moreover, Dinarys developed the design, HTML layout and responsive design to increase traffic from mobile devices and make customer journey more convenient. The result perfectly met client business goals.
  • Can.ua
    Custom eCommerce website development, UI/UX design, back-end development
    Our client hired us to redesign their website and add several eCommerce features. The first step was a meeting in which we identified the client's main business needs, and began development of website mock-ups. Some of the new eCommerce features included: a product comparison page with easy-to-use filters, statistic collection and analytics based on website search results, a new search engine that includes support for synonyms and other.


  • Podorozhnyk Pharmacy
    Custom eCommerce website development, front-end development, back-end development.

    Podorozhnyk Pharmacy is an eCommerce project, developed by Dinarys team. In this case,the main goal of the customer was to create a convenient platform for pharmacy network, where website visitors will search for necessary meds and place orders. The team has created a user-friendly website interface with most important eCommerce features for this industry.

  • Place GE
    Responsive design development, technical support for the site.

    Place GE is a real estate portal that helps to find the most suitable options for people, who are looking for a flat, office or land. To provide website visitors with the more convenient customer experience and increase conversion rate, the company hired Dinarys to develop responsive website design. Despite the complicated pages layout and many website features, the team did the best to meet customer needs.

  • Novaposhta
    Сustom application development, custom app integration.

    Novaposhta is the most successful delivery company in Ukraine. The company website was initially integrated many custom features, like package tracking and nearby post office. But to make customer experience even more convenient, the company hired Dinarys to develop the delivery cost calculator. Using this feature, customers can estimate how much will the delivery cost to avoid frustration and additional expenditures.

  • Nofelet
    Magento eCommerce development, Magento 2.

    Nofelet is a mobile and computer devices retailer, who hired Dinarys to develop an eCommerce website om Magento 2 platform. Magento 2 was the platform of choice since it has the high level of customization, which was the main customer criteria. The website, developed by the team, is both for B2C and B2B segment with additional authorization for wholesale customers. Nofelet online shop has such features as customer support, shopping cart and customer reviews section. Such social proof increases trust among the new customers and drives sales.

  • Pürblack
    Back-end development, Editing of html-pages

    The team develops an eCommerce website for health and beauty products company. Our main focus is on the improvement of the website back-end, adding new features and making HTML pages more smooth. Now with online shop features, Purblack company can receive even more order from the customers from all over the world. Moreover, the Purblack website has a Shipping Calculator feature, making buying process even more comfortable.

  • Mushroom Science
    Back-end development, Editing of html-pages

    Initially, Mushroom Science has had the ready e-commerce website. But to improve its features and to make the process of receiving orders even more convenient, the company hired Dinarys to develop and improve the website back-end. To make customer journey even better, the team did editing of HTML-pages. Now Mushroom Science can receive orders and fulfill them without the delay that results in the increase in sales.

  • Metal Holding
    Back-end development, Editing of html-pages

    Metall Holding has been operating on the rolled metal market for more than 25 years. The enterprise occupies the leading positions today, providing a wide range of services related to pre-sale preparation, sales and delivery of rolled metal. With the online shop full of custom features, the company hired Dinarys for back-end development. Morever, the team did HTML pages editing for more smooth customer experience. The final result totally satisfied the customer and met main business goals.

  • Maxpay
    Extension integration, custom module development, Magento module development.

    Short and convenient customer journey from product catalog to checkout page is the must for every successful online shop. MaxPay is a special module for on-page checkout. Now online shop visitors can make orders and pay right on the product page. Dinarys was hired to integrate MaxPay into an online shop to increase customer conversion rate and increase sales.

  • Eurogold
    Back-end development, technical support

    Eurogold online shop provides custom features for website visitors, who are looking for jewellery. The website has the informative home page, shopping cart and even online chat with shop managers. The company hired the team to do the improvement of the back-end development with HTML editing and further technical support. The clear and simple back-end is vital for successful online retailers. That is why so many customers hired our team to perform all the necessary changes.

  • Eurogas
    E-commerce custom website development, mobile website version.

    Eurogas is a custom eCommerce website, developed from the scratch. The main customer goal was to provide website visitors with a product catalog simple to navigate, together with custom features like price comparison, wishlist, news blog and customer review. Dinarys team also developed a mobile version to increase mobile traffic and rise sales. The team made nice and convenient online shop that totally meet customer business goals.



  • Weekly Run
    Android app development, front-end development, UI/UX development, back-end development.
    To stay healthy you should have a good sport companion. Now it is possible with the new app developed by our team. Weekly Run is an Android app to help new runners and joggers improve their technique. We lent our expertise in Java, Android, and UI/UX development. Unlike other health and fitness applications, Weekly Run is simple, intuitive and easy to use. Moreover, it is absolutely ad-free, so nothing will distract you from enjoying nice graphics on your way to healthy lifestyle. As we all know, it usually takes 21 days to form a habit. Simply launch Weekly Run app and start your daily set. No additional steps are required. From day to day, you will improve your physical fitness and endurance.
  • Aroma Kava
    iOS app development, UI/UX, back-end development.
    This app was developed by Dinarys team for one of the most popular Ukrainian coffee shop networks. With the app, users can check their bonuses and special offers from the mobile device. The main goal of this app is to turn coffee lovers into loyal customers.
  • Round Table
    iOS app development, UI/UX, back-end development.
    RoundTable is an application to streamline planning of business meetings and official events. The app is available for iOS with a responsive UI/UX. It is an iPhone/iPad application which allows users to easily remember and takes notes on the individuals participating in meeting or conferences. This app allows users to identify the individual attendees of a meeting/conference so that they are better placed to co-relate with them during the meeting or after that event as well.
  • Reguete Pizza
    Android app development, custom functions developmen
    Requete needed an Android app for their customers to order food. They had an existing backend and website design and needed the app to match. Users can add the ingredients they wish to make their custom pizza with the great flavor. Moreover, Reguete Pizza app allows buying sandwiches and fresh drinks. This is a perfect application for business people who have a limited time to have a lunch or for a company who is going to have a party.


  • Pulpi
    Android app development, custom feature development.

    This Android application was developed to remind patients to take pills. The app also allows buying meds online. Pulpí app gathered all Uruguayan pharmacies in one online sales channel, providing users with quick service and satisfactory shopping experience. App users can make repeating purchases, create reminders to buy meds, compare brand and prices. In addition, the app has access to sales and special offers provided by various outlets.

  • Paperless
    Modile app development, UI/UX desing.

    Paperless is an environment-friendly app. The goal of this mobile app is to reduce the number of instructions, printed on paper. The user can keep all the necessary instructions in the mobile device that is always at hand. The app will have 24/7 support center for consulting. It's safe, useful and comfortable. Paperless offers users a better and a handy alternative. This way, users get the necessary information, while paper consumption is reduced, fewer trees are cut. Preserve green and beautiful nature, get fresher air and better health as well. The app has such perks as fast search, online database, unlimited archive.

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