The Main stages of an online shop development: part 2

On January 2017 the number of online shop users has reached 1.61 billion people making eCommerce sphere quite perspective for both B2B and B2C segments. For that reason, there is a huge demand for online shop development. However, when ordering an online shop, customers can get confused with specific terms and notions. Dinarys wants to improve the situation by providing full information about the main stages of website creation. In the previous article, we have described first steps, including composing of technical requirements and creation of website design. In this article, we will complete the list with other important stages.


3rd stage: implementation, QA and launching

At this stage, technical specialists work on online shop development, so it does not require much attention from a customer. The team is editing html-pages and adding special features. Engineers synchronize the website with payment systems, and:

  • Extend goods management functional;
  • Create goods card;
  • Introduce dynamic filtering, etc.

QA (quality assurance) is the process of online shop features testing. This is the final stage in eCommerce website creation, performed by the technical team. QA engineers check core code, data processing, payment system and responsive web design. Dinarys team’s goal is to provide premium class services and we pay special attention to this stage.  

After online shop testing, a customer receives an online shop that is ready for use.

This stage of online shop creation requires HTML Authors, QA engineers, programmers, project managers, system administrators and content managers.


4th stage: online shop promotion

If you want to make profit from an online store, you should promote it. You can achieve it with some marketing activities, including context advertisement, mailing and activity in social media. Under the link, you can find the article about mailing and how it could help your online business.

Starting an online store means going though following stages:

  • Layout development;
  • Technical requirements composing;
  • Coding;
  • Design development;

 Apart from desktop online shops, mobile versions and mobile apps are also popular among eCommerce retailers, because many customers prefer this type of shopping. In 2020 mobile eCommerce market is expected to reach $1,009 billion.

When searching for a web development team, pay attention to a company previous projects. Find the best Dinarys projects in eCommerce field on  the link. We are always looking for new partners and challenging projects

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